Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Internet connection restored - F-35 on short final

Finally my new home is connected to the Internet at a reasonable speed - it took almost a month, but now everything works as it should.
There are still a couple of minor tweaks that need to be propagated through the different visual models - and the manual needs to be completed / updated (I hope it will be ready today or tomorrow - as soon as the draft is ready I will provide a download link).
EDIT: "Between the tweaks, I've decided to split the folders to have different flight models: one for AA-1 (which was 4000lbs heavier and had a slightly derated engine), one for AF-1 and unarmed versions, and one for the loaded visual models. Initially I was not keen to do this as it generates several duplicated files and larger HD installation... but I think it adds significant value, as the user can appreciate the "weight watcher" effort done by Lockheed Martin engineers to bring the F-35 down to the desired weight" - I've just finished implementing this and...the file and installation size are huge - with lots of duplicate files as I thought. Final decision is to leave this feature out - and it has been cancelled. EDIT/2 - As I've received negative feedback about this decision, I've reworked the file structure so that the separate folders and flight models are back again. Total HD space required is now about 890Mb for six models (AA-1, AF-1, F-35A Dark grey, F-35A USAF, F-35A USAF with CBUs, F-35A USAF with JDAMs). Also, external weapons are visible from the VC (for track IR users).
So... the release date is still pending - as these are pretty busy weeks for my paying job...and honestly when I come back home after so many hours spent in front of a computer screen, well, another computer screen is the last thing I want to see...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

F-35 Alternate visual models

I'm still having problems with the internet connection, I am not sure when I will be able to release it...
In the meantime, a couple of pictures of the alternate "operational" visual models - paint scheme is based on promotional plastic models...
Note that they all share the same flight model.
Also, weapons will be cosmetic only - and will not have any function.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

F-35 Release date...still pending

Unfortunately the Internet connection in my new home is still far from working correctly. Connection comes and goes without any apparent logical reson - and when the modem is connected the speed can be anything from acceptable from incredibly slow. I'm a patient person, but I'm beginning to get upset (as it should have been fixed 10 days ago - and I had no feedback from the phone company)... let alone the fact that I've been unable, so far, to make a phone call from my home.

Needless to say, I will not be able to release the F-35 until the connection is fixed - my apologies.

Monday, June 7, 2010

F-35A project update and screenshots

At last I've finished moving all my stuff into my new home - which is still a mess but it is getting better every day, so I am beginning to find some time to work on the F-35. It is not yet complete, but it only needs very few hours of work.
Unfortunately I am still having major problems with the internet connection in this new house. Connection comes and goes unpredictably, and when it is there it is very slow. It should have been fixed by now, but I have not seen any improvement so far.

For the moment, the only thing I can offer are my apologies for the delay and the screenshots above...