Saturday, September 26, 2020

Aermacchi MB-339A for Microsoft Flight Simulator - BETA TEST



Beta test is open to testers of all different skill levels and expertise.
In order to apply for the Beta Test, please drop an email to with the following information:
- System specification (no need of details or long explainations: just specify your CPU, Clock speed, RAM, GPU and dedicated video RAM)
- Real world flight experience (if any) - please keep it short!
- Simulation experience - please keep it short!
- Any special tie to the MB-339 or any reason why you really want to test this plane

Important! Subject of the email must be "MB339 MSFS Beta Test Application".

Please do not apply unless you have 4-5 hours to dedicate to test this aircraft!
Testing this aircraft is NOT a paid position in any way...if you do it, you do it only for the fun of it!

...and, due to the large number of applications we typically receive, we cannot grant a reply to everybody. If you do not receive a reply in a week or so, please assume you have not been admitted to the Beta - apologies in advance! 


This is a medium complexity add-on which is meant to depict the Aermacchi MB-339 of the Frecce Tricolori in a detailed but accessible way. The key points of the package are as follows:
- Focus of the simulation is the Aermacchi MB-339PAN/MLU version. Visual variant for MB-339A/MLU is also provided
- Highly detailed external and internal model
- Flight model and systems simulation is based on default MSFS functionalities (no external code)
- Simple sound package 

The plane is intended for basic military jet training, formation flying and aerobatics.


Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator are distributed as packages. Packages shall be placed in the "Community" folder. You will need to restart MSFS if the simulator was running when you have moved the files.


The preferred way to report bugs is to add a comment to this post, specifying what is the experienced malfunction and when it happens. Pics are welcome.
PLEASE do not rush in reporting bugs - it is not a race - take your time and verify if it is a real problem and, if you think it is, try to understand when it happens exactly.
Alternatively, an email is good to. Comments are preferred so that other users can see them.
It is not a race, so take your time. The simulation is quite complex, so it may take some time to get acquainted with the plane… I'd suggest you log at least a couple of hours before submitting any feedback.
Also, PLEASE, before posting a bug make sure it is not already in the list below.


Red - Higher priority: a severe bug that may hamper the usage of the aircraft
Yellow - Lower priority: definitely a defect, but not a high priority to solve it
Green - Problem solved, o mitigated to the level that it is acceptable.Dark Green - Problem solved or mitigated before the Beta 1 release.
Blue - Comment, nice-to-have features or suggestions


Current tester version BETA 1 - Released on 28/09/2020
Current internal build BETA 2 WIP 

Current metrics:

Red items: 0
Yellow items: 11
Green items: 41
Blue items: 1  
Progress toward release 78% :-(

Last changed by Dino on 10/10/2020


There are two external models in the package. The star of the show, and default selection, is the MB-339PAN/MLU with standard loadout for the Frecce Tricolori Airshow. As visual alternative, a model for MB-339A (non MLU) with elliptical tiptanks is also provided. Externally MLU and non-MLU differ mostly for the fact that MLU has formation lights and some of the antennas are in different positions.
The two external models are separate files and should be tested separately - if you find a problem, please check if it is present in one or both models. 

MB339EXT001 - Better heat blur effect - slightly improved in Beta 2 (still somewhat small, but now aligned to the aircraft direction)...
MB339EXT002 - Missing Ice Blast effect - added ice blast effect
MB339EXT003 - Check beacon light on fuselage (visible only from below)? - FIXED in Beta 2
MB339EXT004 - Flood lights peek slightly through external views... FIXED in Beta 2
MB339EXT005 - Missing Landing Light animation from external model... FIXED in Beta 2


As for the external model, two separate virtual cockpit models are included: PAN and A versions. Unlike the external models, both internal models include MLU changes. The PAN version differs from the A version since it lacks the gunsight but has smoke indicators and smoke control panel.

MB339VC001 - Throttle lever movement incorrect and should have STOP position - Fixed
MB339VC002 - GPS Display incomplete
MB339VC003 - MASTER CAUTION cannot be snoozed - Fixed
MB339VC004 - Caution panel incomplete (add at least JPT LIMIT and AIL SERVO) - FIXED in Beta2
MB339VC005 - Backlighting of main panel cannot be turned off
MB339VC006 - RNAV HSI mode to be checked
MB339VC007 - RNAV ADI mode to be checked
MB339VC008 - Control shift selectors always lit - FIXED in Beta2
MB339VC009 - Radio system not working? TO BE CHECKED, IT SHOULD WORK! - Checked: radio system seems to work as advertised, but mouse area is small. It is possible to use it with the mouse wheel, while dragging is somewhat cumbersome.
MB339VC010 - Transponder system not working? TO BE CHECKED IT SHOULD WORK! - Checked: radio system seems to work as advertised, but mouse area is small. It is possible to use it with the mouse wheel, while dragging is somewhat cumbersome.
MB339VC011 - Fuel total selector not working....not meant to work either, but still... - FIXED in Beta2
MB339VC012 - Fuel digital display not working - missing to be added - FIXED in Beta2
MB339VC013 - Trim buttons do not work - CHECKED versus flight manual: these are advisory lights only, cannot be pushed.
MB339VC014 - VOR needles on HSI are OK on ILS, but seem reversed in normal VOR operation (to be checked) - NOTE, initial check seems to be OK...maybe tester had the aircraft symbol reversed? If flying to TO station and heading towards bearing pointer 1, if aircraft symbol is upward behavior seems correct... further testing planned. BEHAVIOR SEEMS CORRECT
MB339VC015 - Unintended garbage geometry when canopy is open - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC016 - Would be nice to add ajustable formation lights
MB339VC017 - GEN1 and GEN2 weird glare - seems OK now, but in reality the bug was somewhat unclear...
MB339VC018 - Nav light selector should only select ON/OFF (bright/dim not selectable) - FIXED
MB339VC019 - Glitch in Transponder animation (some numbers not animated correctly) - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC020 - Electrical system: some systems are working even if battery is off provided that GEN 1 / GEN 2 are off even if engine was not running (hence electrical power shouldn't be available)... Issue likely due to Electrical Power availability variable...Should be fixed on Beta2... 
MB339VC021 - Toe brakes animation missing - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC022 - COM2 cannot be changed from cold and dark?
MB339VC023 - Speedbrake lever animation missing - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC024 - Request to animate the trim hat switch - FIXED for Beta 2 (although only for elevator)
MB339VC025 - Suggestion to remove the mouse tooltips for some controls, as they are done according to FSX/P3D conversion which is different from Asobo convention.
MB339VC026 - AOA frozen in icing condition even if anti-ice is on...
MB339VC027 - Digit "3" in altimeter shows too soon - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC028 - blinking glass in gunsight rendering - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC029 - AoA needle shows incorrect values - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC030 - Armament panel setting to be revised - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC031 - Fix Ail Servo and JPT limiter starting conditions - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC032 - Oxy Flow Switch incorrect position -. FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC033 - GPS switches to be fixed according to new GPS Code - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC034 - Anti-Skid switch animation / light reversed - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC035 - Avionic master radio knob control does not work
MB339VC036 - Improve mirror rendering - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC037 - OMI Markers not working
MB339VC038 - Some lights are not visible in the VC - Fixed


The flight model has been tuned to mimic the performance of the MB-339PAN with airshow loadout. In this configuration the aircraft is somewhat slower than what most people think - achieving 350-370 knots maxium depeding on different factors.
The fuel capacity is limited to internal tanks only, irrespective of the external model.
NOTE: The aircraft should be able to fly all the formation maneuovres of the Frecce Tricolori programme, but is currently unable to replicate some parts of the solo programme.

MB339FM001 - Check center of gravity and COG limits - Revised in Beta 2
MB339FM002 - Max altitude about 30000ft (should be 45000+) - Engine performance vs altitude fixed in Beta 2
MB339FM003 - No stall? - Revised stall behavior for Beta 2
MB339FM004 - Aircarft too sensitive to NWS during takeoff run
MB339FM005 - Rudder effectiveness is excessive?
MB339FM006 - Request to implement external and wingtip fuel tanks
MB339FM007 - Landing AoA is incorrect


Due to MSFS limitations, the smoke system is NOT WORKING - although controls in the cockpit do work.
The sound system is using FSX legacy mode - hence some sound effects (e.g.rain sounds) are NOT supported.

MB339OT001 - Rework view order for those who do not use free look mode (apparently left and right instrument views are inverted) - FIXED in Beta 2
MB339OT002 - Review startup conditions
MB339OT003 - One user requested wider view angles for both landing and instrument views