Thursday, November 11, 2010

T-45C remake - first look at the 3d model

Just a quick post to show you the status of the T-45C 3D model. The image above is rendered - so the in-game look shall differ. I do not like to post rendered images as they may be misleading, but on the other hand, diffuse and reflection maps are far from being complete so, at the moment the model looks black when in-game.
As you can see the main things are there and working. Some areas still need texturing, but 60% of the work is done. The cockpit area is probably the least detailed for now, while some other areas may need some tweaking. IMHO it is much more accurate than the previous one. The major mistake is the shape of the outer gear doors, which are slightly too "pointy" - unfortunately remaking them requires a lot of work - so I'll probably live with them as they are.
That is it for now. I still have some difficulties in finding the time (and the motivation) to work on FSX these days. Honestly, in these weeks, when I come back home after a whole day designing new products on Pro/Engineer (which is my paying job) the last thing I want to see is the another 3D modeling software...