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F-35 Lightning II - BETA TEST - Bug Tracker




For this specific test, we are looking for a quick verification of the package quality and functionality.
Documentation for this aircraft is not complete yet, so a minimum knowledge of the F-35 operation (acquired either from our previous P3D version, or through videos on Youtube) is preferred.
We would also need feedback in a relatively short time, in order to quickly fix any major problem.
Therefore, these are the ideal requirements to be a tester:

- Military aviation geek/enthusiast

- Have a considerable experience with simulated fighter jets (any platfom)

- Have 3-4 hours to spend on the F-35 in the next few days

- Real world flying experience is not required, but is appreciated.

If you think you can help, and want to request access to the F-35 Beta, please send an email to with "F-35 BETA TEST" in the subject and with following information (please keep it short):

- Configuration: CPU/GPU/RAM

- Aviation experience (both real world and simulation)

- F-35 knowledge, special link to this aircraft or any reason why you think we should pick you for the test.

If you wish to request press access to the Beta, please use "F-35 PRESS PREVIEW" in the subject, with the following information:

- Link to your website

- Your estimated audience (followers/subscribers etc).



This is a medium-high complexity add-on which is meant to depict the F-35 Lightning II in all its three variants.

- A good flight model (to the extent of publicly available information and within the limits of MSFS)

- Highly detailed external and internal models, depicting the three variants of the jet

- Realistic aircraft interface depicting the flight systems. Sensors and mission systems are not simulated.

- Simple sound package 

The intended use is recreational simulation, training flights, cockpit orientation and non-combat military operations.


Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator are distributed as packages. Packages shall be placed in the "Community" folder. You will need to restart MSFS if the simulator was running when you have moved the files.


Bug shall be reported in the way listed in the approval email.

PLEASE do not rush in reporting bugs - it is not a race - take your time and verify if it is a real problem and, if you think it is, try to understand when it happens exactly.

Alternatively, an email is good too. Comments are preferred so that other users can see them.

It is not a race, so take your time. The simulation is quite complex, so it may take some time to get acquainted with the plane… I'd suggest you log at least a couple of hours before submitting any feedback.

Also, PLEASE, before posting a bug make sure it is not already in the list below.


Red - Higher priority: a severe bug that may hamper the usage of the aircraft

Yellow - Lower priority: definitely a defect, but not a high priority to solve it

Green - Problem solved, o mitigated to the level that it is acceptable.Dark Green - Problem solved or mitigated before the Beta 1 release.



Blue - Comment, nice-to-have features or suggestions


Current tester version BETA 1 - 29/11

Current internal build BETA 2 (not finished)


Unclassified problems 

Red: 0

Yellow: 24 (with carriers) 17 (without carriers)

Blue: 1

Green/solved: 227 (with carriers)  218(without carriers)

Total except blue: 251 (with carriers)  235(without carriers)

Total: 252 (with carriers)  236 (without carriers)

Percentage solved:  90% (with carriers)  92% (without carriers)



F35EXT001 - Missing weapon models for "non pacifist" version - added AIM9X, AIM-120, GBU-12 and gunpod

F35EXT002 - Consider adding special effects: wing vapor, whiskers, wing contrails, singularity vapor - done 31/10

F35EXT003 - Animate the PCD - Written off from initial release - Added PCD animation 02/12

F35EXT004 - Animate the TFLIR - Written off from initial release - Added TFLIR animation 02/12

F35EXT005 - Animate Pilot - Written off from initial release - Added pilot head animation 02/12

F35EXT006 - GBU-12 sensor color must be changed

F35EXT007 - Add GBU-31 model - Added 27/10

F35EXT008 - Add alternate GBU-12 color scheme

F35EXT009 - Add alternate USN / USAF ordnance colors - Created color schemes for USAF, USN and inhert.

F35EXT010 - Gunpod and pylons: create Substance materials - completed 31/10

F35EXT011 - Better color match for liveries decal (light grey) - completed for A, to do for B and C

F35EXT012 - Incorrect nose wheel steering animation on all models - Fixed 08/11

F35EXT013 - Check wheels animation / checked 06/12, minor glitches due to TAA

F35EXT014 - Check steering animation / checked 02/12

F35EXT015 - Check heat blur effect (always on) - Incorrect blur code - Fixed 30/11

F35EXT016 - Check timing of gear extension/retraction - Redone landing gear animation - FIXED 02/12

F35EXT017 - Request to have the HMD knob to move the HMD visor - Added animation 02/12

F35EXT018 - Incorrect nozzle animation - FIXED 06/12

F35EXT019 - Incorrect NLG compression on A and B models - FIXED 06/12

F35EXT020 - Incorrect MLG compression on all models

F35EXT021 - New tire model for A and B modesl - FIXED 06/12


F35AEXT01 - Missing South Korean repaint (to complete all nations currently flying the aircraft) - COMPLETED 23/10

F35AEXT02 - Auxiliary air intake missing polygon cap - Fixed 27/10

F35AEXT03 - Incorrect bump mapping on gear doors - FIXED 28/11

F35AEXT04 - Emergency tailhook animation was missing - FIXED 28/11


F35BEXT01 - Incorrect roundel size of Italian Navy livery - Fixes 03/11 - Size was correct for 4-01 initial livery

F35BEXT02 - VM-11 livery not complete - Fixed 22/10

F35BEXT03 - Request to update RAF ZM151 livery (missing Union Jack and tail numbers) - added 01/12

F35BEXT04 - Poor smoothing in the area nearby the tailerons - Done 31/11

F35BEXT05 - Request to add further animations to the nozzle

F35BETX06 - Remove duplicate geometry in RCS nozzle - Done 03/12

F35BEXT07 - Incorrect coloring of radar radome - Done 03/12


F35CEXT01 - Incomplete texturing (crew access ladder, weapon doors, refuel door, tailhook) - Completed 14/10

F35CEXT02 - Incorrect light position - Fixed 14/10

F35CEXT03 - AoA Indexer not working - Fixed 14/11

F35CEXT04 - Weapon models missing - Fixed 28/10

F35CEXT05 - Folding Wings Animation missing - Fixed 28/10

F35CEXT06 - Missing Vapor Effects - Done 31/10

F35CEXT07 - Missing Spoiler animation - Fixed 14/11

F35CEXT08 - Rudder animation missing - Done 10/11

F35CEXT09 - Nose gear wheels animation missing

F35CEXT10 - Nose gear steering animation missing

F35CEXT11 - Crew Access ladder animation missing

F35CEXT12 - Incorrect color of radar radome - Painted light grey

F35CEXT13 - Crew Access Ladder will not retract - Animation argument called for separate Crew Acces Ladder control - FIXED 29/11

F35CEXT14 - Incorrect texturing of crew access ladder inner features fixed 02/12

F35CEXT15 - Wings "wiggle" a little when folded - Fixed, redone animation. Root cause probably is a clash with A: variables. 29/11

F35CEXT16 - Request to have tail planes to follow launch bar status - Fixed 05/12


F35VC001 - Missing night lighting (flood, backlighting) - FIXED 27/10

F35VC002 - Ejection seat arm control not working - FIXED: 13/10 Working, however no ICAWS....

F35VC003 - COMA/COMB/COMC knobs change standby frequencies instead of active frequency - FIXED 13/10

F35VC004 - Auto Recovery Switch not working - Fixed 28/10

F35VC005 - Emergency Gear extension control not working - Fixed 13/10

F35VC007 - Jettison knob and button not working - Fixed 13/10

F35VC008 - Some controls of the HMD/PCD are not clickable - Added BRT controls. 02/12

F35VC009 - Aircraft zeroize knob not working  - Fixed 28/10

F35VC010 - Mild Detonating Cord handle - wrong material - Fixed 23/10

F35VC011 - Leg restaint cord color too light - Fixed 23/10

F35VC012 - Incorrect color of ejection seat handles - Fixed 23/10

F35VC013 - Canopy frame - FULL RETEXTURE  - Complete - waiting for B cockpit

F35VC014 - Cockpit well - add chamfer, full retexture - Complete - waiting for B cockpit

F35VC015 - Ejection seat - add chamfer, full retexture - Fixed 23/10

F35VC016 - Limit extension of icing effect - Fixed 29/10

F35VC017 - Incorrect AO on canopy opening handle - Fixed 26/10

F35VC018 - Minor texturing UVW Error on VS Button - Fixed 26/10

F35VC019 - Make ALIGN button clickable  - Fixed 07/11

F35VC020 - Make BRT button clickable - Fixes 07/11

F35VC021 - Make Kholsmann Knob clickable - Fixed 27/10

F35VC022 - MDC stripe texture missing - Fixed 27/10

F35VC023 - Ejection seat decals missing - Fixed 27/10

F35VC024 - Canopy opening levers decals missing - Fixed 27/10

F35VC025 - VR collision mesh missing - Fixed 08/11

F35VC026 - Gear handle glass incorrect material - Fixed 07/11

F35VC027 - Gear handle light missing - Fixed 07/11

F35VC028 - Missing "-B" specific canopy - Added 28/11

F35VC029 - Missing "-C" virtual cockpit model - Added 28/11

F35VC030 - Safety pins missing - Added 28/11

F35VC031 - Ejection seat safety pin spawns in an incorrect position - Fixed code 29/11

F35VC032 - Missing glass effects from A  model - Fixed model 29/11

F35VC033 - Check glass texturing (B model) - weird reflections - FIXED 29/11 - model was linked to a wrong texture sheet

F35VC034 - Weather Occlusion surfaces missing - FIXED 29/11 - Weather occlusion polys were missing from the Beta 1 build.

F35VC035 - Implement DEFOG handle (associate to windshield defrost) - Implemented 30/11

F35VC036 - Texturing of seat belts can be improved - FIXED 30/11

F35VC037 - Incorrect extension of -C model refuel probe - FIXED 30/11

F35VC038 - Implement BOS and Oxy Test Switches - FIXED 30/11

F35VC039 - Improper shadowing of FCS panel - FIXED 02/12

F35VC040 - Glitch in AO mapping for main panel (-B model only) - Fixed 05/12

F35VC041 - Glitch in AO mapping for MDC (-B model only) - Fixed 05/12

F35VC042 - Add HOTAS Mouse Areas - Added for future use 09/12

F35VC043 - Incorrect geometry of Lift Fan door visible in VC - Fixed 10/12

F35VC044 - Poor shadowing of ejection seat headrest - Fixed 12/12



CONTROL BAR -> Missing SWAPPED controls - Fixed 23/10


AP -> Currently follows FSX conventions and nomenclature of AP modes... maybe it is better to reprogram it to follow F-35 navigation modes


CHKLST -> Check text alignment


DTM -> Missing functionalities

EFI -> Missing functionalities

FCS -> Missing graphics


HUD -> Missing graphics - FIXED

ICAWS -> Consider adding new alerts - FIXED

PHM -> Missing functionalities




TSD -> OK but only TSD1 available -> Added TSD2 and TSD3


WPNA -> INOP but missing graphics -> fixed missing graphics

WPNS -> INOP but missing graphics -> fixed missing graphics


F35PCD001 - EFI Mode relocate compass information according to latest real world images - DONE 13/10

F35PCD002 - EFI Mode FD bars missing

F35PCD003 - EFI Mode missing Velocity Vector - Fixed 02/11

F35PCD004 - FCS Mode Missing STOVL fan symbology - Fixed 27/10

F35PCD005 - EFI Mode consider adding virtual keypad to enter HDG and CRS pages

F35PCD006 - PHM Mode does not report systems currently offline / not simulated (nice to add)

F35PCD007 - EFI Mouse Areas missing on Portal 2, 3 and 4

F35PCD008 - SMS Master Arm status not reported - Fixed 15/10

F35PCD009 - HUD MODE MISSING VV - Fixed 01/11





F35PCD014 - SWITCH FF WITH N1 ON TOP BAR - Fixed 26/10






F35PCD020 - AUTO RECOVERY alert missing  - Fixed 01/11

F35PCD021 - HUD Mode missing CMD cues - Fixed 01/11

F35PCD022 - Incomplete Fuel Dump  Symbology - Fixed 01/11

F35PCD023 - Autopilot controls not working in swapped mode - Fixed 01/11

F35PCS024 - LITES panel not reporting panel lights - Fixed 01/11

F35PCD025 - JOKER AND BINGO fuel can now be entered through a keypad 10/11

F35PCD026 - Improvement in data entry interface (now flashes when input is required) - Fixed 10/11

F35PCD027 - ENG page showing excessively high thrust readings - Fixed 12/11


F35PCD029 - MENU option: EAS/IAS - Added 14/11

F35PCD030 - MENU option: ZULU/LOCAL - Added 14/11

F35PCD031 - MENU option T/O and LAND

F35PCD032 - CONFIG: start with MENU - Fixed 13/11

F35PCD033 - ADD TSD2 and TSD3 - Fixed 13/11

F35PCD034 - Rework range distances on TSD - Fixed 13/11

F35PCD035 - BARO MBAR INHG - Fixed 14/11

F35PCD036 - DIGITAL BARO SETTING - Fixed 14/11

F35PCD037 - When reverting from full screen mode, some subportals turn black - added code to prevent this 28/11

F35PCD038 - ENG page in full screen mode has no mouse interaction - added missing code 28/11

F35PCD039 - FUEL  page in full screen mode has no mouse interaction

F35PCD040 - FCS page in full screen mode has no mouse interaction - Added missing code 28/11

F35PCD041 - TSD1-2-3 pages in full screen mode have no mouse interaction - added missing code 28/11

F35PCD041 - FUEL PAGE full screen not working - Added missing code 28/11

F35PCD042 - SPD and VSI in AP page have an incorrect caption - Fixed 29/11

F35PCD043 - Left Side mouse area for MENU and LIGHTS missing - Fixed 29/11

F35PCD044 - Inhibit metric readings in AP window - Fixed 30/11

F35PCD045 - Implement full screen EFI mode - Added 01/12 - Fixed 02/12

F35PCD045 - Full screen EFI mode has missing Mouse Areas

F35PCD046 - Check functionality of full screen Mouse Areas

F35PCD047 - EFI full screen mode - incorrect char brightness - Fixed 04/12

F35PCD048 - Transparency glitch in FCS page during STOVL- Fixed 04/02

F35PCD049 - DIM page incorrectly labele DTM - Fixed 06/02

F35PCD050 - THROTTLE dial should have been NOZZLE dial in ENG page - Fixed 06/02

F35PCD051 - EFI PAGE is missing max G Force - Fixed 06 / 02

F35PCD051 - HUD PAGE is missing max G Force - Fixed 06 / 02

F35PCD052 - FUEL color code slightly incorrect and not harmonized across indications - Fixed 06 / 02

F35PCD053 - ADDED CAB altitude, GCAS and ALOW indication to PCD Control Bar

F35PCD054 - Revise autopilot page - DONE 08/12 - Now much closer to the layout of early prototypes, however still somewhat different from current layout

F35PCD055 - Engine thrust indication now reported with respect to military power (28000 lbs) - DONE 09/12

F35PCD056 - Revised logic for the control bar engine warning - DONE 08/12

F35PCD057 - Control bar now reports radio channel ident - DONE 09/12

F35PCD058 - Complete redesign of CNI interface through the control bar. CNI page rendered INOP - DONE 09/12

F35PCD059 - Fixed minor glitch in FUE page (magenta area border incorrect) - DONE 09/12

F35PCD060 - Changed BARO setting page - DONE 09/12

F35PCD061 - Fixed bug preventing HUD page to show correctly in maximized mode when A/P is invoked 10/12

F35PCD062 - Fixed bug in position of the AOA bracket in HUD page - DONE 10/12

F35PCD063 - Added dial graphics in HUD page - DONE 10/12

F35PCD064 - Major rewrite of EFIS page, now closer to the real deal and showing all navaids. NAV SOURCE is now selected with the CNTRL command (upper row) - DONE 10/12


F35AV001 - BFI minor issue in alignment of BARO setting - FIXED 13/10

F35AV002 - BFI try to replace it with default BFI - Replaced with default BFI, closer to the real deal BTW. FIXED 30/10

F35AV003 - HUD not reporting AOA - FIXED 13/10

F35AV004 - HUD missing nozzle symbology - FIXED 05/12

F35AV005 - HUD missing DECEL symbology - FIXED 05/12

F35AV006 - ICAWS - ground proximity warning should be disabled in STOVL mode - Fixed 10/11

F35AV007 - ICAWS - ground proximity warning does not activate warning sound or PULL UP cues - Fixed 04/11

F35AV008 - ICAWS - STALL warning not harmonized across displays, no sound playing - Fixed 04/11

F35AV009 - HUD - Master Arm Status not reported

F35AV010 - HUD - Radalt missing - Fixed 01/11

F35AV011 - HUD - Rework data display - Fixed 01/11

F35AV012 - HUD - Missing CMD - Fixed 01/11

F35AV013 - HUD - Missing ILS Bars  - Fixes 02/11

F35AV014 - ICAWS - Incomplete symbology - Added missing ICAWS advisories 01/12

F35AV015 - ICAWS - JOKER status not reported - Fixed 10/11

F35AV016 - ICAWS - PULL UP! Not working - Fixed 10/11

F35AV017 - Request to roll back to AoA readings in degrees and not in units - Fixed 12/11

F35AV018 - HUD symbology does not have the correct aspect ratio - Fixed 28/11

F35AV019 - HUD missing energy caret - Fixed 04/12

F35AV020 - HUD upper edge has cut symbology when in "upper view mode"

F35AV021 - HUD difficult to read in full daylight - Fixed 01/12

F35AV022 - Request to implement multiple HUD brightenss values

F35AV023 - Request to implement multiple PCD brightness values

F35AV024 - HUD waterline symbol too big - FIXED 06/12

F35AV025 - HUD Max G-Force value missing - FIXED 06/12

F35AV026 - ALPHA symbol too big - Slightly reduced 06/12

F35AV027 - Incorrect HUD visualization after SU7 Update Preview - Fixed 06/12

F35AV028 - PCD sequence is right side first, left side second - Fixed 06/12

F35AV029 - Fixed minor glitch in additional ICAWS warnings - Fixed 06/12

F35AV030 - Implement dial graphics for HUD when gear is down - Added 10/12

F35AV031 - Reworked navigation captions on HUD - Done 12/12


F35SYS001 - Brake applications remaining indicator sometimes deplete with no reason - Reduced depletion rate - 02/10

F35SYS002 - Starter system not working as intended - Reverted to normal starting system (no custom code) - Fixed 28/10

F35SYS003 - Taxi light should not work if gear is up - Fixed 27/10

F35SYS004 - Switch to wing fold A: variable (as opposed to L:)

F35SYS005 - Switch to canopy A: variable (as opposed to L:)

F35SYS006 - Switch to tailhook A: variable (as opposed to L:)

F35SYS007 - Fuel dump rate too fast - Reduced to 1/4 of the previous value 03/12

F35SYS008 - Low fuel warning considered too low - Raised to 1125 lbs 03/12 - Corrected to 1000lbs which seems to be the correct value for the F-35

F35SYS009 - Hyd PSI should be 4000 (not 3000) - FIXED 05/12

F35SYS010 - Autopilot does not automatically digest altitude hold changes  - FIXED 05/12

F35SYS011 - Landing light location slightly incorrect (all models) - FIXED 05/12


F35FM001 - Potential general handling improvements - Fixed 26/10

F35FM002 - Fuel consumption incorrect (way too low) - Fixed 02/11

F35FM003 - Change autopilot functionality changed to match typical fighter jet functionality - Fixed 02/11, although it still retains FSX nomenclature

F35FM004 - Increase autopilot responsiveness - Fixed 02/11 (but still a bit slow maybe?)

F35FM005 - Problems with the starter system, requires autostart - FIXED 29/11 - ENGINE CONFIGURATION WAS INCORRECT

F35FM006 - MOTOR (igntion switch) not working - FIXED 29/11 - ENGINE CONFIGURATION WAS INCORRECT

F35FM007 - Coversion to STOVL mode happens too fast (nozzle rotation)

F35FM008 - Aircraft braking at maximum weight generates wobbling - SEEMS FIXED WITH THE NEW ENGINE DYNAMICS.. 09/12

F35FM009 - Wobbling at MTOW

F35FM010 - Lift off speed at MTOW is too high

F35FM011 - Landing gear retaction sequence and time needs to be reworked - changed timing in flight model 01/12

F35FM012 - Landing gear strut compression is lower than in real life - FIXE 07/12

F35FM013 - Aircraft perceived as nose heavy below 250-300 kts

F35FM014 - Remove Autotrim feature (perceived negatively by users) DONE 03/12

F35FM015 - Improved accuracy STOVL / HOVER threshold DONE 07/12

F35FM016 - Improved accuracy of -C model contact points DONE 07/12


F35OT001 - Flight manual is missing

F35OT002 - Avionics cooling sound is a little annoying... can it be changed? - Replaced avionics sample 05/12

F35OT003 - Thumbnail images missing > Could be better adding squadron insignias, or resizing the thumbnails

F35OT004 - Marketing / Microsoft Marketplace information missing

F35OT005 - Wing vapor should not work if aircraft is on the ground -> Fixed 27/10

F35OT006 - In-game checklists missing -> added 28/11

F35OT007 - Camera configuration -> Done 27/10

F35OT008 - "clicking sound" due to autotrim -> Removed 04/11

F35OT009 - Wishers should not show during STOVL -> Done 28/10

F35OT010 - Formation lights should be OFF when the airplane starts - Fixed 13/11

F35OT011 - Wing lights should not work if wings are folder on C model - Fixed 13/11

F35OT012 - RPM display on 2D HUD not working -> Fixed

F35OT013 - Afterburner sound not in sync with new afterburner - Created separate AB events - 05/12

F35OT014 - Incorrect line in Checklists (should be CABIN PRESS NORM) 

F35OT015 - Incorrect line in Checklists (should be RIGHT HALF POWER UP) 

F35OT016 - Request to improve sound package (external views)

F35OT017 - Inhibit automatic landing gear retraction - REMOVED from AUTO STOL code 30/11

F35OT018 - MSFS cannot display correct character on danish aircraft name - Fixed 02/12 NOTE! PROBLEM IS GENERATED BY THE AIRCRAFT EDITOR!

F35OT019 - Request to change naming convention to all models (currently aircraft no, unit, service - request to change it to service, unit, aircraft no.) - WRITTEN OFF, general feedback with the current naming convention seems fine for most users.

F35OT020 - Minor bleeding of wing vapor visual effect through the wing.

F35OT021 - Redo wing contrail effects -> DONE 01/12

F35OT022 - Replace MFD with PCD on PCD checklists F35OT023 - Unclear is 70% is intended as RPM or throttle in MSFS checklists

F35OT023 - Request to add a delay before CAT launch - Added 100 XML cycles delay. 03/12

F35OT024 - Request to add "holdback" functionality to cat launch - If launch engagement condistion are met aircraft is halted until delay of F35OT23 expires. DONE 07/12

F35OT025 - Make launch speed weight dependent

USS America / USS Tripoli:

LHA001 - Missing night lighting -> Done 31/10

LHA002 - Missing LHA7 location -> LHA7 is placed nearby San Diego, LHA6 is in the China Sea

LHA003 - LHA6 is now too far away from NAS Iwakuni, consider relocating - Moved ship much closer to Sasebo Naval Base, Japan.

LHA004 - Add animation to deck crew - Added 10/12

LHA005 - Add static F-35 and SH-60 models - Added 04/12

LHA006 - multiple glitches with animated crew: floating blue jersey (center), no red jerseys, floating head (end of the deck), abandoned figure off the deck... - Done 10/12

LHA007 - Adjust helo positions - Added 10/12

LHA008 - Consider helo loiter animation

USS Gerald Ford

CVN001 - Some 3d details are missing (arrestor cables and other stuff)

CVN002 - Consider adding T-45 CQUAL 

CVN003 - Consider adding CVN-79 variant

CVN004 - Request to move objects around on F-35 configuration.

CVN005 - Add animation to deck crew 

CVN006 - Add LSO Station


CVN008 - Glitches with animated crew: floating blue jersey, no red jerseys

Saturday, June 5, 2021

SU-31 For Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta Test



In general, Beta test is open to testers of all different skill levels and expertise - however, due to the nature of this particular aircraft, we are particularly interested in feedback coming from experts or pilots of the SU-26/29/31 family.

In order to apply for the Beta Test, please drop an email to with the following information:

- System specification (no need of details or long explainations: just specify your CPU, Clock speed, RAM, GPU and dedicated video RAM)

- Real world flight experience (if any) - please keep it short!

- Simulation experience - please keep it short!

- Any special tie to the SU-31 or similar aircrafts or any reason why you really want to test this plane

Important! Subject of the email must be "SU-31 MSFS Beta Test Application".

Please do not apply unless you have 2-3 hours to dedicate to test this aircraft!

Testing this aircraft is NOT a paid position in any way...if you do it, you do it only for the fun of it!

...and, due to the large number of applications we typically receive, we cannot grant a reply to everybody. If you do not receive a reply in a week or so, please assume you have not been admitted to the Beta - apologies in advance! 


This is a medium-low complexity add-on which is meant to depict the Sukhoi Su-31 aerobatic plane in an accessible way. The key points of the package are as follows:

- An accessible flight model on par or better than the default aerobatic models

- Highly detailed external and internal model

- Flight model and systems simulation is based on default MSFS functionalities (no external code). Within the limits of MSFS, we'd like to try and replicate the peculiar features of this aircraft and differentiate it from the stock planes.

- Simple sound package 

The intended usage is free flight and basic aerobatics.


Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator are distributed as packages. Packages shall be placed in the "Community" folder. You will need to restart MSFS if the simulator was running when you have moved the files.


The preferred way to report bugs is to add a comment to this post, specifying what is the experienced malfunction and when it happens. Pics are welcome.

PLEASE do not rush in reporting bugs - it is not a race - take your time and verify if it is a real problem and, if you think it is, try to understand when it happens exactly.

Alternatively, an email is good too. Comments are preferred so that other users can see them.

It is not a race, so take your time. The simulation is quite complex, so it may take some time to get acquainted with the plane… I'd suggest you log at least a couple of hours before submitting any feedback.

Also, PLEASE, before posting a bug make sure it is not already in the list below.


Red - Higher priority: a severe bug that may hamper the usage of the aircraft

Yellow - Lower priority: definitely a defect, but not a high priority to solve it

Green - Problem solved, o mitigated to the level that it is acceptable.Dark Green - Problem solved or mitigated before the Beta 1 release.

Blue - Comment, nice-to-have features or suggestions


Current tester version NOT AVAILABLE

Current internal build ALPHA BUILD

Current metrics:

Red items: 1

Yellow items: 17

Green items: 40

Blue items: 0  


Progress toward release 66% :-(

Last changed by Dino on 07/07/2021


SU31EXT001 - Blurred prop texture do not match the prop color
SU31EXT002 - Misplaced Handle in 3D model - FIXED 07/06

SU31EXT003 - External model details cleanup needed - DONE 23/06
SU31EXT004 - Texture seams mismatch in multiple areas
SU31EXT005 - Missing tailwheeĆ² steer animation - FIXED 07/07 BETA 2
SU31EXT006 - Engine gills not painted
SU31EXT007 - Tail actuation wire not animated - FIXED 07/07 BETA 2
SU31EXT008 - Various openings in the engine section - FIXED 08/07 BETA 2
SU31EXT009 - Fuselage normal map considered excessive - REDUCED NORMAL MAP EFFECTS BY 80% - BETA 2


SU31VC001 - Missing LIGHT TEST caption - FIXED 24/06
SU31VC002 - Warning lights not working - FIXED 26/06
SU31VC003 - Drag mouse areas not implemented - FIXED 25/06
SU31VC004 - 3-point engine instruments missing colored bands - FIXED 07/06
SU31VC005 - 3-point engine instruments reading to be calibrated 
- FIXED 07/06
SU31VC006 - Starter not animated and inop - FIXED 05/07
SU31VC007 - Fuel shutoff not animated and inop - FIXED 24/06
SU31VC008 - Magnetos and keys not animated and inop, also incorrect key caption and AO.
SU31VC009 - Cylinder Temperature dial not working - FIXED 24/06
SU31VC010 - Chronograph not working - FIXED 25/06
SU31VC011 - Flight Time clock not working - FIXED 25/06
SU31VC012 - Wing Tank dial not working 
- FIXED 07/06
SU31VC013 - AMP/Voltmeter geometry incorrect, and instument not working - FIXED 07/06
SU31VC014 - Tachometer should indicate prop RPM instead of engine PRM - FIXED 25/06

SU31VC015 - Replace Glass material in VC - FIXED 25/06

SU31VC016 - Check rain effect in VC - CHECKED OK 26/06

SU31VC017 - Gmeter reset function missing - FIXED 25/06

SU31VC018 - Pitot Switch not working - FIXED 25/06

SU31VC019 - Tailwheel Lock INOP - FIXED 26/06

SU31VC020 - Trim lever not working anymore? - FIXED 25/06

SU31VC021 - Add canopy icing effect
SU31VC022 - Increase readability of altimeter and fuel quantity needles - FIXED 25/06

SU31VC023 - Cap spinner holes - FIXED 26/06 
SU31VC024 - Fix normal map of some dials
SU31VC025 - Missing Environment Occluder model - ADDED 26/06
SU31VC026 - Missing VR Collision Mesh - ADDED 26/06
SU31VC027 - Fuel Selector L/R Mouse Area not working  - FIXED 25/07

SU31VC028 - Altimeter "thousand" needle missing - FIXED 06/07 (Beta 2)
SU31VC030 - Engine Primer lever not labelled and not working - FIXED 07/07 (Beta 2)
SU31VC031 - Request to have easier radio tuning
SU31VC032 - Throttle and Pitch lever are reversed - FIXED 07/07 (Beta 2)
SU31VC033 - Voltmeter needle not working
SU31VC034 - Tailwheel help text missing - FIXED 07/07 (Beta 2)
SU31VC035 - Screws on top of VC misplaced if user moves out of the cockpit.


SU31FM001 - Maximum speed not matched - FIXED 25/07
SU31FM002 - Contact points to be revised - FIXED 25/06
SU31FM003 - Parking brake implemented but no control in the cockpit - NOTE: the real aircraft does not have a parking brake. The function is enabled in the Beta as it is intended to emulate the wheelchocks, which, in turn, are not present in the Beta model.
SU31FM004 - COG out of limits (need to rework data)
SU31FM005 - Ground steering too sensitive? Seems OK for other users...TBC
SU31FM006 - Control surface  - FIXED 07/07 BETA 2
SU31FM007 - Incorrect load limits 
 - FIXED 07/07 BETA 2

SU31FM008 - Incorrect fuel tank configuration and quantity - FIXED quantity, configuration left to L / R to match with selector. BETA 2


SU31OT001 - Check List is missing - added basic checklist - FIXED 24/06
SU31OT002 - Flight Manual is missing
SU31OT003 - Sound package is missing
SU31OT004 - Missing Previews - All previews created - FIXED 07/06
SU31OT005 - Build marketplace data
SU31OT006 - Need to replace view GUIDs to avoid potential issues
SU31OT007 - "HUD" color range mismatch
SU31OT008 - Request to fix aircraft tail numbers - FIXED 07/07 BETA 2

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Manual installation of our Microsoft Flight Simulator aircrafts - STEP BY STEP guide


While we tried to provide clear and comprehensive instructions to install our aicrafts in Microsoft Flight Simulator, it seems that some customers are having some difficulties during the installation phase.
Depending on where you have purchased our aircrafts, the installation method will vary depending on the distributor.

While the number of users having installation problems is VERY small, we feel we failed to communicate the installation procedure effectively and we think we owe an apology to those customers, along with a better explaination on how to install our product.

First thing, this guide does apply ONLY if your download is provided without an installer.

If you have purchased our Flight Simulator planes from the in-game store ("Microsoft Marketplace" or simply "Marketplace") 

If you have purchased our products from ORBX, through Orbx Central, download and updates are managed automatically by the Orbx Central app.

This guide is intended for users that have purchased our planes from other distributors (such as SimMarket or FlightSim Store) in case the product is supplied without an installer.

Why no installer? 

First, we hear some customer saying "Why didn't you provide an installer with your products? It is not acceptable!"
Of course an automated installer would be easier to use, but we have preferred not to supply one as we felt this gave more control to the user. Also, we after a quick survey, it looked like most of our customers preferred to have a manual installation.


The manual installation procedure should not be that hard, basically it is made of two steps:

1) Locate the Community Folder

2) Unizip, Drag and Drop the package into the Community Folder

Let's go step by step through the procedure.


Unlike Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator adopts a Virtual File System... that is multiple folders in different locations are "merged" virtually in the Flight Simulator File System.
You are supposed to put your downloaded add-ons in the COMMUNITY folder.

Note that, depending on your installation preferences and MSFS version, there MAY BE MULTIPLE COMMUNITY FOLDERS. However ONLY ONE is the "good" one and the one being watched by the file system.

To be 100% sure you are looking at the "real" Community folder, you can use the following procedure

1A) LAUNCH FLIGHT SIMULATOR - Here is the typical starting screen

1B) ACTIVATE THE DEVELOPER MODE - To activate the developer mode, go to OPTIONS -> GENERAL, then select DEVELOPERS -> DEVELOPERS MODE ON

1C) SELECT VIRTUAL FILE SYSTEM in the DEVELOPER MENU - After activating the Developer Mode, hovering the mouse on the top part of the screen will make the Developer Menu appear.

1D) LOOK AT THE WATCHED BASES - Select the Watched base option and you will get the list of the locations that Flight Simulator uses to work. In particular, in our case, we see that the Community folder is located in M:\MSFS\Community



1E) You may now want to EXIT the DEVELOPER MODE

1F) CLOSE FLIGHT SIMULATOR - You must CLOSE Flight Simulator now. Before closing, let's have a look at the Hangar. In our case we have 30 aircrafts (Premium Deluxe Edition)


Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-ons are distributed in PACKAGES, that is folders that contain everything the add-ons need. These must not be altered for the package to work. We just need to copy paste the package folder in the Community folder. We'll use the MB-339 as an example.

2A) First we locate the .zip file downloaded from our vendor. We took the latest version of the MB-339 as an example. The .zip file in this case is called

2B) Double click on the .zip file to check its contents. We see it contains one folder named indiafoxtecho-mb339  

2C) We now simply COPY the folder, either by right-clicking and selecting COPY or by pressing Control+C

2D) Then we paste it into the COMMUNITY folder located previously. Here you see the MB-339 along with other add-ons we had in our folder

2E) Restart Microsoft Flight Simulator again... and check the hangar. Now we have 32 aircrafts, as the MB-339 package includes two variants.


Not much in our experience. Most of the cases of failed manual installations were one of the following:

1) User did not properly locate the Community folder, or located a wrong (inactive) Community folder or created a new Community Folder unliked to MSFS

2) Users put the .zip file into the Community folder. This is incorrect - you should copy and paste THE CONTENT of the .zip file, not the zip file itself.

3) Users copy-pasted the SimObjects folder (or other parts of the package) - this was the right thing to do in FSX and P3D, but it is NOT CORRECT in MSFS. You must copy paste the package as a whole.

4) FILE NAMES TOO LONG. This is a special case...and a bug of MSFS. It may well be that you Community folder location is nested so deeply that the file names of the add-ons may be too long and generate errors. You can solve this in two ways:

- rename the package folder (e.g. "indiafoxtecho-mb339" package folder can be renamed to "mb-339" or just "339"

- replace the package with a symbolic link. That is you put the package somewhere else and create a link to it...and then put the link in the Community folder.


This YOUTUBE video will go into more details on how to install add-ons to MSFS:


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

T-45C Goshawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator - version 1.00


The T-45C Goshawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for purchase! The package is available here:

MilViz Store: IndiaFoxtEcho - MilViz T45C Goshawk for MSFS2020

Orbx (through Orbx Direct): T-45 Goshawk - Orbx (

SimMarket: simMarket: INDIAFOXTECHO - T-45C GOSHAWK - MSFS

...and should be available soon on the Microsoft in-game marketplace.


- none at the moment -


T45CPR001 - one flood light pokes through the fuselage at night on the starboard side of the aicraft. Already fixed in version 1.01 for Microsoft.
T45CPR002 - check functionality of ILS CDI/GS bars in the ADI page
T45CPR003 - nav light bug introduced by SimUpdate III - effects switch off while switching external/internal build (already solved in v1.01 for Microsoft)
T45CPR004 -  if not retracted manually, launch bar may protrude out of the fusalage.
T45CPR005 - weather occlusion does not seem to work... may be was disabled in the final build?
T45CPR006 - formation light switch INOP
T45CPR007 - several users complained about the in-game external sounds
T45CPR008 - poor performance on some systems, idea is to provide a "lite" version

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

T-45C Goshawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Beta Test



Additional Beta testing applications will not be accepted for this project due to the extremely high number of requests received.


This is a medium complexity add-on which is meant to depict the Boeing T-45C in a detailed but accessible way. The key points of the package are as follows:
- Medium-high fidelity of the avionics and pilot interface.
- Highly detailed external and internal model
- Flight model and systems simulation is based on default MSFS functionalities (no external code)
- Simple sound package

The plane is intended for intermediate military jet training and fun cloud surfing.


As in real life, VOR in HSI mode is only displayed in CDI mode. If PLAN is selected, VOR will not be displayed.

TACAN is simulated through the "pseudo Tacan" method (that is the channel is converted into the equivalent NAV 2 VOR frequency and used in conjuction with DME). Only X mode A/S is supported.

In the real plane, you must first start the Gas Turbine Starter to start the engine. In the sim, GTS is simulated via APU functionality and can be binded to its controls. However, engine can be started without starting the GTS first (to make life easier for beginners)

Unlike in the real world, only the current WP is shown - no point to point flight plan is shown. Also, at least in the beta, the WP index is not shown in the map (just the symbol)

Unike in the real world, LAW and BINGO warnings cannot be rejected - they will turn off automatically

Unlike in the real world, NWS is activated automatically 

More than 50lbs in the centerline station will make the baggage pod appear, more than 100lbs on the underwing pylons will make the training bomb racka appear... but no bombs (sorry) as they are not allowed in the Microsoft marketplace.


Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator are distributed as packages. Packages shall be placed in the "Community" folder. You will need to restart MSFS if the simulator was running when you have moved the files.

NOTE: due to the way the HUD is made, it is currently not collimated. Also, it is subject to tearing due to TAA. Please deactivate TAA for this aircraft.


The preferred way to report bugs is to add a comment to this post, specifying what is the experienced malfunction and when it happens. Pics are welcome.
PLEASE do not rush in reporting bugs - it is not a race - take your time and verify if it is a real problem and, if you think it is, try to understand when it happens exactly.
Alternatively, an email is good to. Comments are preferred so that other users can see them.
It is not a race, so take your time. The simulation is quite complex, so it may take some time to get acquainted with the plane… I'd suggest you log at least a couple of hours before submitting any feedback.
Also, PLEASE, before posting a bug make sure it is not already in the list below.


Red - Higher priority: a severe bug that may hamper the usage of the aircraft
Yellow - Lower priority: definitely a defect, but not a high priority to solve it
Green - Problem solved, o mitigated to the level that it is acceptable.
Dark Green - Problem solved or mitigated before the Beta 1 release.

Blue - Comment, nice-to-have features or suggestions


Current tester version BETA 1
Current internal build BETA 1.X WIP

Current metrics:

Red items: 0
Yellow items: 15
Green items: 175
Blue items: 8
TOTAL CRs: 190
Quality control progress toward release 92% :-)
Minimum quality goal 90% with no red items


T45EXT001 - Make pilot figures disappear with specific conditions - pilots now disappear if battery switch and generator switch are off, or if there is less than 80 lbs in the relevant station - DONE 02/02
T45EXT002 - Formation lights missing - DONE 03/02

T45EXT003 - Crew access steps do not extend with lever - FIXED 14/02
T45EXT004 - Add selectable wing pods - baggage pod now appears if station load is above 50 lbs
T45EXT005 - Add selectable training bomb racks - racks now appear if station load is above 100 lbs

T45EXT006 - Missing icing effects on external surfaces
T45EXT007 - Check size of NAVY and MARINES markings on all repaints - DONE 01/02
T45EXT008 - Check Modex and BuNo on all repaints - DONE 01/02

T45EXT009 - AOA indexer external lights INOP - DONE 19/02
T45EXT010 - Gear doors will relax if no hyd pressure, would be nice to add it - ADDED 11/02
T45EXT011 - "Remove Before Flight" streamers - nice to have - ADDED 14/02
T45EXT012 - Evaluate addition of LODs for multiplayer
T45EXT013 - Rudder deflection deemed too small by one tester - Increased by 10 degrees per side, also increased aileron movement.
T45EXT014 - Underside strobe light illuminating cockpit interior
T45EXT015 - Check control of crew access ladder - Confirmed to work correctly 16/02
T45EXT016 - Request to switch helmets to HGU-55 - Replaced models 16/02
T45EXT017 - Request to change mask to MBU-12 - Replaced models 16/02
T45EXT018 - Need to change color of new HGU-55 helmet model - Changed color to USN variant 17/02
T45EXT019 - Multiple requests to animate the pilots (very time consuming!!!) 
T45EXT020 - One user reported incorrect positioning of upper strobe. Cannot replicate the issue but found a configuration anomaly, hopefully this will fix the problem. 17/02
T45EXT021 - Request for better heatblur effect - unclear if it can be edited... -> attempts in editing the effect did not work - it seems an internally coded effect.
T45EXT022 - Crew Access Ladder missing first step - FIXED 19/02


T45VCF001 - Missing Canopy Shatter Streamer - Added 08/02
T45VCF002 - Missing Ejection Seat Streamer - Added 08/02

T45VCF003 - Missing GTS switch and animation - clickable and working 08/02

T45VCF004 - Instrument backlighting is missing - Added 11/02
T45VCF005 - Flood lights are missing - DONE 02/02
T45VCF006 - Display power switch animation to be fixed - Fixed 08/02

T45VCF007 - Stand by trim cap and switch animation and mouse area missing - FIXED 14/02
T45VCF008 - Make throttle adjustable with mouse

T45VCF009 - Speedbrake switch animation missing - Fixed 08/02 also added audio switch
T45VCF010 - Trim and control indicators should not move if electrical power is off - FIXED 23/02
T45VCF011 - Gear handle light missing - Fixed 09/02

T45VCF012 - DIM switch INOP - Now Clickable...but does nothing in game 08/02
T45VCF013 - Emergency flap switch not clickable - Now clickable, but does nothing in game 08/02
T45VCF014 - Launch bar switch INOP - Fixed 08/02
T45VCF015 - Emergency Gear lever mouse area to be reduced - Fixed 08/02
T45VCF016 - EMER JETT pushbutton not clickable - clickable, but INOP 08/02
T45VCF017 - ADR event record button inop - clickable, but INOP 08/02
T45VCF018 - Master ARM not clickable - clickable but INOP 08/02

T45VCF019 - Standby Attitude CAGE and OFF flag options missing - Cage not implemented, OFF flag now working 12/02
T45VCF020 - VHF1 auxiliary buttons not clickable - now clickable, but no function in game 10/02
T45VCF021 - VHF2 auxiliary buttons not clickable - now clickable, but no function in game 10/02

T45VCF022 - AOA indexer light test should not be linked to main warning system but with separate test lever - Push to test added to AOA indexer
T45VCF023 - Chronograph functions not working - fixed 10/02
T45VCF024 - Receiver volume not clickable - No function in the sim, but now clickable 12/02
T45VCF025 - ICS volume not clickable - 
No function in the sim, but now clickable 12/02
T45VCF026 - ICS ALT NORM switch not clickable - 
No function in the sim, but now clickable 12/02
T45VCF027 - VOR PWR switch INOP - Fixed, but functionality is always on 12/02
T45VCF028 - VOR VOL knob INOP - Fixed but functionality is always on 12/02
T45VCF029 - Test, ON FF, VOL, X Y switch

T45VCF030 - Warn/Caut switch INOP - now working 08/02
T45VCF031 - IFF auxiliary switches INOP 03/03
T45VCF032 - Airflow and cabin temp switches INOP - Added, but no real function in the sim 12/02
T45VCF033 - Mirror graphics to be improved. Redone mirror graphics 02/03
T45VCF034 - Harness   ng details missing - Fixed 08/02
T45VCF035 - Leg garters missing - Fixed 08/02
T45VCF036 - Canopy actuation piston not animated - Fixed 10/02
T45VCF037 - Compass not backlit - Fixed 11/02
T45VCF038 - AOA lights should flash if switch is on CARRIER position and landing gear is down but the hook is up, steady otherwise. - Fixed 12/02
T45VCF039 - Implemeted DISP POWER switch functionality - Added 12/02
T45VCF040 - Incorrect label on the "remove before flight" streamers, emergency landing gear lever and other items - FIXED 15/02
T45VCF041 - Close/Pilot/Landing cameras not implemented - FIXED 15/02
T45VCF042 - Poor quality of some VC textures perceived by one tester (case study control stick) - potential action try and improve resolution in certain areas -> Redone control stick, throttle and several details of the ejection seat.
T45VCF043 - Caution lights too bright at night and no dimming available... REWORKED NIGHT GRAPHICS FOR BETTER READABILITY
T45VCF044 - Seat harnessing has missing details
T45VCF045 - Request to animate the trim switch - ADDED ANIMATION 15/02
T45VCF046 - Caution lights reflect older config (HYD1 / HYD2) - newer T-45 have HYD/NWS AUG - Corrected markings and functionality of caution lights 03/03
T45VCF046 - Fuel control switch animation reversed (test instead of norm) - Implemented 3 position 23/02
T45VCF047 - Request to model RPM drop if Fuel control switch is MANUAL fuel - 5% drop built in into animation 23/02
T45VCF051 - Request to add VREC page - ADDED, BUT NOT FUNCTIONAL 16/02
T45VCF052 - Nice to have adjustable DEP
T45VCF053 - BIT PAGE, only PWR should be boxed - FIXED 16/02
T45VCF054 - Fuel Q needle not backlit at night - FIXED 17/02
T45VCF055 - Request to change the standby drum animation 10000 digit - EXTENDED ANIMATION TO 500 keyframes 02/03
T45VCF056 - Request to change mouse areas of VORs and TACAN - FIXED 02/03
T45VCF047 - Request to reduce "AOA Indexer" press to test mouse area - Reduced to brightness switch only - Fixed 17/02
T45VCF058 - Flap levers incorrect tootip - already fixed after reviewing Mouse Areas tooltip same issue as T45VCF40 17/02
T45VCF059 - Occasionally incorrect tooltip of MFD Bezels (rear cockpit) - Should be fixed with new mouse areas...
T45VCF060 - STBY STAB TRIM motion is opposite of the expected direction reported by one tester - INVERTED ANIMATION 23/02
T45VCF061 -.Safety pin bag incorrect tooltip - already fixed same issue as T45VCF40 - 17/02


T45VCR001 - Missing SOLO checklist
T45VCR002 - Missing velcro for canopy hood - Added 11/02

T45VCR003 - Missing control stick geometry - Added 07/02
T45VCR004 - Missing Throttle animation and functionality - Added 08/02
T45VCR005 - Missing flight instrumentation animations - Fixed animations 03/02
T45VCR006 - Leg garters missing from seat - Added 08/02
T45VCR007 - Harnessing details missing from seat - Added 08/02

T45VCR008 - Whiskey compass switch missing - Added 03/02
T45VCR009 - Backup instruments INOP - Added all backup flight instruments 03/02
T45VCR010 - Cabin Alt Press INOP - Fixed 03/02
T45VCR011 - Seat light switch INOP - Fixed 09/02
T45VCR012 - Eject Mode lever and texture INOP
 - FIXED 09/02
T45VCR013 - Starter Switch INOP - FIXED 07/02
T45VCR014 - Standby Pitch Trim INOP
T45VCR015 - Anti-Skid swicth INOP - FIXED 07/02
T45VCR016 - Flaps Lever INOP - FIXED 08/02
T45VCR017 - Throttle INOP - FIXED 08/02

T45VCR018 - HYD indicator INOP - FIXED 07/02
T45VCR019 - HYD reset INOP - FIXED 07/02
T45VCR020 - Control position indicators INOP - FIXED 07/02

T45VCR021 - EMER flaps switch INOP - FIXED 09/02
T45VCR022 - EMER landing gear INOP - FIXED 09/02
T45VCR023 - Landing gear INOP - FIXED 09/02

T45VCR024 - Flaps lever click area INOP - FIXED 08/02
T45VCR027 - Master Arm SAFE - FIXED 10/02
T45VCR028 - RTC Dim/Bright switch INOP - FIXED 10/02
T45VCR029 - ADR Event record INOP - FIXED 10/02

T45VCR030 - HUD controls INOP - FIXED 09/02
T45VCR031 - VHF1 additional controls INOP - Fully clickable now, functionality limited as in front cockpit 10/02
T45VCR032 - VHF2 additional controls INOP  
 Fully clickable now, functionality limited as in front cockpit 10/02
T45VCR033 - Ejection Seat switch INOP - FIXED 07/02

T45VCR034 - VOR additional controls INOP - FIXED 14/02, but some controls have no impact
T45VCR035 - TACAN additional controls INOP - FIXED 12/02
T45VCR036 - Warning & Tone test switch INOP - FIXED 09/02
T45VCR037 - Cassette recorder switches INOP - Clickable, but no real function in the game 10/02
T45VCR038 - Internal Lights Controls Switches - Limited functonality as in front cockpit 10/02

T45VCR039 - Graphics Mismatch Rear connector Fixed 07/02
T45VCR040 - Missing screw nearby compass placard Fixed 07/02
T45VCR041 - Clock not working - Fixed 10/02
T45VCR042 - AOA indexer in rear cockpit INOP - Fixed 16/02
T45VCR043 - WHEELS advisory in rear cockpit INOP - Fixed 16/02

T45VCR044 - FLAPS advisory in rear cockpit INOP - Fixed 16/02
T45VCR045 - Consider adding training hood in rear cockpit 
T45VCR046 - Tailhook lever not working in rear cockpit Fixed 15/02


T45AVS001 - MFD -> if TACAN selected but no DME detected, TACAN station is incorrectly displayed in HSI page -> Fixed 07/02
T45AVS002 - MFD -> BIT page non functional
T45AVS003 - GINA and air data system simulated failures do not affect the HUD (and they should) - FIXED 05/02
T45AVS004 - MFD -> Unable to turn on-off GINA -> added GINA BIT - Fixed 04/02
T45AVS005 - MFD -> Unable to turn on-off Radalt -> added RADALT BIT - Fixed 04/02
T45AVS006 - MFD -> Unable to select nav data source -> FIXED, although does not make a big difference since Nav source is always the MSFS GPS service...
T45AVS007 - GTS NOT CURRENTLY IMPLEMENTED -> GTS implemented through the APU functionality. It will still be possible to start the engine without GTS for beginners.

T45AVS008 - MFD -> Mainteinance page non functional (for exceedances) - Added page and exceedance recordning 20/02
T45AVS009 - AOA Indexer -> Fix markings and positions on both cockpits - FIXED 07/02
T45AVS010 - MFD ADI attitude should pick data from GINA instead of standby gyro - FIXED 04/02, also for MFD HUD page
T45AVS011 - Radalt limited to 5000 ft and 40 degrees bank as per NATOPS on all displays - FIXED 04/02
T45AVS012 - LBAR Advisory Light not working - FIXED 10/02
T45AVS013 - Consider deleting the automatic deactivation on light switches - IMPLEMENTED 10/02
T45AVS014 - ACCEL warning incorrect conditions - FIXED 10/02
T45AVS015 - Restrict starter operation if GTS is not active - FIXED 12/02
T45AVS016 - Disengage GTS automatically after 45s - FIXED 12/02
T45AVS017 - Missing graphics in HUD steering dots - FIXED 12/02
T45AVS018 - Incorrect PRK BRK light conditions - FIXED 12/02
T45AVS019 - Incorrect NAV setting for VOR/ILS - FIXED 15/02 
T45AVS020 - Fixed minor glitch in TACAN conversion and added support for Y channels - 15/02
T45AVS021 - Glitch in COM1 radio - FIXED 16/02
T45AVS022 - LP PUMP Warn light should be illuminated when engine and GTS are off - FIXED 16/02
T45AVS023 - Change logic so that GTS requires engine control switch to ON
T45AVS024 - Request to model OBOGS E-Bit - Basic implementation added (if EBIT button is pressed, OXYGEN warning light will immediately light up)
T45AVS025 - Ignition switch does not de-energize GTS or engine (...may depend on MSFS)
T45AVS026 - Request to model CAUG BIT
T45AVS027 - Request to implement AUTO BIT
T45AVS028 - AOA indexer only lit of weight on wheels - FIXED 16/02
T45AVS029 - Radalt increment is 10's - FIXED 17/02
T45AVS030 - HSI scale is opposite (big to small scale) - FIXED 17/02
T45AVS031 - Airflow knob defaults in NORM - FIXED 17/02
T45AVS032 - Speedbrake light does not switch off with axis control - added 2% tolerance 17/02
T45AVC033 - HUD Waterline: update behavior to post ASC-013 - FIXED 19/02
T45AVC034 - RADALT should indicated XXXX if powered off or DEGR - WRITTEN OFF, incorrect flight manual interpretation
T45AVC035 - Suggestion to add TAWS


T45FLM001 - N2 response too fast, with possible overshoots - FIXED 07/03
T45FLM002 - Max speed should be 525-530 kts, currently a little slower (485 kts) - FIXED 08/02
T45FLM003 - Sometimes engine does not start from cold and dark - FIXED 14/02
T45FLM004 - Consider limiting the aileron trim authority with landing gear position as per flight manual - ADDED code 14/02
T45FLM005 - Disconnect rudder pedal from hyd system. - FIXED 12/02
T45FLM006 - Check energy loss during high-G turns
T45FLM007 - No pitch bucking...can we add it?
T45FLM008 - Vertical and lateral axis control too sensitive with sudder yaw departure? Note - flight model mode to be verified... it does not seem that problematic in internal tests...
T45FLM009 - N2 RPM rises too slowly during engine start


T45SND001 - No separation between jet whine and combustion sounds and missing cones - FIXED 04/02
T45SND002 - No start / shutdown sounds - Added 11/02 from real world samples
T45SND003 - Upon shutdown, jet start sound is played - FIXED, incorrect WWise setup 04/02
T45SND004 - GTS sound missing - Added 11/02, linked to APU RPM.
T45SND005 - Several custom switches do not have sound
T45SND006 - Gear Warning Tone missing - Added 11/02
T45SND007 - Tone Test missing - Added 11/02
T45SND008 - AI Sound package missing - Added 11/02
T45SND009 - Noise on engine sounds at high 100 RPM - Rebalanced engine sounds, however some of the noise comes from the recordings.
T45SND010 - Abrupt spool down on external view - Re-timed sound samples...still not great but a little better.
T45SND011 - Throttle up engine sound and pitch increases/decreased until 85%  - Rebalanced engine samples volumes.

T45SND012 - Rework gear warning sound - Replaced with resampled sound 23/02 
T45SND013 - Consider adding speedbrake sound
T45SND015 - Adding high-g breathing sound - Fixed 23/02
T45SND016 - One user reported suddent wind at 500 kts
T45SND017 - Incorrect stall sound - Replaced with resampled sound 23/02
T45SND018 - Incorrect tone test sequence - Replaced with resampled sound 23/02
T45SND019 - Avionics power up sound missing - Added sound 23/02
T45SND020 - LAW warning tone missing


T45OTH001 - Creat new thumbnails for all aircrafts - DONE 03/02
T45OTH002 - Create manual
T45OTH003 - Animation and behaviors XML code to be cleaned - CLEANED 03/03
T45OTH004 - Review checklist - In game checklist debugged...but same as real world aircraft (minor differences)
T45OTH005 - Review checklists for typos - cleared all typos highlighted by testers