Saturday, December 1, 2018

Siai Marchetti S-21 / Aermacchi M-345 update

*** EDIT: I just realized that the cockpit model that went into the update did not feature the separate N1 and N2 needles as intended. Also the NX521 repaint had some minor glitches. I have updated the files to version 1.11 ***

Here is a small update to the S-211/M-345 package, mostly meant to address the incorrect behavior of the turn coordinator and the ball in the ADI. I also took the chance to fix a couple of minor things and add a couple of repaints. Here is the list of changes:

Version 1.11 - 14/12/2018
- Added separate N1 and N2 needles
- Fixed minor glitches in NX521S repaint

Version 1.10 - 01/12/2018
- Improved resolution of volt-ampere meter gauge
- Replaced engine exhaust texture with a more accurate one
- Fixed ADI turn rate indicator behavior
- Fixed ADI ball behavior
- Added Haitian Air Corps repaint
- Added NX521S repaint
- Added smoke effect (see notes)
- Fixed small glitch so that CRS could not be entered in digital cockpit versions
- Fixed small glitch in the JPATS USAF repaint

As usual the update can be downloaded from my Google Drive either from the side bar or by clicking HERE.

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