Saturday, March 5, 2016

T-45C Goshawk version 2.81

Here is a small update to the T-45C to fix a couple of minor defects that I felt a little annoying... Probably I should not waste my time with such small issues, but if you are not a maniac on small things probably you would not venture in a crazy hobby like this...
The main change is that now, by default, the glass refection effects on HUD and gauges glasses has been removed - this is because with the new dynamic enviromental mapping of P3Dv3.1 they looked odd (they were reflecting the runway, for example)... old model is provided a backup.

- Fixed bug in visual model that caused an attempt to load a non-existent texture sheet.
- Removed dynamic glass refection effect in VC, as it looked weird with P3DV3.1 dynamic environment mapping (old models are supplied as backup)
- Added option VC model with no geaometry (only HUD) for cockpit builders, along with some information on local variables used in the code