Wednesday, November 4, 2020



As promised, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of commercial operations of IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations, I have decided to re-release the SIAI-Marchetti S-211 for X-Plane 11.30 as freeware.
The package can be downloaded by clicking here.

I'd also take the chance to offer my apologies to X-Plane 11 users as I have not been able, so far, to support that simulator adequately. X-Plane 11 is a great flight simulator, and is, in many respects, superior to Microsoft Flight Simulator in my opinion (for one, the flight modeling approach of XP11 is better and way more flexible).
I am exploring other way to support this platform in future - in the meantime I hope you will enjoy the S-211 - a fun little jet which, in real life, did not reach the popularity it deserved IMHO.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Aermacchi MB-339A for Microsoft Flight Simulator - BETA TEST



Beta test is open to testers of all different skill levels and expertise.
In order to apply for the Beta Test, please drop an email to with the following information:
- System specification (no need of details or long explainations: just specify your CPU, Clock speed, RAM, GPU and dedicated video RAM)
- Real world flight experience (if any) - please keep it short!
- Simulation experience - please keep it short!
- Any special tie to the MB-339 or any reason why you really want to test this plane

Important! Subject of the email must be "MB339 MSFS Beta Test Application".

Please do not apply unless you have 4-5 hours to dedicate to test this aircraft!
Testing this aircraft is NOT a paid position in any way...if you do it, you do it only for the fun of it!

...and, due to the large number of applications we typically receive, we cannot grant a reply to everybody. If you do not receive a reply in a week or so, please assume you have not been admitted to the Beta - apologies in advance! 


This is a medium complexity add-on which is meant to depict the Aermacchi MB-339 of the Frecce Tricolori in a detailed but accessible way. The key points of the package are as follows:
- Focus of the simulation is the Aermacchi MB-339PAN/MLU version. Visual variant for MB-339A/MLU is also provided
- Highly detailed external and internal model
- Flight model and systems simulation is based on default MSFS functionalities (no external code)
- Simple sound package 

The plane is intended for basic military jet training, formation flying and aerobatics.


Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator are distributed as packages. Packages shall be placed in the "Community" folder. You will need to restart MSFS if the simulator was running when you have moved the files.


The preferred way to report bugs is to add a comment to this post, specifying what is the experienced malfunction and when it happens. Pics are welcome.
PLEASE do not rush in reporting bugs - it is not a race - take your time and verify if it is a real problem and, if you think it is, try to understand when it happens exactly.
Alternatively, an email is good to. Comments are preferred so that other users can see them.
It is not a race, so take your time. The simulation is quite complex, so it may take some time to get acquainted with the plane… I'd suggest you log at least a couple of hours before submitting any feedback.
Also, PLEASE, before posting a bug make sure it is not already in the list below.


Red - Higher priority: a severe bug that may hamper the usage of the aircraft
Yellow - Lower priority: definitely a defect, but not a high priority to solve it
Green - Problem solved, o mitigated to the level that it is acceptable.Dark Green - Problem solved or mitigated before the Beta 1 release.
Blue - Comment, nice-to-have features or suggestions


Current tester version BETA 1 - Released on 28/09/2020
Current internal build BETA 2 WIP 

Current metrics:

Red items: 0
Yellow items: 11
Green items: 41
Blue items: 1  
Progress toward release 78% :-(

Last changed by Dino on 10/10/2020


There are two external models in the package. The star of the show, and default selection, is the MB-339PAN/MLU with standard loadout for the Frecce Tricolori Airshow. As visual alternative, a model for MB-339A (non MLU) with elliptical tiptanks is also provided. Externally MLU and non-MLU differ mostly for the fact that MLU has formation lights and some of the antennas are in different positions.
The two external models are separate files and should be tested separately - if you find a problem, please check if it is present in one or both models. 

MB339EXT001 - Better heat blur effect - slightly improved in Beta 2 (still somewhat small, but now aligned to the aircraft direction)...
MB339EXT002 - Missing Ice Blast effect - added ice blast effect
MB339EXT003 - Check beacon light on fuselage (visible only from below)? - FIXED in Beta 2
MB339EXT004 - Flood lights peek slightly through external views... FIXED in Beta 2
MB339EXT005 - Missing Landing Light animation from external model... FIXED in Beta 2


As for the external model, two separate virtual cockpit models are included: PAN and A versions. Unlike the external models, both internal models include MLU changes. The PAN version differs from the A version since it lacks the gunsight but has smoke indicators and smoke control panel.

MB339VC001 - Throttle lever movement incorrect and should have STOP position - Fixed
MB339VC002 - GPS Display incomplete
MB339VC003 - MASTER CAUTION cannot be snoozed - Fixed
MB339VC004 - Caution panel incomplete (add at least JPT LIMIT and AIL SERVO) - FIXED in Beta2
MB339VC005 - Backlighting of main panel cannot be turned off
MB339VC006 - RNAV HSI mode to be checked
MB339VC007 - RNAV ADI mode to be checked
MB339VC008 - Control shift selectors always lit - FIXED in Beta2
MB339VC009 - Radio system not working? TO BE CHECKED, IT SHOULD WORK! - Checked: radio system seems to work as advertised, but mouse area is small. It is possible to use it with the mouse wheel, while dragging is somewhat cumbersome.
MB339VC010 - Transponder system not working? TO BE CHECKED IT SHOULD WORK! - Checked: radio system seems to work as advertised, but mouse area is small. It is possible to use it with the mouse wheel, while dragging is somewhat cumbersome.
MB339VC011 - Fuel total selector not working....not meant to work either, but still... - FIXED in Beta2
MB339VC012 - Fuel digital display not working - missing to be added - FIXED in Beta2
MB339VC013 - Trim buttons do not work - CHECKED versus flight manual: these are advisory lights only, cannot be pushed.
MB339VC014 - VOR needles on HSI are OK on ILS, but seem reversed in normal VOR operation (to be checked) - NOTE, initial check seems to be OK...maybe tester had the aircraft symbol reversed? If flying to TO station and heading towards bearing pointer 1, if aircraft symbol is upward behavior seems correct... further testing planned. BEHAVIOR SEEMS CORRECT
MB339VC015 - Unintended garbage geometry when canopy is open - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC016 - Would be nice to add ajustable formation lights
MB339VC017 - GEN1 and GEN2 weird glare - seems OK now, but in reality the bug was somewhat unclear...
MB339VC018 - Nav light selector should only select ON/OFF (bright/dim not selectable) - FIXED
MB339VC019 - Glitch in Transponder animation (some numbers not animated correctly) - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC020 - Electrical system: some systems are working even if battery is off provided that GEN 1 / GEN 2 are off even if engine was not running (hence electrical power shouldn't be available)... Issue likely due to Electrical Power availability variable...Should be fixed on Beta2... 
MB339VC021 - Toe brakes animation missing - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC022 - COM2 cannot be changed from cold and dark?
MB339VC023 - Speedbrake lever animation missing - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC024 - Request to animate the trim hat switch - FIXED for Beta 2 (although only for elevator)
MB339VC025 - Suggestion to remove the mouse tooltips for some controls, as they are done according to FSX/P3D conversion which is different from Asobo convention.
MB339VC026 - AOA frozen in icing condition even if anti-ice is on...
MB339VC027 - Digit "3" in altimeter shows too soon - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC028 - blinking glass in gunsight rendering - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC029 - AoA needle shows incorrect values - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC030 - Armament panel setting to be revised - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC031 - Fix Ail Servo and JPT limiter starting conditions - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC032 - Oxy Flow Switch incorrect position -. FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC033 - GPS switches to be fixed according to new GPS Code - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC034 - Anti-Skid switch animation / light reversed - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC035 - Avionic master radio knob control does not work
MB339VC036 - Improve mirror rendering - FIXED for Beta 2
MB339VC037 - OMI Markers not working
MB339VC038 - Some lights are not visible in the VC - Fixed


The flight model has been tuned to mimic the performance of the MB-339PAN with airshow loadout. In this configuration the aircraft is somewhat slower than what most people think - achieving 350-370 knots maxium depeding on different factors.
The fuel capacity is limited to internal tanks only, irrespective of the external model.
NOTE: The aircraft should be able to fly all the formation maneuovres of the Frecce Tricolori programme, but is currently unable to replicate some parts of the solo programme.

MB339FM001 - Check center of gravity and COG limits - Revised in Beta 2
MB339FM002 - Max altitude about 30000ft (should be 45000+) - Engine performance vs altitude fixed in Beta 2
MB339FM003 - No stall? - Revised stall behavior for Beta 2
MB339FM004 - Aircarft too sensitive to NWS during takeoff run
MB339FM005 - Rudder effectiveness is excessive?
MB339FM006 - Request to implement external and wingtip fuel tanks
MB339FM007 - Landing AoA is incorrect


Due to MSFS limitations, the smoke system is NOT WORKING - although controls in the cockpit do work.
The sound system is using FSX legacy mode - hence some sound effects (e.g.rain sounds) are NOT supported.

MB339OT001 - Rework view order for those who do not use free look mode (apparently left and right instrument views are inverted) - FIXED in Beta 2
MB339OT002 - Review startup conditions
MB339OT003 - One user requested wider view angles for both landing and instrument views

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Long-EZ for Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta Testing

BETA 1 of the Long-EZ Project for Microsoft Flight Simulator is here! 




This is a very simple aircraft package intended for VFR operations only. The planes is easy to fly an accessible to simmers of any experience level.


Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator are distributed as packages. Packages shall be placed in the "Community" folder. You will need to restart MSFS if the simulator was running when you have moved the files.


The preferred way to report bugs is to add a comment to this post, specifying what is the experienced malfunction and when it happens. Pics are welcome.
Alternatively, an email is good to. Comments are preferred so that other users can see them.
It is not a race, so take your time. The simulation is quite complex, so it may take some time to get acquainted with the plane… I'd suggest you log at least a couple of hours before submitting any feedback.
Also, PLEASE, before posting a bug make sure it is not already in the list below.


Red - Higher priority: a severe bug that may hamper the usage of the aircraft
Yellow - Lower priority: definitely a defect, but not a high priority to solve it
Green - Problem solved, o mitigated to the level that it is acceptable.Dark Green - Problem solved or mitigated before the Beta 1 release.
Blue - Comment, nice-to-have features or suggestions

Last changed by Dino on 07/09/2020


LEZEXT001- Add wing-flex animation
LEZEXT002 - Crew not visibile - FIXED in Beta 2 build
LEZEXT003 - Nose gear steer animation direction is reversed - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZEXT004 - Aileron movement reversed - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEXEXT005 - Rudders only move outwards - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEXEXT006 - White/Blue texture still has the AO for the tanks - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEXEXT007 - Registration numbers floating above/below wings - FIXED (at least partially) in RC1 build


LEZVC001 - Incorrect caption on magnetos/starter key... - FIXED in Beta 3
LEZVC002 - Incorrect animation of directional gyro (moves the other way around) - FIXED in Beta 2 build
LEZVC003 - Temperature and Pressure needles missing from Beta build - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC004 - No colour-coding arc on ASI - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC005 - "Steer Angle" caption displayed when mouse is over T&P gauge - remove caption from model behavior - Fixed in Beta 2 build
LEZVC006 - Request to animate COMM box knob animaton 
LEZVC007 - Compass indications incorrect - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC008 - Gear lever should be a crank - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC009 - Rudder pedals not visible - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC010 - Request to add fuel selecto - NOTE, this would require reworking the fuel gauge too. - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC011 - Scratches and marks compelely gone from Beta 3 - FIXED in RC1, transparency was way too high
LEZVC012 - Legs of the passenger peek though the seat - REMOVED passenger figure in RC1 (it was cool...but model is too large).
LEZVC013 - Poor visibility during landing - CHANGED viewpoint in RC1 (raised by 0.5cm)
LEZVC014 - Difficult to actuate Mixture levers... probably due to MSFS engine.
LEZVC015 - Canopy OPEN/CLOSE tip (remove...old parameter, not used in MSFS)
LEZVC016 - Flickering ICE animation in VC - probably due to visual inteference with outer glass - Fixed by removing outer glass geometry
LEZVC017 - Fuel knob not switching in the right order: NOTE, this is due to legacy animations.


LEZFM001 - (was LEZMISC003) Engine RPM Indications are way off in several conditions. Vastly improved in Beta 3.
LEZFM002 - Too easy to spin the aicraft
LEZFM003 - Aircraft should steer through toe brakes only - NOTE, NWS was added intentionally for gameplay purposes.
LEZFM004 - Climb performance is a somewhat optimistic.
LEZFM005 - Increase speedbrake effectiveness - INCREASED in Beta 3 build.
LEZFM006 - Increase landing gear drag - significantly increased in RC1 build


LEZMISC001 - Add interactive checklist
LEZMISC002 - Add sound package compiled to the new MSFS (currently using a default FSX package)
LEZMISC003 - Engine RPM Indications are way off in several conditions - wrong category, re-logged as LEZFM001
LEZMISC004 - COG limits incorrect
LEZMISC005 - Fire effect misplaced. It should not have been implemented btw.
LEZMISC007 - Strobe lights do not react to strobe light switch (but react to light master)

Friday, June 26, 2020


Lockheed Martin has released P3Dv5 Hotfitx 2 a few days ago - hopefully it solves some of the stability/CTD issues that some of you told me about.
Apart from the stability issues, you may have noticed that some night effects (external lights, landing lights and VC illumination) are too bright and lights behave as "X-Rays". The excessive intesity is due to new parameters introduced in P3Dv5 (which only affect PBR materials), while the "x-ray" effect is unfortunately due to the graphic engine of the sim.
I'll try to find the time to update the effects on my older planes.
In terms of compatibility of my planes, nothing has here is the situation.

M-346 MASTER - Works fine, no issues to report.

F-35 LIGHTNING II - As previously noted, you need version 3.67 or above for it work fine with P3Dv5. Apart from that, and the excessive brightness of some effects at night, there are some minor issues with the voice alerts.

EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON - Works fine, except the excessive night lighting...which is particularly annoying since the landing lights illuminate the cockpit.

TA-4J SKYHAWK - Again, works fine except the excessive night lighting.

A-4E/F/G/H/I/K SKYHAWK - Same as above.

C-2 GREYHOUND / E-2 HAWKEYE - They should work fine, as they do not have PBR effects.

S-211/M-345 PROTOTYPE - They should work fine as there are no PBR effects in the cockpit.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

M-346 Master v1.00 Released

The M-346 is finally available on SimMarket for purchase! As usual I will try my best to keep it up to date and meet and possibly exceed customer expectations. Thanks to all the development team and testers - I am quite happy with the final product I hope you will like it!

The M-346 Master is available for purchase HERE

You have a look at the manual HERE
Aside, for a mistake in the final build, the Italian Air Force livery texture has some missing markings - this will be fixed in the first patch, but for the time being you can download the correct texture HERE - it goes into the texture.AMI61 folder.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


As the M-346 is approaching the public release, I thought it was time to share my current plans.
This is basically what I have on my no particular order. Completion of the projects will depend on a number of factors.

The general plan is as follows:

- Lead platform: for the time being, the lead platform is still Prepar3D V4.4 / v4.5 /v5.0. The lead platform may change in future. The general idea, however, is to pick the best platform for each project depending on where it will be possibile to create the best product.

- Microsoft Flight Simulator: the plan is to support the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, initially by converting the planes we thing are most fit for conversion and with proper quality.

- X-Plane 11. Still some work going on with XP-11...mostly conversion of existing projects.

- Other platforms: we are actively working on partnerships and cooperations.


The general idea is to have a new baseline of the F-35 project, rebuilt to comply with MSFS standard.
At the moment, however, STOVL capabilities in MSFS are unclear… so the project is limited to the F-35A for the time being.


The conversion is almost just needs some minor tweaks to the flight model and avionics before moving to the Beta stage.

MC.72 for MSFS / P3Dv5 (and XP-11 maybe?)

The Macchi Castoldi MC.72 is established the world speed record in 1934, and held it until 1939 and is still, to date, the fastest piston seaplane ever built. I thought it would be fun to have one in the sim.


The idea here would be to rebuild from scrathc my F-14D Tomcat. Given the high quality of the F-14B in DCS, the interest on this project may not be great. Still it is looking cool.

I quite like this plane...but at the moment the infomation on the cockpit and the avionics is scarce. Waiting for more info.

This started as an experiment to make a naval drone. Looking good and seems a great complement to the F-35 in some scenarios.

I had started a remake of the Goshawk project… but there may be competing products in no further progress has been done.

M-345 for MSFS/P3Dv5
There is now some information available on the new M-345 trainer...and it would be cool to transform the M-345 prototype in the M-345 production model.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

How to have Tacpack weapons to show without Tacpak

One of the most frequently asked question I receive is: "I do not have Tacpack and I do not plan to buy it… can I get the weapons to show all the same in your planes?"

Them this question usually gets even more frequent when we have a P3D update (which ALWAYS breaks the compatibility with Tacpack)

Well… the answer is YES, you can - ALTHOUGH, OF COURSE, WEAPONS WILL NOT BE OPERATIONAL. I sometimes put that information on the documentation or on Facebook… or written as a note in the aircraft.cfg, but I thought it would be better to explain the general case so that you can hava a method that will work for (almost) every Tacpack aircraft.

The first thing is to tell you the way Tacpack works in terms of weapon attachment.
In the folder of each Tacpack aircraft there is a text file called "tacpack.ini" which contains, along with other information, the list of allowable stores for each station and links the store to a specific load station of your aircraft.cfg.

When a weapon is loaded in Tacpack, a specific weight is applied to the station. Then it is the aircraft model which visualizes the weapon depending on the weight. So, the WEAPONS ARE PART OF THE AIRCRAFT MODEL. They are just hidden and they become visible when a specific weight is applied - this is done either with logic only in the aircraft model or though a proxy variable (triggered by a piece of code somewhere else).

The developer can associate an arbitrary weight to each weapon and to each station. This can either be a "token" weight or the proper weight of the weapon.
So, unless there is additional code somewhere else, in general, by applying the right way to the right load station you can have the weapon to show.

Let's take the my Eurofighter as an example:

1) Go to the main folder of the aicraft and locate the TACPACK.INI file and open it with Notepad.

2) Scroll down to the following section:


Store_Station.0 means this is the first load station managed by Tacpack. This MAY NOT be the first station in your list (you can read what is the fust by looking a the StoresFirst parameter in the .ini file  - in this case it is StoresFirst=1 which means the second load station in the list, as the first is zero).

So for the the Typhoon, Store_Station.0 is the second store station in the aircraft.cfg (marked with STA1).

Then… just look at the numbers in red. 188 is the weight associated to AIM-9X, 194 is the weight associated to IRIS-T and so on.
So if you put 194 lbs on STA 1 in the game (you can do this in the VEHICLE -> FUEL and PAYLOAD Menu) you will make the AIM-132 to appear.

The stores starting with "PYLON" are just inhert for Tacpack. They may represent weapon pylons, unsupported weapons or other kind of equipment.

Let's move to Store_Station.1 (which is STA2 in the game...remember, they start from 0).


Note that here we have the AGM-65E listed...but it is not used in the plane. This is because the Brimstone missiles are actually simulated with an AGM-65E as the Brimstone is not supported.
Note also that the weight associated to the A-A missiles are much higher! This is because they take in account that, on the Eurofighter, you also need to attach a pylon and an adapter for this stations.
Hance, to show the AIM-132 we should put 596 lbs on STATION 2.

One last example is STA 3.


Here we can see that AGM-154C is used as replacement of the Storm Shadow and the FPU-11 is used for the external tanks. Let's use the external 731 lbs on STA 3.

….and so on. You will see that there are stations allocated for the GUN and the TFLIR system (which the code uses as PIRATE or LITENING depending on the case) and there are "dummy" stations for multiple racks (like the Brimstone).

So, let's try this to get the configuration in the picture at the beginning of the post:

STA1 - 194lbs -> AIM-132

STA2 - 596lbs -> AIM-132

STA3 - 731lbs -> FUEL TANK

STA4 - 960lbs -> GBU-12

STA5 - 408lbs -> METEOR

STA6 - 408lbs -> METEOR

STA7 - 440lbs -> LITENING POD

STA8 - 408lbs -> METEOR

STA9 - 408lbs -> METEOR

STA10 - 960lbs -> GBU-12

STA11 - 731lbs -> FUEL TANK

STA12 - 596lbs -> AIM-132

STA13 - 194lbs -> AIM-132

The configuration is saved along with your flight, so if you save the scenario you do not need to change it again next time you load it.
Also, you can enter these weights in the aircraft.cfg and they will become the default for that aircraft.

This procedure will work with my F-35, Eurofighter, F-14 and S-3 Aircrafts….and presumably other aicrafts too.
It is not needed by the Skyhawk and the M-346 as they use proxy variables which make the loads to appear even if not weight is applied to a station.

Monday, April 20, 2020

M-346 MASTER Beta Test and To-do List

IMPORTANT! All Beta test slots have been assigned. NO NEW APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

BETA 1 of the Aermacchi M-346 Project is finally here! The build is not really feature complete but it is completely flyable and ready for test.


To apply as a Beta tester for this project, please send me and email at with the following information:
- Real world and simulation experience (Note - Beta is open to ALL levels of experience...I ask the question just to know what is your level of aeronautical knowledge)
- Your system CPU, GPU, RAM and OS
- The simulator you intend to test the M-346 on (exact version of P3D, and if it is with or without VRSTP)
- Any special reason why you think you should get the Beta (be honest, no flattery please)

The subject of the email shall be: M-346 Beta Test Application

Please DO NOT apply if you do not think you have the time to test it (consider 3-4 hours minimum).
Also, just to make it clear, this is NOT a paid position - in any form. I will decide to provide or not complimentary copies to testers at the end of the Beta stage.


The package embraces the "Add-on" approach available in P3Dv4 or v5 - therefore package shall be installed in your Prepar3D Add-ons folder in your Documents folder.


A WIP manual that includes operational checklists is available for download by clickling HERE. The checklists are close to the real world one, but have been (partially) amended to reflect changes in the simulation. Testers are encouraged to go through the checklists and report discrepancies.

The aicraft embraces a COLD AND DARK approach.
If you start your scenario on the ground, the aircraft will shut down all its systems forcing you to a full start.
While you are encouraged to follow the checklist and report any major inconsistency, AT MINIMUM, to start the aircraft you must follow these steps:




- APU MASTER/STOP PUSHBUTTON (left console, close to the MFD) -> PUSH (the APU START button lights up and shows "RDY")

- APU START PUSHBUTTON ->  PUSH (the caption becomes RUN and blinks, indicating that the APU is starting up...when the blinking stops the APU is running)

- RIGHT ENGINE MODE SELECTOR KNOB -> Set to START/IDLE (the START pushbutton illuminates)

- RIGHT ENGINE START -> PUSH (the button starts to blink, when the blinking stops it means that the engine is running and APU can be turned off).



NOTE: To arm the ejection seats, you must remove the safety pin AND set the arm switch to ARM. The procedure must be repeated for both seats, unless the ejection sequence lever in the backseat has been set for solo flight.

NOTE: Checklist would request you to perform the EGI Alignment procedure...which is however entirely optional. Despite the IN/GPS page readings, navigation accuracy is not affected by the procedure, which has been included only for users who want to perform it.


The aircraft is fully flyable and should not have glaring omissions. However, at present, the following features are missing or incomplete.
- Electronic Warfare (note: in the real world, the vanilla and the FT versions do not have it...addition is planned for the FA version)
- HMD support (still TBD)
- Special Alert system
- Voice alert system (it's in there...but needs improvement)
- UFCP steering point, waypoint and flight plan management
- Pre-Planned A/S Targeting
- Targeting Pod


The preferred way to report bugs is to add a comment to this post, specifying what is the experienced malfunction and when it happens. Pics are welcome.
Alternatively, an email is good to. Comments are preferred so that other users can see them.
It is not a race, so take your time. The simulation is quite complex, so it may take some time to get acquainted with the plane… I'd suggest you log at least a couple of hours before submitting any feedback.
Also, PLEASE, before posting a bug make sure it is not already in the list below.


Red - Higher priority: a severe bug that may hamper the usage of the aircraft
Yellow - Lower priority: definitely a defect, but not a high priority to solve it
Green - Problem solved, o mitigated to the level that it is acceptable.Dark Green - Problem solved or mitigated before the Beta 1 release.
Blue - Comment, nice-to-have features or suggestions


Latest build:  Beta1
Last modified: 16/05/2020

Total logged 178
Red items 0
Yellow items 14
Green items 159
Blue items 5
Progress towards release: 94%


M346EX01 - Pylon disappears when A/S ordnance is dropped - Fixed
M346EX02 - Singapore livery: incorrect color of fuel tank bottom - Fixed
M346EX03 - NAV lights too strong  - NOTE: This happens only on P3Dv5. P3Dv5 lights seem overexposed. Bug identified - missing new P3Dv5 parameters. NOTE - THIS ALSO APPLIES TO LANDING LIGHTS IN VC.
M346EX04 - Speedbrake actuator piston not always aligned stem. ANIMATION REDONE
M346EX05 - Smokewinders hung without rails in P3Dv5. Solved - same bug of M346OT16.
M346EX06 - Unintended INOP clickspots in external view
M346EX07 - Request to remove green tint from HUD (green tint was actually done on purpose for better contrast) - Green tint much less pronounced.
M346EX08 - Minor glitch in pilot animation - Fixed
M346EX09 - Veryfy dimensions and position of the pilot figures - Pilot figures approx 175cm tall, seem OK.
M346EX10 - Tweaked pilot figures animation for (slightly) better match with the controls.
M346EX11 - First stage compressor blades not animated.

M346EX12 - Landing lights too strong (P3Dv5 plaftorm problem) - Added custom light, much weaker than the default.


M346VC01 - Warning system incomplete - Fully implemented
M346VC02 - Ejection Sequence Lever not implemented
M346VC03 - Autopilot Altitude Knob not working - Implemented
M346VC04 - UFCP Autopilot mode is missing - Implemented
M346VC05 - Oxygen System: Implemented
M346VC06 - STALL indication missing from ADI - Implemented
M346VC08 - FAIL TRAIN MODE not implemented
M346VC09 - Gear Lever Warning - Implemented
M346VC10 - FCR page rewritten according to flight manual - Done
M346VC11 - HSD format missing - Added simple HSD format mode
M346VC12 - Checklist format missing - Added CHECKLIST format
M346VC13 - TGP format graphics missing - ADDED
M346VC14 - MAX DECK MIN DECK indication from tactical pages.
M346VC15 - Caution system incomplete - Completed.
M346VC16 - CAWS Test Switch not implemented - Implemented
M346VC17 - Fixed incorrect AO in LMFD panel area - Fixed
M346VC18 - COM1 COM2 selector not working (but can be switched with volume keys)

M346VC19 - GPS DRIVES NAV1 linked to navigation mode - Implemented
M346VC20 - CLOCK/STOPWATCH UFCP mode implemented
M346VC21 - UFCP mode Flight Plan missing ADDED Simple FP ans SP modes, need documentation
M346VC22 - UFCP mode Waypoint missing - IMPLEMENTED: add and delete waypoint, and set as ground target
M346VC23 - UFCP mode BARO-RAD missing - IMPLEMENTED
M346VC24 - UFCP mode SBS missing - IMPLEMENTED
M346VC25 - Missing A/S symbology from HUD - ADDED
M346VC26 - Caption on severance command incorrect
M346VC27 - Caption on oxy system command incorrect
M346VC28 - MFD Power controls

M346VC30 - Incorrect Left And Right Battery Discharge voice alert if Lgen or Rgen become inoperative - Modified code: alert will play only if battery voltage is critically low.
M346VC31 - Special Alert System Incomplete

M346VC32 - Test Light Switch Inop - Added
M346VC33 - Seat Firing Pins Not Present - Added

M346VC34 - SMS Store Acceptance Procedure Not Implemented - Implemented, also change and reload configuration can now be performed within the SMS screen.

M346VC35 - Missing labels from TAXI/LANDING Switch - FIXED

M346VC36 - TAXI/LANDING Switch works only for landing - FIXED

M346VC37 - Takeoff-trim button not working - Added
M346VC38 - Takeoff-trim indication on digital display needs to be revised - modified so that it does not show when autotrim is active

M346VC39 - Link TCT switches to relevant functions - FIXED
M346VC40 - L and R BLEED warning light should blink during aircraft power up.
M346VC41 - Check BATT warning lights - Now functional
M346VC42 - Cannot get out of EGI Alignment Procedure
M346VC43 - Persistent Battery Discharge Warning during APU start

M346VC44 - Improve HUD symbology visibility downward (should be at least 10 degrees) for correct visibility during landing -> FIXED FOR BETA 2
M346VC45 - HUD does not power up through Control+Shift+R Shortcut. FIXED
M346VC46 - Request to park FPM at the edge of the HUD FOV. - IMPLEMENTED, also added FPM LIMITED symbology

M346VC47 - Brightness of HUD considered not sufficient - To be checked.
M346VC48 - Altitude lock on CADI format is not centered (offset by 200ft approx). FIXED
M346VC49 - Check Autopilot symbology on glareshield - Confirmed to be correct
M346VC50 - Missing Autopilot symbology on CADI format - Fixed
M346VC51 - Flood lights way too strong in P3Dv5 HF1 - To be checked. Seems OK on my system. FIXED
M346VC52 - Graphic hole on the virtual cockpit (left kneeboard area) - FIXED
M346VC53 - MASTER CAUTION reset not working - MASTER CAUTION reset now silences all Caution and Warning except Special Messages
M346VC54 - Switch material not conveted to PBR - Fixed
M346VC55 - HUD - check position of clock - Checked Correct
M346VC56 - HUD - check speedbrake symbology - Fixed, added speedbrake symbology as per flight manual
M346VC57 - HUD - check speed dials - Checked correct as per Flight Manual
M346VC58 - HUD - check VOR/TACAN pointer - Added, only for VOR. Also fixed on Waterline (as opposed to following the FPM/CDM)
M346VC59 - HUD - request to add AoA caret - Added
M346VC60 - MASS Switch - rotates in the opposite direction. FIXED
M346VC61 - TRU unit missing from front cockpit. ADDED
M346VC62 - Digital displays are backlit when aicraft is powered off.
M346VC63 - Request to increase color coding contrast of TSD - Unselected items are now 40% darkerM346VC64 - VOR/ILS non selectable in TSD - Fixed
M346VC65 - Fuel pump switch INOP - Made it operable but has no real function in the sim

M346VC66 - MRK and TACAN knobs incorrectly animated - FIXED
M346VC67 - GPS Zero Switch and PTT switch incorrectly animated. - FIXED
M346VC68 - BLEED knob is off-center. on the OFF postion. - FIXED

M346VC69 - HUDR does not work during flight.

M346VC70 - Explosive cord missing smooth group - FIXED
M346VC71 - Canopy actuator is missing - Modeled, but not convincing… decided to leave it out.
M346VC72 - Rear cockpit PTT switch does not work
M346VC73 - Rear cockpit FCS Panel switches do not work
M346VC74 - Rear cockpit Audio Panel switches do not work - Fixed

M346VC75 - Landing Light animation missing - Fixed
M346VC76 - Rear Cockpit main panel switches not working

M346VC77 - Brake lever rotates during activation - 45 deg counterclockwise as per flight manual
M346VC78 - Emergency fire controls do not work in rear cockpit M346VC79 - Limit the stick visibility clickspot area - Fixed
M346VC80 - Harmonize Pan speed view in copilot cockpit
M346VC81 - Reduce HUD Graphic Area
M346VC82 - Introduce tinted glass for the HUD

M346VC83 - Check Alignment of A-A symbology on HUD
M346VC84 - Check Alignment of A-G symbology on HUD
M346VC85 - Add FPM to CADI
M346VC86 - Change SMS Page so that configuration must be accepted with MASS in standby
M346VC87 - Redone GHD Display to comply with the flight manual
M346VC88 - Master Caution does not flash in reality
M346VC89 - MENU pages are completely black and do not overlay on existing graphics.
M346VC90 - A/A and A/G modes are not selectable when Gear Down and WOW - Fixed
M346VC91 - Request to make REAL/SIM switch functional

M346VC92 - PARS not operative
M346VC93 - Alt SEL incorrectly labeled "right engine start switch" - Changed to autopilot altitude selector
M346VC94 - ICE warning appears at incorrect temperature - Changed logic to lower values

M346VC95 - FCS PAGE Wheel brake temp always displayed - FIXED

M346VC96 - CADI PAGE unnecessary digits in millibar indication - Fixed
M346VC97 - Misalignment between digits and altitude tape
M346VC98 - Truncated digits if more than 10 waypoints in flight plan, TSD and HSI pages. Fixed

M346VC99 - Incorrect HUD indication  above M1.00 Fixed
M346VC100 - Scenery leakage through cockpit model neardby left side of ejection seat - FIXED
M346VC101 - Altitude tape limited to 32000ft - Extended to 42000ft
M346VC102 - Cannot manually select waypoints from FP or TSD page - Fixed
M346VC103 - Zulu Time missing from TSD page - Fixed
M346VC104 - TCT switches EWS and TGP are incorrectly animated - FIXED (item renumbered due to mistake)
M346VC105 - Swapped VEH TSD control for NDB control

M346VC106 - Fix minor misalignment of Brightness and Audio Power Switches
M346VC107 - Implement APP mode in the HUD - Added CDI and Glideslope if VOR/ILS mode is detected and NAV mode is selected. Fixed on the waterline as opposed to follow the velocity vector.

M346VC108 - Implement FPM-CDM button in UFCP (order CDM, FPM, Waterline, CDM+FPM) - IMPLEMENTED
M346VC109 - Implement SP mode in UFCP - Simple SP Mode implemented
M346VC110 - Fixed bug preventing radio frequencies to be set correctly with new UFCP
M346VC111 - Fixed bug preventing TACAN channel to be set correctly with UFCP

M346VC112 - Implement HUD Declutter
M346VC113 - Add ARM caption to HUD
M346VC114 - Taxi light apparently can be switched on even if there is no electrical power
M346VC115 - Master Caution Reset does not work in rear cockpit


M346FM01 - Disable Autotrim below 170 kts
M346FM02 - Roll rate too high (opinion of tester) - Checked against flight manual and confirmed by pilots.
M346FM03 - Idle power too high - Check engine performance
M346FM04 - Request to implement carefree handling

M346FM05 - Top speed too high - Check against flight envelope. NOTE: Official figures as follows:
0.87Mach at sea level, 1.0Mach at 20000ft. 1.15Mach max speed achieved during test flights, in slight dive. - Revised transonic drag coefficients

M346FM06 - Nosewheel steering insufficient. - Increased NWS angle and differential braking
M346FM07 - Park Brakes unable to stop the aircraft at high throttles
M346FM08 - Aircraft seems to move (very slowly) if park brake is engaged. 

M346FM09 - Aircraft engines can be started also in NORM mode in the real aircraft. - FIXED
M346FM10 - General feedback - slightly overpowered (5-10%?) - Revised drag coefficients
M346FM11 - Real world aircraft limit AoA is supposely 25 deg. NOTE: other sources indicate 30, 35 and 40 degrees al for limit AoA. NOTE: Flight manual clearly indicates that stall advisory is at 17° AOA. NOTE: Official figures seem to be as follows: STALL warning at 17° or 18° AoA depending on FCS mode. Real AoA limit: 25° deg. - Revised AOA limits

M346FM12 - Wheels not touching the runway (just few cm) on P3Dv5 - Revised contact points

M346FM13 - Oleo animations incorrect and do not match gear compression.

M346FM14 - Drag too low… difficult to decelerate the plane with throttles at idle. New drag index.
M346FM15 - Internal fuel tank capacity slightly different from real plane - FIXED
M346FM16 - EGT too low even at idle and on the ground
M346FM17 - NH at idel should be 56/57

M346FM18 - Basic empty weight does not include oil and hyraulic fuel. Should be 5300 - FIXED
M346FM19 - Change avionic reference speeds with EAS. - IMPLEMENTED


M346OT01 - Cockpit animation is way too fast - slowed downa and added custom sound
M346OT02 - Sound package missing - Draft sound package implemented, needs refinements
M346OT03 - Air-to-Surface Tacpack functionality missing - Implemented
M346OT04 - Consider adding aural warnings 
M346OT05 - Laser code rejected by avionic system - Implemented
M346OT06 - TGP Laser Spot fine adjust not working - ADDED

M346OT07 - Add APU Sound - Added
M346OT08 - Pre-Planned target mode not implemented

M346OT09 - IFF Switch and Warning not Implemented - IFF requires user to power up the unit. Will report REPLY in green if the current L&S target is FRIEND
M346OT10 - Add a "ready to start the engines" button shortcut
M346OT11 - Turn GEN OFF for cold start
M346OT12 - Set EGI Alignment to COMPLETE if start is airborne

M346OT13 - HUD does not power up automatically via "ready to start" shortcut - Fixed initialization code in Beta 2.
M346OT14 - Keyboard shortcuts need to be revised/completed.
M346OT15 - Configurator. Rear pilot seems to reappear in the seat when aicraft is airborne. - Fixed code for Beta 2. Problem was a animation code snippet leftover from the Eurofighter.
M346OT16 - Configurator/SMS IRIS-T left underwing not connected to pylon (without Tacpack) - Fixed SMS code in Beta 2
M346OT17 - Configurator GBU-12 on pylon 2 non selectable. Right inner GBU-12 cannot be removed from the configurator (unless Clear All button is used). - Fixed configurator code in Beta 2
M346OT18 - Configurator BRD-4-250 on pylon 2 non selectable. Right inner BRD can only be removed from the configurator (unless Clear All button is used). - Fixed configurator code in Beta 2
M346OT19 - Configurator - Smokewinder left and right not connected to pylon without Tacpack - Fixed SMS code in Beta 2

M346OT20 -  Configurator - if chocks are not removed they stay on during motion and flight. Chocks and streamers will not disappear if aircraft is not stationary.
M346OT21 -  Configurator - if ladder is not removed, it stays on during motion and flight. Ladder will now disappear if aircraft is not stationary or if canopy is not open.

M346OT22 -  Sound system bug: crash due to missing sound files during certain conditions (engines out, engine or APU fire) - Fixed typos in sound DLL configuration.
M346OT23 - Check behavior of weapons release. FIXED - weapon selection from MFD did not include commands to SMS to select the proper pylon, hence did not work as intended.
M346OT24 - Replace stall sound

M346OT25 - Add 2D HUD display
M346OT26 - Add 2D MFD display for cockpit builders

M346OT27 - Add Taxi/Landing Light Shortcut

M346OT28 - Check selective Jettison functionality with Tacpack - Checked correct, but works only for certain stores
M346OT29 - Check emergency Jettison functionality with and without Tacpack - Checked correct

M346OT30 - Sign Tacpack files for multiplayer - Files signed

M346OT31 - Add information to the manual (e.g.HUD power switch)

M346OT32 - Replace STALL sound


Saturday, April 18, 2020


Prepar3D V5 is out...and while it is not the revolution that many were waiting for, it is definitely a step forward thanks to its DirectX 12 implementation, better atmospheric and water rendering...and a ton of bug fixes and small improvements. However, I think many users are waiting for FS2020 and will not make the jump to this new version. Also, a lot of the "combat" user base of FSX/P3D has jumped to DCS following the slow (but steady) release of high quality aircrafts. 

Also, please bear in mind that, at least at the moment of writing this post, VRS TACPACK is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH P3Dv5 and I have no idea if and when VRS will update it. Therefore, my planes WILL NOT have full functionality in P3DV5 (radar, weapons, configurator, chaff-flares,
ECM, FLIR and other sensors will not work). 

Anyway here is the compatibility list for my commercial projects:
EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON - works fine in P3Dv5, but update to PBR is highly recommended (see payware projects) 

F-35 LIGHTNING II - REQUIRES NEW INSTALLER (v3.67) SEE PREVIOUS POST ON THIS BLOG. Older versions do not work due to a file naming conflicts with Lockheed Martin Assets 

SIAI MARCHETTI S-211 / AERMACCHI M-345 PROTOTYPE - works fine in P3Dv5, but update to PBR is highly recommended (see payware projects) 

C-2 GREYHOUND / E-2 HAWKEYE PACKAGE - both planes work fine. No PBR update available. 

TA-4J SKYHAWK - works fine in P3Dv5 

A-4E/F/G/H/K SKYHAWK - works fine in P3Dv5

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

F-35 Version 3.67 for Prepar3D V5 - New Installer

EDIT - A small glitch has been detected in the F-35A PBR models (both in payware P3Dv4 and v5, v5 stock aircraft) so that if spoilers are deployed and rudder is fully deflected to the left, the right rudder detaches from the vertical stabilizer.
You can download a fix by clicking HERE - this is an XML file that goes into the panel/FCS subfolder of the F-35A - whatever version you have - and limits the movement of the rudder. SimMarket installer will be updated to V3.67.
Prepar3D V5 is launching today and will include a (somewhat simplified) version of my F-35A/B/C models. However there are some changes in the default file names that generate an filename incompatibility with the payware version.
I have therefore created a new installer that will both change the names of the files affected and will also change their cross reference.
The new installer contains ALL the previous patches/updated.

IMPORTANT: the new installer embraces the "ADD-ON" approach of Prepar3D, that is the files of the add-on are NOT placed in the simulator folders, but rather are stored in a separate addo-on folder.
The default location of this add-on folder is \Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons - this is where you should point your installer to.
All add-ons in this folder will be discovered automatically by the simulator and can be switched on and off at will.

PREPAR3D V4 USERS: despite its label, the new installer will also work with Prepar3D v4 and some users may prefer to use it as it also installs all the patches. You can do that, but, if you have previous versions of the F-35 installer, before doing that you should MANUALLY DELETE the F-35A, F-35B and F-35C folders in your SimObjects\Airplanes folder

SimMarket customer should have received an email notification. All the other major distributors of the F-35 are now out of business: if you were one of their customers and wish to receive the new installer drop me an email at with proof of purchase and (if you have one) your SimMarket account references (at it may be easier for me to provide a download link through their servers).


Sunday, January 12, 2020

A-4E/F/G/H/K for Flight Simulator X

I finally have a "workable" Beta of the A-4 for Flight Simulator X. As per my usual procedure, here is the post meant to collect the feedback from the Beta Testing, which however will be limited to just a few testers. This post is (almost) constantly update with the "accepted" bugs and suggestions, color coded to reflect their status. "Accepted" means that I have understood what the testers reported, I could replicate it (or at least be sure this is not a misinterpretation or an error from the tester) and I have "accepted" it as a item to be addressed.

To apply for the Beta please send and email to with:
- SHORT description of your system: just CPU, GPU, RAM
- Exact version of the simulator you are running (A-4 requires at least P3D v4.4)
- If you have Tacpact installed or not
- SHORT description of real and virtual flying experience


Precedence will be given to users and testers of the P3D A4, P3D TA-4 and FSX TA-4 as they are more familiar with the plane, so let me know if you are one of them.

Color code

RED means that it the defect has been categorized as a major issue. This is typically a showstopper (operation of the aicraft is impossible or severely inhibited) and must be addressed before the product release.
YELLOW means that it is definitely an issue for the project, that should be addressed before the product release, but not as critical as a "red" issue
GREEN means that either the issue is very minor (and will not be noticed by most users), or the problem is non-existent (feature reported as bug) or that is was an red or Yellow issue that has been solved
BLUE means suggestions or ideas to improve the product

To do list:

A4FSX01 - Installer still reports TA-4J instead of A-4 - FIXED 15/01
A4FSX02 - No glass effects on canopy - FIXED 17/01

A4FSX03 - APC and LABS lights on startup? - CANNOT REPLICATE BUG

A4FSX04 - Sound dll loading error message - FIXED 15/01
A4FSX05 - Missing geometry with click area to toggle stick visibility - FIXED 17/01
A4FSX06 - AoA Indicator OFF flag Always in view - FIXED 17/01
A4FSX07 - Cannot operate cabin lights with mouse - FIXED 18/01

A4FSX08 - Tail planes not alignedA4FSX09 - Transponder controls not operational
A4FSX10 - Wrong IFF code on instrument (first digit)