Friday, April 20, 2012

First images of the F-35B Pre-Alpha and of the F-35A Release Candidate

VERY PRELIMINARY image of the F-35B model - textures are WIP

...and this is the F-35A "Release Candidate" model

Despite of what I wrote in the previous post, I made some other modifications (hopefully enhancements) to the F-35A model, the most important being that I switched to a "modeled" afterburner effect. Some people may not like it, but its rendering is more consistent through different video cards and drivers - the major drawback is that it increases the virtual "size" of the visual model, so that default views are slightly farther away. I also refined some aspects of the main textures and I am quite happy with it. I've finally switched to the F-35B. Above is the very first image, texturing needs a lot of work but looks promising, and the many areas of the model need some work. But, so far, I think it does not look bad IMHO.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

F-35A - Modifications after Beta 1

I've finally found the time to complete (most of) the changes and improvements in response to the Beta 1 feedback. I will now move to the F-35B.


- Added missing details to diffuse texture
- Redone specular texture, to achieve a "smooth" look
- Tail area redesigned (should be closer to real LRIP planes)
- Auxiliary air exhaust redesigned
- Fixed "disappearing pilot" glitch
- Added main gear doors actuators
- Added radar reflectors (or, at least, what I think are radar reflectors)
- Added some minor 3D details
- Redone UVW in canopy area
- Modified pilot helmet transparency level
- Modeled A/B effect, instead of .fx based one
- Fixed light leakage from left console
- Fixed switches positions and animations
- Fixed several minor modeling issues, functionality not changed

- Reduced acceleration in various flight conditions
- Reduced effectiveness of speed brakes
- Provided alternate wheel contact points to get rid of "micro-oscillations" which happen when the plane is still (same issue as previous release)