Monday, January 28, 2013

Yet another update for the T-45C Goshawk...

It's been three (3!) weeks from my latest Goshawk update! How could I not to release another minor version of the Goshawk? Well, let's just hope this does not screw up too much like 2.31...
Changes are are follows:

- Fixed inertia effects and departures during roll of more 180°, thanks to Brandon.
  Flight model retains departure in case of abrupt full deflection forward/side movements as it should be.
- Fixed unusable fuel entry in flight model, thanks to Jorge.
- Slight changes to HUD frame modeling to enhance visibility of HUD symbology.
- Left MFD in instructor cockpit is now independent from the pilot/student cockpit.
- General optimization & cleanup of graphic rendering of the vitual cockpit.
- Added animation to most of scratchpad keys.
- Fixed zoom factor for outside view.

Hopefully they are all for the better.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Evaluating the candidates for next projects...MB339PAN, S-3 Viking and X-47C Pegasus.

While I am testing and debugging the Tomcat, I am evaluating the candidates for my next project... it is always a difficult choice and it is based on many factors: documentation, development time and costs, need in FSX community...and personal taste of course!
I am currently considering three projects:

1) MB339PAN, that is the Aerobatic vesion of the MB339, used by our beloved Frecce Tricolori. In my mind it would be essential, for this project, to be graphically efficient and with very low impact on FSX to allow large formation flights. Some preliminary work done.

2) S-3 Viking. Because I believe we desperately need an up-to-date model in FSX and because it is one of those plane whose design reflects his purpose. Development costs and time would be by far the highest of the candidates, unfortunately.

3) X-47C Pegasus. Because it may well be shape of future military aviation. This is probably the easiest to make (well...mainly because there is no virtual cockpit to be modeled!).

I am desperately looking for flight manuals of both the MB-339 and the S-3. Should anyone have them in .pdf format and be so kind to send it to me I would really appreciate it.  I would also appreciate your opinions and suggestions.

Monday, January 21, 2013

T-45C Goshawk won the Freeware Award!

The T-45C Goshawk won the Freeware Award for the best GA Freeware Aircraft!
Well, technically it is not a GA aircraft :-) , but, well, I am very happy that my work has been appreciated so much by the community and I wish to thank and its reader for this award. 
I'd also like to thank all the contibutors who provided an unvaluable help to this project, and all the people who supported it. Thank you all!

Also, I would like to congratulate Frank Dainese fo winning both the Best Freeware Scenery and Overall Best Freeware. He truly deserved both awards. Frank is a master in scenery design - and his speciality are absolutely incredible sceneries for the Italian mountains. He loves the mountains and his passion shows in his sceneries.
Frank's blog can be reached by clicking HERE (Scenari Alpini per FSX)

You may want to read the other winners HERE ( 2012 Freeware Awards)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

T-45C Goshawk updated to version 2.32

I am sorry to release an update so soon, but the latest Goshawk version (2.31) had some issue in the new flight model that needed to be addressed, specifically the stabilizers and trim authority were not strong enough to maintain the proper landing speed and attitude without huge movement of the control stick.
Aside, I was notified that the roll rate was signficantly slower than the real deal, and so I improved the roll rate too (which is now in the area of 170° - 180° /sec as per NATOPs value). Changes are as follows.

- Roll rate increased and now much closer to the NATOPs value
- Increased stabilizer and stabilizer trim authority

Latest version 2.32 can be downloaded from the side bar, while files at avsim and flightsim are being uploaded as I write.
Since the only thing that is changed is the aicraft configuration file, you may want to dowload that file only by using the link below.

DOWNLOAD aircraft configuration file only by clicking HERE

Hopefully there will not be any further change or update in the near future. Sorry for the incovenience!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's up with the Tomcat?

I guess it is time for a brief Tomcat update, since so many are asking. Well, basically an Alpha version is ready...and has been ready for some weeks now. There are just few bits missing here and there, specifically:
- The outer model is done, but there is chance to add some more eye candy...
- The RIO cockpiy is practically done, but mostly INOP. And need some minor details.
- The code for some systems and gauges is buggy and incomplete.
So it is flyable (and fun!), but I'd prefer to make some progress before releasing a public Beta. I cannot say how long it will is mainly depending on the time I will have. I believe it will require no less than 10 hours to bring it where I'd like it to be for the maybe it will be ready in a couple of weeks or so.

Here are some pictures: