Thursday, April 9, 2015

F-35 Project version 3.00

Here are some preview pictures of the new version of the F-35 for Prepar3D v2.5.
This new version will be an improvement of the previous freeware package.
Some of the main features will be:
- Focus on F-35B model
- Higher detail external model with better textures...
- Updated virtual cockpit, with higher definition textures and improved modeling
- Support for TFLIR, DAS, ASR modes (tbc)
- Improved fidelity of pilot interface
- Improved flight model (according to the latest publicly available information)

...project resources and technical constraints are limiting the scope of the project to the F-35B (STOVL) only. There is some chance I will include the F-35A (CTOL), too... while at the moment the -C (CATOBAR) version is ruled out (more details to follow).
My scope is to keep the project FREE, but the development costs have been relatively high so far... so I may need to ask for a small admission fee for this one.

The development platform will be PREPAR3D 2.5 - this does not mean that it will be surely totally uncompatible with FSX (except P3Dv2-specific features, of course), but rather than FSX compatibility is not a priority. If I will have the chance to easily support FSX I will, but do not count on it.

Also, this means that the work on MB.339 and Eurofighter Typhoon is "on hold". I still wish to do both, but I do not have the time to do everything and this looks by far the most promising (and less time consuming) project.