Wednesday, December 26, 2018


A small belated Christmas present for the F-35 users: here is version 3.55 which is most probably the last update for the "Version 3" of the F-35.
Most likely the next iteration will be a new product, with models rebuilt for PBR support and compatible only with Prepar3D version 4.4 and above (and will require a new purchase). I am sorry to ask for a new admission ticket, but the work needed is too much. I'll try to implement discounts for existing users if the distributors will allow that.
This 3.55 update applies to P3D (version 2.0 to 4.4): latest version for FSX will be 3.53. The zip file includes both the 3.55 version for P3D and the 3.53 FSX, and the simplified MFD and the low res textures as well. Note that using the simplified MFD will disrupt some of the features of this update.
Here is the features list:

Version 3.55 - 26/12/2018
  • Changed default load to "NO WEAPONS" for all aircrafts
  • AoA indication limit on HMD is now 50° (was 30°)
  • Slight change to toe-brake effectiveness
  • Added special color livery for Koninklijke Luchtmacht
  • Added special color livery for Aeronautica Militare
  • Changed implementation of TFLIR imagery which hopefully solves/mitigates aircraft visibility for some users
  • All air-to-air radar tracks are now shown on the Head Mounted Display:
    - symbol size is scaled depending on the target distance (small over 20Nm, medium from 20Nm to 10Nm, big below 10Nm)- symbols will park on the edge of the visibility area both in the vHUD and Free Look mode
  • Implemented fine control of the air to surface target via Az/El TFLIR control:- fine control works only of TOO targets when the aircraft is in A/S mode- a TOO target must be assigned first (via TSD, ASR or HMD) to enable fine control- fine control allows the adjustment of TFLIR Az/El- fine control can be operated via the TFLIR screen (by clicking on the crosshair) or via keyboard shortcut
  • Implemented following key shortcuts:
  • ARROW KEYS:- In NAV mode: UP/DOWN control TSD1 zoom level; LEFT/RIGHT select previous/next waypoint- In A/A mode: UP/DOWN control Air-to-Air radar range; LEFT/RIGHT command UNDESIGNATE/DESIGNATE target- In A/S mode, with valid TOO: UP/DOWN control TFLIR El; LEFT/RIGHT control TFLIR Az; both will update target locationSHIFT+ARROW KEYS -> TFLIR CONTROL- UP/DOWN control TFLIR El; - LEFT/RIGHT control TFLIR Az; both will update target location
    - UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT control the position of the cursor in the ASR screen
As usual, you can download the update from the side bar or by clicking HERE.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Siai Marchetti S-21 / Aermacchi M-345 update

*** EDIT: I just realized that the cockpit model that went into the update did not feature the separate N1 and N2 needles as intended. Also the NX521 repaint had some minor glitches. I have updated the files to version 1.11 ***

Here is a small update to the S-211/M-345 package, mostly meant to address the incorrect behavior of the turn coordinator and the ball in the ADI. I also took the chance to fix a couple of minor things and add a couple of repaints. Here is the list of changes:

Version 1.11 - 14/12/2018
- Added separate N1 and N2 needles
- Fixed minor glitches in NX521S repaint

Version 1.10 - 01/12/2018
- Improved resolution of volt-ampere meter gauge
- Replaced engine exhaust texture with a more accurate one
- Fixed ADI turn rate indicator behavior
- Fixed ADI ball behavior
- Added Haitian Air Corps repaint
- Added NX521S repaint
- Added smoke effect (see notes)
- Fixed small glitch so that CRS could not be entered in digital cockpit versions
- Fixed small glitch in the JPATS USAF repaint

As usual the update can be downloaded from my Google Drive either from the side bar or by clicking HERE.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Prepar3d V4.4 Compatibility Statement

Lockheed Martin has just released Prepar3D version 4.4, which introduces, along with a plethora of improvements, Phisically Based Rendering. PBR will only work on objects specifically compiled for it - old content will not change: it is still compatible and will show exactly as it did before.
Before upgrading to P3Dv4.4 please beware that:

- The update will disrupt VRS Tacpack compatibility. This means that if you upgrade to v4.4 you will not be able to use weapons, radars, sensors and loadout manager on my planes. Functionality will be restore as soon as VRS updates Tacpack to support P3Dv4.4: no action will be required from your side, just install the new version of Tacpack when it will become available.

- The update will remove any Beechcraft/Textron related default content (e.g. the Carenado Bonanza) so you may want to make a copy of those aircrafts before upgrading. 

Apart from the issue with Tacpack, everything else seems to work fine on my aircrafts. On my system, the update seems to provide a slightly better drawing distance and slightly sharper rendering of photoreal terrain. Also, enabling the SpeedTree functionality does not have the big impact it had before on my system (but I guess this is more important for helo and bush pilots). Anyway, here is a quick report of the compatibility of my current payware projects:

EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON: Works fine, no issues. However until Tacpack is updated, you will not be able to use weapons, radar and sensors. The loadout manager also will not work. Note that you can change the default loadout by modifying the payload on the stations - see the WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE section in the aircraft.cfg for details and the exact weights you need to apply (note that weapons will not work in any case).

E-2 HAWKEYE / C-2 GREYHOUND: They both work fine, no issues. The radar on the E-2 will also work as it is based on the FSX/P3D radar and not on Tacpack. Tacpack functionalities such as carrier navigation and IFF will not work - but you would not need them without VRSTP in any case.

SIAI MARCHETTI S-211 / AERMACCHI M-345: All the models work fine. You will not be able to fire weapons without Tacpack. However you will be able to use the configurator since, on these models, it is not Tacpack-dependent.

F-35 LIGHTNING II: No issues for this one too but for the Tacpack functions. Weapons, DAS, TFLIR, TWD, HMD and the configurator will not work. The TSD screen will work as it interrogates the FSX/P3D traffic database (does not depend on Tacpack) - as for the Eurofighter, you can also load the aircraft manually (but weapons will not work in any case). The STOVL functionality will work fine :-)

Also, as some of you have asked in the past, here is a quick recap of the compatibility of the freeware projects:

USS AMERICA - Works fine. Aside I am releasing 1.00 soon(ish).

AERMACCHI MB-326 - This has never been updated to 64bit techology: some of the code will not work. You will have issues with weapons loading and custom sounds. Works fine if you use it for VFR flights.

T-45C GOSHAWK - This does not rely on anything but XML, so no compatibility issues. You'll need Tacpack to fire the weapons.

S-3B VIKING - This one has never been updated to 64bit technology: some of the code will not work. Namely you will have issues during in-flight-refuel (you will not be able to receive or give fuel) and fuel tank capacity will not match the configuration. Also, no weapons or configurator until the next Tacpack update.

F-14D SUPER TOMCAT - This one has never been updated to 64bit technology: some of the code will not work. You will encounter some discrepancies in the fuel capacity, also no custom sounds - and then of course no weapons\radar functionality without Tacpack.

FREEWARE F-35 (OUTDATED) - This has never been upgraded to 64 bit since it has been superseded by the payware version: same issues  STOVL functions will not work.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

C-2 Greyhound - E-2 Hawkeye Release and Paintkit

The C-2 Greyhound / E-2 Hawkeye package is finally available for purchase at SimMarket!
This is the link to the product page:

The paintkit for both aircrafts is also available for download from my Google Drive, here is the link:

If you create an awesome livery please leat me know!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

E-2/C-2 Beta 2 (Release Candidate) Post

This post is meant as repository for infomation and bug reports on the Beta 2 build. The purpose of Beta 2 is to check that the bug fixes and the new features applied to Beta 1 have not caused any unintended side effects and the installer works correctly.
Please note that not all of the bugs in the Beta 1 have been addressed or solved - but any bug left should be a minor glitch that may be addressed by a patch at later stage.

The list of bugs and changes addressed can be found on the old beta 1 post - HERE

The current (and almost complete) product manual can be downloaded by clicking HERE

Basically I'd like Beta testers to check that there are no catastrophic issues with the product or the installer.

- The plane now embraces a cold and dark approach. Spawning the A/C on the ground will turn it off (meaning the engines will be switched off, the systems will be switched off and the parking brake will be set). Control+Shift+R sets the Aircraft in a "ready to start the engines" state. Control+Shift+O shuts the aircraft down.
- The plane now "enforces" the use of the MAX RUDDER switch as in the real deal. You will get a MASTER CAUTION alert if it is not ON (2°-6°) above 150 kts and OFF (20°) below 130 kts
- The flight model has been COMPLETELY reworked according to suggestions coming from real-world pilots. It should be more challenging to fly.


- The MAX RUDDER indication on the copilot side reworked to show actual rudder limiter status
- AOA indicator has now a white mark in the optimal area
- Added SHIFT+R key shortcut to toggle the MAX RUDDER switch.
- Caution and Warning lights conditions have been slightly reworked.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

S-211 for Aerofly FS2 - update to version 1.0


With thanks to Jan from the IPACS forum, here is a small update to the freeware SIAI-Marchetti S-211 model for Aerofly FS2. Apart from a general cleanup of the s211.tmd file and some improvements in the control.tmd file, the important thing is that the update introduces a much needed damping effect to the main landing gear - generating a much better behavior during touchdown.

Version 1.0
-Included improvements in to the tmd files provided by Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik from the Aerofly FS 2 forum
-Minor tweak to the external model to fix speedbrake actuator

Model can be downloaded from the sidebar or by clicking HERE.

Friday, November 2, 2018


While debugging the E-2/C-2 Package I have discovered a nasty bug in the TACAN system that affects also other planes… so I took the chance for a quick update to the F-35. Here are the details of the update:

Version 3.53 - 02/11/2018
- Fixed major bug in NAV1/TACAN frequency conversion causing generating incorrect TACAN channels in some instances.
- Fixed bug preventing NAV1 frequency tuning once a TACAN channel has been entered
- Fixed graphic glitch in MFD TSD1 screen
- Fixed minor graphic glitch in BFI Baro setting window
- Updated Koninklijke Luchtmacht F-35A livery
- Added F-35C VFA-147 Argonauts USN livery
- Fixed wrong entry in F-35C configuration file



The update can be dowloaded from the sidebar or by clicking HERE.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


The E-2/C-2 project is close to completion, and given that this 2018 is slowly approaching to its end, I though this was a good time to share my current projects for 2019.
But first, let me thank you once again for your continues support to my projects - you enthusiasm and appreciation for what I do is much appreciated!

So, let's start with the easy things...


As usual, I'd like to keep my projects up to date whenever here is what I am working on:

SIAI S-211 - A small patch is in the works to fix a couple of minor glitches. I am also looking to add a couple of liveries, a (much requested) smoke system and some sort of aiming support for weapons release (at least for the HUD-equipped versions). At least the glitches will be fixed before the end of 2018.

F-35 LIGHTNING II - Minor fixes to the BFI and MFD, possibly new liveries. The patch will be for P3D versions only. Release is planned before the end of 2018.

EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON - Also for this one, fixes to minor glitches are planned. I'd like to rework some aspects of the cockpit model too...but I am not sure I can find the time. Release date TBD.

F-14D SUPER TOMCAT - Although this project was "closed" years ago, I've been working on a P3Dv4 version to provide full 64 bit compatibility and AO support. I am not sure when (and if) it will be ready, so release date is TBD.


If you follow my Facebook page this is hardly surprising, but my next project will be the TA-4J. The scope is to deliver a high quality rendition of this aircraft. By similarity there is some chance that the project scope may creep towards the inclusion of the TA-4F and/or the A-4F...but at the moment the focus in on the TA-4J.
With the current pace, a Beta version may be ready in spring 2019.
Lead Platform is Prepar3D v4, but with backward compatibility to FSX:SE in mind.
Also, the model will be built with provisions for an easy export to other platforms.

External model of the TA-4J in P3Dv4.3... it is already 50% complete.
Very early look at TA-4J cockpit… it will require months of work!


I have been following the TX competition quite closely - and I have to confess that, technically, my money was on the T-50. However, for a number of reasons, seeing the victory of Boeing/SAAB design was hardly surprising.
I have been working on a T-X model lately, although at the moment, the information about the cockpit and pilot interface is insufficient for a reasonably accurate simulation. Provided that more information will become available in time, the T-X project should be available before the end of 2019.
Lead Platform is Prepar3D v4, but with backward compatibility to FSX:SE in mind (but chance is that the MFD may be too complex for FSX...much like it was for the F-35).
Also, the model will be built with provisions for an easy export to other platforms.

Early picture of the Boeing T-X in P3Dv4.3


As much as it is hard to admit it, I think that FSX is now technologically outdated, and its popularity is declining (albeit more slowly than most people predicted). And, while P3Dv4 is a good step forward, unless Lockheed Martin pulls a rabbit out of the hat with new shaders or a better rendering pipeline, chance is that P3D will follow. 
Continuing to support FSX is getting harder and harder, as basically you cannot use the new features of P3Dv4 if you want to maintaing backward compatibility - and developing multiple versions requires a lot of effort - especially if you are a small developer like me.
For these and other reasons, in the past years I have been closely looking at other platforms and made a number of experiments.
Still, at least for the TA-4J, I'll continue supporting both FSX and P3D as main development platforms. Then we will see.


Unknown to most users, XP11 has a number of limitations in the aicraft modeling which make the conversion from FSX/P3D to XP11 not trivial (see the document I have published some time ago). Also, in terms of avionics, XP11 has almost everything you need for civil aviation...but not much for military planes, especially if they have digital instruments, MFDs and HUDs.

Anyway, I am moving forward with the conversion of the Siai Marchetti S-211, which feels at home in XP11, and, in 2019, the TA-4J. Given their avionics and cockpit features, they are relatively easy to convert.

I have been experimenting with the conversions of other aircrafts, too… but at this time I have nothing to announce.

The SIAI S-211 Flying in XP11 - it is almost just needs some work on the cockpit but it is already flyable.


While it is not much popular, I really like this sim for VR, sightseeing flights. Its excellent frame rate and high-resolution photoreal terrain make it the ideal showcase of my HTC Vive when friends come and visit me.
Unfortunately, with the current status of the SDK, developing aircrafts for this sim is very time consuming.
This is why I have recently released the unfinished S-211 for free lately.
I am not sure I'll have the time do other projects in future, but I'd like to, and then may be IPACS will improve the SDK. We'll see.

The SIAI S-211 in Aerofly FS2


The question I have been asked most in 2018 is, "Aren't you looking at DCS? Why don't you convert your planes for it?"...well… of course I've been looking at DCS. Below is a picture I took in an early attempt to convert the Eurofighter Typhoon to this platform.
However, the big problem with DCS is that it does not offer a "middle ground" either do simple mods (and rely on default functions) or you'll have to model each system on your own - which is very time consuming.
To develop a "decent" (and I am not saying "good" - by "decent" I mean FC3-level airplanes) you still need to assemble a good team, and it still requires a lot of work.
I am looking at different strategies for this, but, at the moment, no one is really a convincing way to move forward.

An early shot of the Eurofighter Typhoon in DCS - Don't hold your breath, at the moment it is just a test and may never become an actual product.

...and that is not all. Back to FSX/P3D I have a number of other small projects on the drawing board… which include an MQ-25, the final release of the USS America model and the "pro" version of the T-45.
Also, I have been looking at making the M.C.72 as a divertissment, and I have been discussing cooperations for a number of other interesting projects - which I cannot disclose right now. The main problem is that I do not have much time - and, at the moment, quitting my real life job to only this is not an option...

Monday, October 22, 2018

E-2C Hawkeye / C-2A Beta Release - How to apply for Beta Testing


I know that some of you have been waiting for this post for quite a while ;-) !
Applications to join to the E-2C Hawkeye / C-2A Greyhound Package Beta Testing are now CLOSED.

Here are the minimum requirements:

Simulator: FSX (Acceleration/Gold/Steam Editions), P3D (all versions). NOTE: TACPACK IS NOT SUPPORTED IN THE INITIAL RELEASE (some functions are implemented but not all)
OS: Windows, any version suitable for the simulators above
CPU: Multicore 2.4GHz
GPU: Nvidia 760 or better. Should work with 1.5Gb dedicated video memory.
RAM: 3Gb
HD: 1.4Gb needed for installation

I am looking for different computer specs and for user of different skill levels/knowledge of the aircraft.
This is not a paid position - if you want to join the test, the only thing you will get is the fun of testing a new product!
If you want to apply for the testing you should drop an email to as follows:

Subject of the email must be: E-2 C-2 Beta Testing (I am always surprised how hard this seems to be ;-) )

The email shall contain:
- Which simulator you intend to use for the testing (please specify the EXACT version)
- Your system OS/CPU/GPU/RAM (no printouts/screenshots - just list these. Also, I do not need other details or verbose system description)
- Your real life flight experience and/or simulation experience (just a couple of lines please!)
- Any special reason for which you want to test these planes or any special link you have with these models.

As usual, I will be a certain number (around 20) testers - I am sorry for those who will be left out, but too much feedback is detrimental: the test team size must be manageable.
The Beta is not ready yet… but it will be ready soon. It may take a while to read all the applications and reply, but if you do not receive a reply before the end of the month, most likely you have not been selected (sorry!)!

If you will be selected you will receive an email with the download link and some Beta testing directions… ONE IMPORTANT THING I ALWAYS SAY TO TESTERS (but apparently very few read): PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME BEFORE SUBMITTING FEEDBACK. HAVE A GOOD READ AT THE MANUAL AND FLY AT LEAST 2 OR 3 HOURS WITH THESE MODELS BEFORE SENDING ANY FEEBACK.


Monday, October 15, 2018

SIAI Marchetti S-211 / Aermacchi M-311 / M-345 / M-345 HET PAINT KIT

Upon request, here is the paint kit for the payware S-211/M-311/M-345 package (actually I had already uploaded it on my Google Drive and sent it upon request).
Files are provided in layered PSD format - with separate layers form mechanical details, servicing decals, rivets, panel lines and ambient occlusion.

A sample file is provided for each of the 3 visual models (S-211, M-311/M-345 prototypes and M-345 HET) - this should be enough for most repainters to work proficiently.
Just remember that the M-311 and -345 have ventral fins which the S-211 does not have, and then the M-345HET has longer fuselage and different air intakes.

The paintkit is also valid for the freeware S-211 for Aerofly FS2 and for the future S-211 for X-Plane 11.

These files are provided for free to repainters ONLY to create new liveries for the S-211/M-311/M-345 and M-345HET model: any other usage is prohibited.

As usual, you can download the paintkit by either clicking HERE or from the menu on the side bar.


As some of you have requested it, here is the paint kit for the payware F-35 Lightning II.

Files are provided in layered PSD format as follows (layer structure top to bottom):
- Ambient Occlusion: multiply layer that superimposed the precalculated ambient occlusion shadows
- GreyToneForMarkings: darken layer to set the brightest grey tone in the livery. This was introduced to dim all the markings as they were too bright.
- Nation specific color: normal layer with the full livery; a sample for each nation is provided. All layers are blanked by default. You can delete the portions you do not need and merge it with the base color layer below.
- Base color: clean livery with only base markings for servicing.

These files are provided for free to repainters ONLY to create new liveries for the F-35.
Any other usage of these files, included but not limited to, applying these texture to other F-35 models is prohibited.
Repaints created with this package can be freely distributed

As usual you can download it by clicking HERE or from the menu on the side bar.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

SIAI Marchetti S-211 for Aerofly FS2 - Freeware Beta Release

It is clear to me that I will not have the time, at least for several months, to bring the SIAI-Marchetti S.211 for Aerofly FS2 to the same level of quality of the FSX/Prepar3D version.
But if there is a thing I despise is wasting my work.
So I decided to release it "as is" as freeware for everybody to enjoy.
"As is" means that is it still somewhat incomplete: that is radios, the navigation instruments and some gauges are not working and the flight model is "decent" but far from the flight manual accuracy of the FSX/P3D version.
Also, steering the aicraft on the ground is quite difficult (the real aircraft does not have a steering wheel, and so does the AFS2 version...but differential braking does not work that well in my implementation).
Do not expect any kind of support from my side - as usual I'll try to help if I can, but this product is not officially supported.
Thinking about it, I believe this is the very first third party aircraft for AFS2. While the sim itself is not yet as complete as P3D or XP11, it offers a great VR experience and unsurpassed performance (well above 120 frames per second on the highest settings on my system) and wonderful photoreal sceneries. And then there are ORBX addons.

Anyway, this model features:

- Detailed visual model of SIAI-Marchetti S-211
- Visually detailed virtual cockpit, with basic functionality and preliminary night lighting
- Multiple liveries including JPATS, Phililppine Air Force and Singapore Air Force
- Basic, easy to fly flight model

To install the package you should drag and drop the S211 folder contained in the zip file to either the "addons/aircraft" or the "aircraft" subfolders of you Aerofly USER folder.

By default your AFS2 user folder is the Documents folder - you can copy-paste this shortcut to get there.

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Aerofly FS 2

You can download the S-211 for Aerofly FS2 by clicking HERE or from the FREEWARE section on the side bar.

Monday, October 8, 2018

C-2 Greyhound / E-2 Hawkeye Beta


RELEASED ON: 20/10/2018

RED - High priority change - this is can be considered a major defect by most users. All "Red" issues must be addressed or mitigated before the product release.
YELLOW - Medium priority change - some users may perceive these issues as a significant product defect. All "Yellow" issues should be addressed or mitigated before the product release.
GREEN - Low priority change - a very limited number of users may perceive this as a product defect. These issues shall be documented and dealt with if possible. Also, change requests or proposals implemented. 
BLUE - Suggestions for changes, additions or improvements.

LIGHT GRAY - Change request rejected -> this means that, in reply to a bug report, we have checked the product against the design intent and/or the flight manual and we do not think that the product is defective. This is left in the bugs list just for reference to other testers.

LIST UPDATED ON 1211/2018 01:30 AM CET
PROGRESS: 92% :-) !

EX001 - Suggestion to add Mouse Areas to external model to open doors / fold wings / rotodome activation (will work only on later versions of P3D) -> Implemented on C-2
EX002 - C-2 Models, exhaust on left side has missing cap end geometry. Action: fix 3D model - fixed in Beta 2 model
EX003 - C-2 Models. wire antenna not attached to vertical stabilizer: Action: fix 3D model - Fixed in Beta 2 model

EX004 - E-2 Models. wire antenna not attached to horizontal stabilizer: Action fix 3D model - Fixed in Beta 2 model
EX005 - Flap clip exhaust at maximum deflection: Action fix 3D models - Fixed in Beta 2 model
EX006 - E-2 Models, aileron actuation mechanism not attached to wings: Action fix 3D model - Fixed in Beta 2 model.
EX007 - Tire texture is interrupted, need rework. - Fixed on all models.
EX008 - Underwing USN Roundel on E-2 model upside down. - Fixed in Beta 2 textures
EX009 - Request to add "jury strut" to the model -> IN PROGRESS: Implement on C-2, will work on the E-2 next. - Applied to all models.
EX010 - Request to allow the opening of the E-2 rear hatch -> Implemented on Beta 2
EX012 - Landing gear extension/retraction time appears too slow. Should be around 4 seconds, but check flight manual. - From E-2 Flight manual (Para 2.10.4 "Main Gear" and 2.10.5 "Nose Gear") "Time allowed for gear to retract is 10 seconds, and 15 seconds for the gear to extend." - current Landing gear cycle time is 7-8 seconds, therefore no action is taken. -> NO ACTION
EX013 - Wing folding too fast. Should be 18 seconds, versus the current 13. -> Fixed in Beta 2: set to 18 seconds. -> tweaks needed as it now also includes jury strut locking.
EX014 - Tail hook does not touch the ground. -> anmation capped by 3D model. Need to rework the gear first. -> FIXED on all models in Beta2.
EX015 - Rotating radome too fast (animation speed should be about half of the current one). -> Fixed in Beta 2: radome rotation speed halved.
EX016 - Pitch on the ground is too "nose down" with respect to actual pictures. IN PROGRESS - now slightly better on the C-2, E-2 not implemented yet. - Not completely fixed, but somewhat mitigated on all models.
EX017 - Number on nose gear door of VAW-123 texture is upside down - FIXED
EX018 - Mistake in the "WALK" engine texture on E-2 model. - FIXED and recompiled all engine nacelles textures. 
EX019 - Light leakage on C-2 model when main gear doors are open

VC001 - Minor texture glitch in the PROP ANTI ICE gauge - FIXED PRIOR TO BETA RELEASE
VC002 - OBS Knob not operational on analog cockpits (FSX) - FIXED PRIOR TO BETA RELEASE, testers please double-check.
VC003 - Autopilot (AFCS) Master Switch not clickable - FIXED PRIOR TO BETA RELEASE


VC005 - IFF panel not clickable

VC006 - Minor glitch in Oxy panel wathering effect.
VC007 - Suggestion to model the seat harnessings - IMPLEMENTED
VC008 - No controls in the cockpit to govern cargo doors opening or rotodome animation - FIXED PRIOR TO BETA RELEASE - added cargo door controls and rotating radome controls
VC009 - Oxygen Control Panel switches are not in flight condition. White lever should be in "normal",  Green lever should be "on" : ACTION - either make them clickable or set them in flight condition. - FIXED 3D Model
VC010 - Request to add more external model geometry to VC (namely landing gear): ACTION - evaluate addition of missing geometry. - FIXED - Added Landing gear model to VC
VC011 - Landing checklist texture in cockpit is incorrect. ACTION - fix texture- FIXED texture sheet VC3
VC012 - Throttle levers do not go on reverse position. ACTION - fix animation sequence - FIXED animation sequence
VC013 - Anti-collision switch does not turn off beacon light. ACTION - fix cockpit control - FIXED, lights were mapped to the incorrect control. 
VC014 - Blurry texture reported in Aux Brake, NAV source, Wing Fold: ACTION - verify, seems an isolated case, textures are well readable on my system -> REJECTED. Texture and resolution is the same as the other textures. Likely to be a system-specific rendering issue.
VC015 - Left Oil Cooler Switch moves the Fuel GOV CHECK: Action Check -> Bug identified in custom part of modeldef.xml -> Need to rebuild. -> Fixed after rebuild
VC016 - Tank Interconnect switch shuts down left engine.
VC017 - Check Alt Hold functionality. - ALT HOLD functionality seems OK in Beta 2.
VC018 - OBS knob not operational in analog cockpits in FSX. REJECTED. OBS knob seems to work fine on all cockpits….
VC019 - Suggestion to have Control Columns visibility control. - IMPLEMENTED IN BETA 2
VC020 - Suggestion to have MFCDU as pop-up -> IMPLEMENTED. Pilot MFCDU is now a pop-up windows, and replaces the radio stack.
VC021 - L PRI PUMP OUT / R FEATHER check visibility condition -> Indentified multiple bugs in CAWS light and fixed them.
VC022 - Console rotary switch is working but not animated
VC023 - Check behavior of turn/slip indicator - FIXED see also AV007
VC024 - BFI Baro set out of its intended window -> Fixed, redone text placement and font implementation. Probably the same issue is present in the M-345 and in the F-35 (check) -> Fixed in Beta 2
VC025 - Check functionality of anti-ice switches (current model uses default implementation in modeldef.xml)
VC026 - G needle seems a little off. - REJECTED. After checking 3D model, needles are perfectly aligned. The incorrect reading is purely due to parallax. 
VC027 - Port hole missing from cockpit model. - FIXED
VC028 - Need to fix reflection texture for digital displays. - FIXED
VC029 - Slip ball indicator in EFIS cockpits should be on the glass and not on the background. FIXED in Beta 2
VC030 - Color correction to parachute package in VC (greenish in reality) - FIXED
VC031 - Some markings missing in the VC rear area - FIXED
VC032 - Warning light should be steady and not blinking - FIXED 
VC033 - Rudder limited should work down to 2 degrees above 200 kts - FIXED
VC034 - Copilot max rudder should indicate the rudder limiter position, not the actual rudder position. 
VC035 - Check AoA indexer (blink vs steady) - FIXED. Implementation is now a little different from the flight manual, but more "standard" - if the aicraft is in a safe configuration for landing (flaps, hook down, gear locked) the indexer will be steady, otherwise it will blink.
VC036 - Check console flood switch tooltip (shows starter)
VC037 - Rudder limiter creates jittery animations. FIXED - implemented custom animation, jitter almost eliminated (but rudder animations will not work in multiplayer :-( )


AV001 - Suggestion to use the Course Indicator Switch as GPS Drives NAV 1 switch - IMPLEMENTED PRIOR TO BETA RELEASE, testers please double-check.
AV002 - E-2C Radar Gauge: missing airplane symbol - Added in Beta 2
AV003 - E-2C Radar Gauge: missing flight plan - IMPLEMENTED PRIOR TO BETA RELEASE
AV004 - Evaluate possibility to add rotodome controls and link radar functions to rotodome activity (currently radar is always on)
AV005 - MFCDU Incomplete: non-operational modes should at least show a "INOP" page. FIXED
AV006 - Operation of internal AoA Indexer is incorrect: ACTION, identified bug in ModelDef.XML, need to recompile VC models.  - FIXED on Beta 2, recompiled models work fine.
AV007 - Turn coordinator and ball animation have incorrect behavior -> check modeldef implementation. -> Verify behavior of the ball, correct the implementation of the turn coordinator. Bugs in primary flight instrumentation have a high priority. - FIXED: reversed ball movement and linked animations of turn indicator to correct paramenter.
AV008 - TACAN frequency conversion to and from NAV1 leading to wrong values in some instances FIXED (note: bug may also be affecting F-35, Eurofighter and S-211!!!)
AV009 - When selecting a NAV frequency (either from MFCDU or knob), selection of NAV1 frequencies is inhibited - FIXED
AV010 - Implemented TACPACK TACAN (all models) - when TACAN or NAV1 are set to a Tacpack carrier vessel TACAN Frequency, pointer 1 on NAV instruments will indicate the carrier. Also carrier distance is reported by BDHI and EFIS
AV011 - Implemented TACPACK ILS (all models) - when a TACPACK carrier is detected, NAV2 frequencies are sweeped (as per Tacpack implementation) to identify the carrier ILS. Once the carrier ILS frequency is detected, the CDI and GSI will indicate deviations from carrier ILS. FMS and Pointer 1 are hijacked for the purpose on EFIS screen. 
AV012 - Request to have special conditions when the aircraft is spawned on the ground or in the air, now set as follows:
If the aircraft spawns on the ground: Condition levers set to GND STOP, Parking brakes ON, Electical switches OFF, MFCDUs OFF, Fuel pumps OFF
If the aircraft spawns in mid air: Condition levers set to ON, Parking brakes off, Electrical switches ON, MFCDU ON, Fuel pumps ON

AV013 - Suggestion to implement a "ready to start" hot key following the "cold and dark" approach - Implemented Control+Shift+R for "Ready to Start Engines" and Control+Shift+O for Shutdown.
AV014 - Need to implement proper fuel feeding code after removal of default crossfeed functionality - ADDED custom code for fuel tank management.
AV015 - Need to implement flap first notch / wing fold lever interlock (in reality you must set flaps to 15° before commanding the wing folding) -> IMPLEMENTED. Flap lever now move automatically to first notch if wing fold lever is activated.
AV016 - Implement rudder limiter -> ADDED TO BETA 2
AV017 - Remove A/T controls from MFCDU (A/T not present) - REMOVED
AV018 - Autopilot MFCDU control do not ovveride mechanical switches -> better harmonize them for most users… -> IMPLEMENTED: MFCDU and Mechanical Switches now have the same authority.


FM001 - Engine thrust seems low, takes a while to bring the A/C at high altitude -> CHANGE REQUEST REJECTED: At 40000 AUW the book says 3 minutes to 10,000 ft.
I got ours there in 2 minutes 50 seconds at 170 KIAS climbing speed and 39654 lbs at 10,000 ft.
Take-off ground roll is 2000ft at 40,000 lbs. Best I can see it should be 1500ft. NO CHANGE

FM002 - Reverse thrust seems low -> CHANGE REQUEST REJECTED: Full reverse thrust should give –1800 to –2000 lbs prop thrust per engine.  Simulated reverse thrust is 2004 lbs -> NO CHANGE

FM003 - Engine power appear far too high. Keeping in mind that the 350 knots speed presented in figures should be true airspeed, not indicated airspeed. This goes together with the aircraft not slowing down properly on approach without flaps. On turboprops, the propellers will act like brake disks producing a huge amount of drag, slowing the aircraft quickly. This should be even more pronounced on the 4-blade props than on the NP2000, as the new propellers tend not to create the same amount of drag - but it all depends a bit on propeller RPM and blade angle as well. Will investigate further.
From Roy:The propellers at flight idle produce 3000 lbs thrust each. With this engine they never act as brake disks on the approach. To fly the correct approach speed and AOA you need flaps and a sizeable amount of power.  On pistons the props produce negative thrust when the throttle is closed, not on this type of turboprop. The model actual top speed at 15000 ft for example is 194 Calibrated and 245 True which is below the Manual values. At sea level the speeds are very close. This is because the SHP is correct at sea level but drops quicker than the manual with altitude. I will test that in more detail and should be able to recover the correct amount of SHP drop with altiitude. By the manual it should be about the same at 15000 ft as it is at sea level because the compressor acts like a turbocharger. At the moment in the model it is 55% of the sea level value. -> (Dino - DECISION: NO CHANGE).

FM004 - The pitch in flight (level flight, 8000 ft during the test) appears much too high for a high-wing turboprop with straight wings and resembles more a swept-wing jet. I'd say, a bit extra lift in the aircraft.cfg file would do the trick.
Answer Pitch in level flight is Angle of Attack. In the cruise at 190 KIAS the C-2 AOA at around 43000lbs AUW is 15 units which = 3.4 degrees fuselage angle.
This is almost exactly what it is in the model. Lift coefficient was calculated from basic principles and the CL Max was calculated from flaps up stall speeds and knowledge the type of airfoil used. The CL/alpha slope was similarly calculated. Flap delta CL was again calculated and gives very close agreement with the Manual. Hence the landing speeds are within 3% of manual values. -> (Dino - DECISION: NO CHANGE).

FM005 - Basic empty weight for C-2 is incorrect. Typical empty weight with cargo crate (always monted) is around 38000 pounds. -> Fixed in Beta 2

FM006 - Implement suggestions for real-world aircrews.

MI001 - Sound files configuration: missing xc2b2shut.wav FIXED (wrong sound config); (texture) FIXED (wrong format); T6_15C_T.DDS FIXED (missing, added): Action, verify files list. - FIXED
MI002 - Duplicate sections in sound file (carrier trap, gyro sound, stall warning, AP Disengage)

MI003 - Gear Warning sound: check conditions and sound effect. - CHECKED conditions, slight changes to sound effect.
MI004 - Turbine sound volume too high in VC - Reduced internal engine sounds by -5dB
MI005 - Syntax error reported (seems harmless) -> Fixed. It caused an incorrect display in the MFCDU data entry mode in some instances.
MI006 - Fix ATC entries -> Fixed
MI007 - Request to add more cockpit views - IMPLEMENTED on Beta 2
MI008 - Need to revise the manual.

Monday, August 20, 2018

F-35 Lightning II update to version 3.52


Here is yet another update to the payware F-35, which will bring the release version to 3.52.
I am taking the chance to clarify a couple of things:

- Customers of "older" versions of the F-35 (meaning V1.X and V2.X, now freeware) are not entitled to the free upgrade to version 3.50. Only customers who have purchased version 3.X will get the update. So please do not ask distributors for the download links.

- AFAIK all the distributors have updated their links to version 3.50. If you still have difficulties in downloading the new installers from them, please let me know by dropping an email to

- Version 3.50 is the new "FULL INSTALL" baseline. Further updates, like this one, will be deployed through this blog and will require manual installation. So, please do not ask to distributors for version 3.51 or 3.52.

That being said, here is what is new in this release:

Version 3.52 - 20/08/2018
- Minor refinements to flight model
- Added MAP modes also in extended and full-screen portal modes for TSD1, TSD2 and TSD3 (courtesy of Roberto Leonardo)

- Added missing code for automatic anti-skid engagement
- Fixed graphic glitch in A-A target symbology
- Added possibility to enter negative values for VV in AP mode
- Miscellaneous code fix
- Better alignment of TSD symbology (but still far off in some cases)
- Added optional "Simplified" MFD:
  This is a simpler MFD that will occupy less memory and may generate a (minimal) increase in performance.
  To install this, open the file and drag and drop the F-35_MFD folder in your F-35A\Panel folder.
  You may want to backup the F-35_MFD folder first.
  This will eliminate some pages (WPNA, WPNS, CHCKLST, TSD2, TSD3 and PHM) and restrict the functionality of Others.

You can download the update by clicking HERE or from the side bar.

PS - I also noticed that, for a mistake, version 1.13 of the Eurofighter did not include the intended code for the antiskid...the mistake was rectified, so you may want to download the update again.

How to Convert your aircraft 3DStudio model from FSX/P3D to XPlane11

It took me a while to undestand how the StepToSky XPlane11 plug-in for 3DStudio Max worked… I had tried to convert some of my models in the past, but could not get the animations to play or they looked wrong. Then, some days ago, I decided to try again and finally understood some of the basic concepts I was missing...and the S-211 is now flying in XPlane 11 too.

So I decided to write a small "guide/memo" to help other designers that may want to convert some of their models to XP11 but were baffled by the lack of documentation on the plug-in and how to use it.

This guide assumes that:
- You know how to develop a 3D model for FSX/P3D
- You have the model ready in 3D Studio Max
- You have correctly installed the Step2Sky Plug-in
- You want to convert your model to X-Plane 11
- You know how to use X-Plane 11 Plane Maker (and you have already prepared a flight model for the aircraft)

You can download the document HERE.


You may also want to check the channel JRollon Planes - this guy is amazing and shows you how to build a 3D model from scratch for XP11 in 3D Studio (warning: he uses an older version of the plugin with slightly different interface)

Friday, August 17, 2018

Eurofighter Typhoon Upgrade to version 1.13

Here is a (very) small update to the Eurofighter Typhoon - mostly meant to address a bug with the MODE 4 code (which is used as the Tacpack team identification) that made it impossible for users to enter the code and change teams. This patch will work with version 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12... and will bring them all to version 1.13.
I took the chance to introduce other very minor improvements, such as the possibility to use Indicated Air Speed in place of Equivalent Air Speed in the avionics. Here is the list of changes:

- Fixed a bug that prevented proper functionality of the MODE4 code (and consequently Tacpack team selection)
- Fixed minor accuracy bug in waypoint management and pre-planned target data entry (although the error was really small)
- Added code for wheel brakes anti-skid
- Added options to configurator:
  - Use IAS instead of EAS (this could be preferred by some users - note that the autopilot system uses IAS)
  - Open/close the canopy
  - Extend/retract the crew access ladder

Download the update HERE or from the side bar.

Monday, August 13, 2018

FSX-P3D-XP11-AFS2-DCS - in search for best practices for model multiplatform development.

In the past few weeks I have spent some time experimenting with DCS and XP11, along with Aerofly FS2 (for which I had already posted some screenshots of the S-211). Trying to convert my planes for these platforms showed the restrictions you need to take in account if you wanted to convert an FSX/P3D model to other platforms...and it is MUCH easier if you plan ahead and build your models in a certain way. Note that, after all these years, FSX/P3D SDK is, in many ways, still the most flexible in terms of modeling.

Being an engineer I felt the need to put my findings in an Excel spreadsheet - with the main scope of drawing some conclusions on what are these best practices and I planned to share them publicly in a proper format and with extensive explaination...but I'll never have the time to do that so here is the spreadsheet - color coded of course:

Green means no issues 
Yellow means "caution - some limitations or annoyances!"
Red means "warning - major problems or very cumbersome procedure!
Blue means "very cool"

Note that this is not a comparison of the simulators or the engines - just some personal observations from the aicraft modeling perspective - so do not get upset if you thing your simulator of choice is being overly criticized.
Note also that there is no commonality of any kind in the flight modeling between these platforms - so, apart from getting data and test points, you will have to redo each flight model in any case.

Resulting best pratices for this analysis are as follows:
  • The preferred modeling software is 3D Studio MAX (surprise surprise)
  • DO NOT use multimaterial in 3DS Max. FSX/P3D and DCS are fine with multimaterials, but AFS2 and XP11 are not.
  • Use only SQUARE bitmaps if at all possible (actually only AFS2 does not support rectangular can easily make them "square" by resizing them but it is a loss of resources (or resolution if you downsize them). And anyway this is a good practice in general for videogames over multiple engines.
  • Make sure you do not have overlapping edges or vertices in the UVW coordinates. These will create artifacts in AFS2 (and to a lesser extent in XP11). This one too is a general good practice...but FSX and P3D tolerate it very well and there are no visual artifacts of sorts. 
  • All the objects with hierarchy links MUST be done with the same material (this is a limitation which applies ONLY to XP11, but it is annoying). This is pretty imporant. If you have multiple parts that need to move together or ar part of a hierarchy chain they must be done with the same material. 
  • Building analog instruments in 3D is preferred over dynamic textures. 3D animations of instruments and needles are supported in all of the platforms (and actually it is the way they are meant to be done in AFS2 in any case).
  • Virtual cockpit must match the external model closely. While in FSX/P3D the VC is a completely separate model, in the other sims it is not like that. XP11 can have a "cockpit" object, but it is limited to one normal texture and one dynamic texture. DCS has a sepaarate VC model, true, but it superimposed on the external model geometry (and then you need to hide the elements you do not want). AFS seems to embrace the "unique model" philosophy - no separate VC model (but you can hide stuff from the external model, such as pilot figures).
I am sorry I do not have the time right now to go into further details… but still I hope it is useful.
I urge FSX/P3D designers to have a close look a XP11 as the conversion (at least for GA planes) is much simpler than it looks at a glance, and you can have your planes Flying in XP11 in days.
One one about Aerofly FS2 - I still think it has a lot of potential… but it needs a graphical tool to help plane developers. Conversion of the model is easy...but you have to animate it manually by entering axis, rotations and translations manually in a text file. It is doable, and you get used to it, but a graphical tool or a conversion of the animations from the modeling tool would be much much better.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

F-35 Lightning II - update from v3.50 to v3.51

Following the release of F-35 version 3.50, a couple of minor bugs have been detected, so here is a small patch that should fix them. Also, lower resolution textures for canopy reflection and scratches textures are provide, for user that may want to trade some minor details for a lower video memory consumption.
The plan was to establish version 3.50 as baseline, and the build upon it with patches like this one.
Here is the list of changes.

from version 3.50 to version 3.51
Released on 05/08/2018

Version 3.51 - 05/08/2018
- Fixed major bug in CNI page which caused the keypad to be inoperative
- Fixed bug in CNI causing NAV frequency to stick to the TACAN channel once a Tacan channel was set
- Fixed wrong terrain color entry (for to to 1000ft altitude - light grey intead of green)
- Fixed bug in the control of the TSD3 page while in full screen
- Added optional low res textures to reduce video memory usage

FSX (unsupported)
- Fixed bug in CNI causing NAV frequency to stick to the TACAN channel once a Tacan channel was set
- Fixed wrong coordinates ADF mouse area in the CNI page

See the installation instruction in the README.txt file in the zip.
The update can be downloaded HERE or from the side bar.

Monday, July 23, 2018

USS America LHA-6 update to version 0.12 Beta

Following user feedback, here is a small update to the USS America LHA-6 project:

Version 0.12
- Added "wings" courtesy of Tim Brennan
- Repositioned landing spot markings for MV-22
- Changes to F-35 operations deck (now, only F-35s + 2 SH-60 for SAR)
- Minor improvements to night lighting
- Further changes to configuration names following feedback from users

In general, it seems that the ship does not have many issues… there are a couple of minor tweaks I'd like to introduce before the official release (e.g. waving flag, additional deck configurations, USS Tripoli) but I am not sure when I'll have the time to do them.

Anyway you can download the latest version from the sidebar or by clicking HERE.
Download links on the old post have been updated.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

F-35 Lightning II version 3.50 for Prepar3D v2.5, V3.x and v4.x

As some of you are aware of, I have been working on a further update to the payware F-35 Lightning II project. Unfortunately the source files for this project have been lost two years ago due to a malware attack (and because I was stupid enough to have left the backup drive connected to the PC). As result, it took quite a while to make some significant progress with this project: to implement some of the functionalities I had to rebuild the source models for the virtual cockpits and it was not an easy task.

As result, version 3.50 is different enough from its predecessors to require some further testing. A quick Beta test is planned and test version have been sent to selected testers.

Here is a (non comprehensive) list of the changes so far:

- New, more realistic flight models by Roy Holmes. These should match all the data publicly known so far, and provide a more realistic behavior.
- Implemented load-dependent drag for more realistic performance
- Implemented Ambient Occlusion mapping to all the external models
- Added South Korean, Japanese and Turkish repaints to F-35A
- Added Italian Navy and miscellaneous USMC repaints to F-35B
- Added VFA-125 and VX-9 repaints to F-35C
- Rebuilt and improved 3D vitual cockpit geometry
- Improved textures of virtual cockpit
- Added specular mapping to virtual cockpit
- Improved brightness and readability of Head Mounted Display
- Added "roll" degree of freedom to Head Mounted Display
- Brightess of MFD can be controlled manually
- Implemented digital indicator for remaining parking brake applications
- Backup Tacan now works
- Improved night lighting of virtual cockpit
- Implemented functionality of Emergency Jettison Knob
- Solved bug preventing digital imagery to appear on subportals in some instances
- Implemented Team Selection (Tacpack) through Mode 4 in CNI page
- Implemented Tacan input in CNI page
- Redone Generator/Started knob (now it should work as IRL).
- New full installers for P3Dv2 and v3, and P3v4 (full install). An installer for FSX is now provided, too.

Other changes planned but not implemented yet:

- Addition of MAP mode to TSD screens (actually it was left out as it is quite a frame rate killer on older systems…)
- Possibility to manually select, edit, delete and add waypoints through the DTM page
- Possibility to enter PP target coordinates in the DTM page
- Addition of WHOT option to TFLIR
- Addition of alternate radar presentation to SRCH page

Instruction to testers

This is not a full Beta test - the F-35 is a consolidated product, and there are no plans to massively upgrade it at least in the short term. The key points of this updates are the new flight model and the new VC models. As for the flight model, Roy Holmes has provided (as usual) an extremely refined flight model with a very realistic behavior… still it is possible that there are issues we could not detect. As for the VC, I had to rebuild the geometry source there may be bugs. Here is a list of things I'd like you to check

- Check installers functionality: separate installers are provided for P3dv4, P3dv2.5 and v3 and FSX.
- Check flight models
- Check Virtual Cockpit geometry/functionality and animations
- Check the new liveries for (big) inaccuracies (e.g. reversed letters or macroscopic things like these)

Again, this is just a quick check to verify that there are no major issues. Please submit feedback either by email or by adding a comment to this post (preferred).

BUGS FOUND SO FAR (and improvements):
Updated 18/07/2018 - 01:00 CET

External Model
EXT001 - "NO STEP" markings reversed on the slats: review all liveries and all models and check. Note:.F-35B and C are OK. This is an issue with the F-35A model, as the slat is mirrored. Possible solutions: get rid of the "NO STEP" marking on the F-35A slats, or replace it with generic graphics. Otherwise leave situation as is. Mitigated by replacing "NO STEP" with generic graphic sign.
EXT002 - VX-9 livery VX-9 marking reversed on right side. Fixed.
EXT03 - "NO STEP" markings reversed on tailerons. Incorrect texturing on F-35A and B. -C model seems OK. Fixed for all A and C liveries.

Flight Model
FM001 - F-35A cannot not deploy the speed brake -> Fixed: improper entry in the aicraft.cfg
FM002 - Gear impact thresholds were incorrect - particularly on the F-35C. Fixed on all models.
FM003 - F-35A had much higher landing speeds than intended. Investigation in progress. It seems that an incorrect aicraft.cfg was packed in the Beta files for a mistake. Fixed. Added missing entry in the F-35A configuration file.
FM004 - Tailhook on F-35C cannot deploy completely when on the ground. Investigation in progress.
FM005 - Fuel burn rate is slightly off the mark. Reported range about 1400 NM versus the supposed 1200 NM range of the F-35A.
FM006 - Contact point instability (drift and rotation over time): This is a contact point instability due to FSX/P3D engine. Was already present in the previous iterations. It is possible to reduce it by changing the gear parameters, but previous attempts led to unsatisfactory gear dynamics.
FM007 - Engine trust at idle is high (will cause the a/c to model even at idle) - Note, general engine performance is otherwise good, so any change should be done carefully.

Virtual Cockpit Model
VC001 - Spotted a "rogue" 3D bolt in the 3D model (all versions) nearby the left pedal - Fixed, removed from all models. 
VC002 - Minor shadowing/smoothing issue with HOOK/STOVL button (all models) - Fixed, redone button smoothing on all models.
VC003 - Suggestion to implement separate guard animation for EMERG GEAR. - Fixed, EMERG GEAR guard animation is now separate, and so is the Mouse Area click (two clicks required to animate the EMERG GEAR switch).

AV001 - New functionality: implemented selectable WHOT/BLOT modes for TFLIR Imagery
AV002 - BFI airspeed ladder was limited to 350kts. Increased to 600 kts.
AV003 - Different airspeed data sources for MFD/HMD/BFI - Fixed. All gauges will now point to a local variable. Data source will be selectable from the pilot in the DTM page.
AV004 - ENG Page: EGT needle rotation is out of scale. - Fixed. Proper rotation and scale. 
AV005 - ENG Page: Throttle setting has no value. - Fixed. Added throttle setting reading.
AV006 - ENG Page:  N1 RPM needle rotation out of scale - Fixed. Redone ENG page code.
AV007 - Top bar, engine status report: verify rotation/settings.
AV008 - ENG Page: Oil needle always in red area, suggestion to add it.  Fixed. Redone ENG page code.
AV009 - Missing audible gear warning.
AV010 - TSD: suggestion to add waypoint controls to this page
AV011 - TSD suggestion to add map/terrain layer here (note: due to GPS mapping limitations, adding the mao mode is possible only in 3-views portal)
AV012 - A/P suggestion to add possibility to engagé A/T with current airspeed (note: FSX autothrottle will point to IAS, not EAS - possible inconsistency if air data source is not IAS)
AV013 - A/P suggestion to add possibility to set negative V/S for descent.
AV014 - TACAN ON/OFF - double click needed to switch it on/off? Fixed bug in switch animation, however the switch itself is not meant operational as in this implementation the TACAN is basically a duplicate of the NAV1 radio. Also, rejected bug report stating that X/Y button does not work. X/Y button does work as intended, however the code will not turn to Y if the Y frequencies are not supported by FSX/P3D.
AV015 - CNI PAGE - evaluate possibility to introduce volume controls.
AV016 - Autopilot: tends to overshoot waypoints
AV017 - Suggestion to add the possibility to read flight plans from file (note: it is possible to do it in XML by storing data in an XML file)
AV018 - Suggestion to add the possibility to upload user-selected graphic images to DTM (ofr target identification etc. real F-35 can Exchange videos/images/etc. through datalink)
AV019 - Planned addition of WPT controls (including addition and deletion) to DTM page. Done: it is now possible to manage waypoints in the DTM page.
AV020 - Planned addition of PP target coordinates inut in DTM page. Done: it is now possible to enter PP target coordinates in the DTM page.
AV021 - Suggestion to add the CAGE/UNCAGE option to HUD (for example in HUD page). Added CAGE switch to HUD page.
AV022 - ENG Page: Thrust scale reading was offset, also did not report the actual percentage of thrust, but rather N1. Fixed
AV023 - HMD Visibility does not work as intended in FSX (duplicate graphics). Fixed. Default HMD code for P3Dv4 does not work with FSX. A custom HMD.xml had to be created.
AV024 - New functionality for FSX: updated TFLIR interface (still no imagery available, but at least you can type-in laser codes and check if the laser is functional)
AV025 - New functionality for FSX: updated CNI page to the same functionality as P3D.
AV026 - New functionality: added possibility to switch between EAS and KIAS as air data sources in the DTM page.
AV027 - Jettison knob and button do not work. Fixed: variable mismatch between avionics code and virtual cockpit model, now works as intended.
AV028 - Battery and lights switches missing custom sound - Only non standard FSX assigments have custom sounds...working to see if it is possible to add them quickly. Fixed: reworked Modeldef.xml to add them.

AV029 - Miscellaneous controls missing custom sound - Only non standard FSX assigments have custom sounds...working to see if it is possible to add them quickly.
AV030 - Wrong scale of superimposed symbology (e.g. targets and vehicles) in all TSD screens and modes above 40Nm range. Fixed: mismatch between scale and pixel per mile factor in TSD.XML.
AV031 - Evaluate altenate association of "X-Ray" vision - function was already present: control+shift+x
AV032 - Check autopilot functionality, tester reported it is not possible to set altitude below 10000ft in FSX. Fixed: issue in visualization of A/P otions (FSX ONLY) - redone FSX AP interface (now same as P3D).
AV033 - Evaluate "cold and dark" option.
AV034 - HMD in free-look mode reports targeting information even when the landing gear is down (contrary to virtual HUD)
AV035 - Fixed minor bug in A/P window showing incorrectly entries when typing in altitude.
AV036 - Newly introduced input option require the user to actively press the ENT key, contrary to the older functions - harmonization would be better.

AV037 - Add a UNDESIGNATE command - Fixed. Control+shift+U acts as undesignate (cancels A/A and A/S targets)
AV038 - Designate command should also work in place of the trigger in A/A mode. Fixed.
AV039 - It is possible to select AIM-9X or AIM-120 missiles even if none is loaded. Fixed.
AV040 - Speed variation index visible as fixed symbol when HMD is in free look mode. Fixed
AV041 - Improve readability of EFI page while in subportal mode. Fixed
AV042 - Improve color contrast of EFI ladder. Fixed
AV043 - Radio height visible even if above 5000ft - Fixed
AV044 - Misplaced TFLIR position on the F-35B - Fixed
AV045 - Change SRCH mode visualization in AZ vs range (B-scope) - Done
AV046 - One user experienced issues with TFLIR imaging (sees ownship) - Under investigation
AV047 - BARO/RAD setting added to HUD page.

MISC001 - New functionality: you can now partially add/remove fuel in the configurator, as well as repair the Aircraft.
MISC002 - Preview images need to be updated (needed only for FSX) - added new thumbnails for all variants
MISC003 - Incorrect Aircraft.cfg entry for USAF 11-5050 - Fixed
MISC004 - Add better stall warning sound - Fixed
MISC005 - Configurator graphic is incorrect (missing one slash) - Fixed
MISC006 - Maximum load configuration renamed "Beast mode"
MISC007 - Changed default load to LGB to all models.
MISC008 - VRS Tacpack multiplayer signature - Fixed, signed all aircrafts.