Tuesday, October 27, 2015

IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations - Future Plans

If you follow my Facebook page, you may be aware of that IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulation is now a registered company at the Chamber of Commerce in Genoa, Italy.
This is a big (and relatively expensive) step for me, but it is the only way forward to continue producing high-quality add-ons.
This also does not mean that I will abandon or discontinue freeware project. But the thing is that flight simulation development is getting more and more detailed, time consuming and expensive... and I do not want costs to stop me from doing the planes I like to the quality level I like.
Therefore, if a specific project requires non-negligible costs... it will be payware.

I am currently developing the following two payware projects:
F-35 LIGHTNING II VERSION 3.0 for Prepar3D v2.5+
This is quite a big updgrade to the existing F-35 project, and it will Prepar3D v2.5/v3.0 specific - with many advanced functions provided through Vertical Reality Simulations TACPACK.
I have recently decided to include the F-35C too in the package. Its main features are:
- All versions featured: F-35A (CTOL) - F-35B (STOVL) and F-35C (CATOBAR)
- High detail external models, derived for professional 3D data.
- Upgraded cockpit models with remastered HD textures.
- Upgrades to MFD functionality and interface following the latest publicly available information.
- Upgrades to the flight model
- Custom Avatar model for Prepar3D
- Integration with P3Dv2 radar service
Tacpack specific functionalities are:
- A/A and A/S weapons functionalities
- RWR, ECM and ECCM functionalities
- TFLIR / DAS functionalities
- HMDS functionality including off-boresight target designation and "X-ray" vision
I *HOPE* it will be ready before the end of November.
Price has not been set but it should be in the 20-25€ range - it will be sold through the usual flight simulation online shops.
This is a small package containing a variety of military themed Avatars, with basic animations.
Main features are:
- Military pilot Avatars with HGU-33 and HGU-55 helmets, in fast-jet flight gear, and olive drab, kakhi and navy blue jumpsuits.
- Military troop Avatars (unarmed) with a variety of camouflages (mostly NATO camouflages)
- Support for walking/running/crouch/swim and fall animations (currently "jump while run" not supported
This will hopefully be ready in a week or so.
Price has not been set but it should be in the 5-7€ range - it will be sold through the usual flight simulation online shops.
Other projects I am working on (actual projects sitting unfinished on my HD):
T-45C upgrade for Prepar3D v3.0
Just a couple of small fixes to add some minor features for P3Dv2.5+ / P3Dv3 support
Aermacchi MB.339
This would be a natural evolution of the MB.326... currently the 3D mesh is 75% done... but needs a VC and texturing. I have no idea on when and if I'll find the time to complete it.
Eurofighter Typhoon
In my intentions this would been my main projects for 2016... I did some modeling work, but it is unfinished.
S-3B Viking upgrade
Still unfinished, would include a number of small fixes as well as an AI model...
Other projects being evaluated (only in my mind):
F-14D Tomcat upgrade
...I am still not happy with it. Bringing it to the next level may be expensive...we'll see.
C-2 Greyhound
...just because it would be easily doable with moderate expenditures.

So... for the moment it is only F-35 and Avatar package. Then we'll see. The key point is still, and will always be, to have fun and create cool stuff.