Monday, July 23, 2018

USS America LHA-6 update to version 0.12 Beta

Following user feedback, here is a small update to the USS America LHA-6 project:

Version 0.12
- Added "wings" courtesy of Tim Brennan
- Repositioned landing spot markings for MV-22
- Changes to F-35 operations deck (now, only F-35s + 2 SH-60 for SAR)
- Minor improvements to night lighting
- Further changes to configuration names following feedback from users

In general, it seems that the ship does not have many issues… there are a couple of minor tweaks I'd like to introduce before the official release (e.g. waving flag, additional deck configurations, USS Tripoli) but I am not sure when I'll have the time to do them.

Anyway you can download the latest version from the sidebar or by clicking HERE.
Download links on the old post have been updated.


Subdriver said...

Could you separate out the aircraft models so that they could be placed using AICarriers.? In particular the Sea Stallion is a nice model with good looking textures.

SkippyBing said...


You may already have it covered but I developed modeldef entries to have flags react to the relative wind the ship is experiencing which I'd be happy to share if you're interested. You can see it in action on the Flying Stations Victorious