Thursday, December 31, 2015

T-45C Goshawk Version 2.80 - and a note on rolling ships in P3Dv3.1

Here is an unplanned update to the Goshawk - as the Goshawk has always been my test vehicle for experiments, I had a number of small improvements that I never released... and I decided to polish them a little and release a new version (although the project is officially "closed")... so here we go with version 2.80...

Also, a quick note on P3Dv3.1:
One cool feature of P3Dv3.1 is that, if water is set on ULTRA settings, boats and ship will pitch and roll according to the waves (which in turn are influenced by the wind). Needless to say, it makes carrier (or helicopter) operations much more challenging. However, unfortunately some visual effects (notably night lighting and fresnel lights) do not follow the boat properly so this LM has DISABLED for standard carriers by default, as it was very confusing at night. You can enable or disable this effect on a per-vehicle basis by using a new parater in the contact points section (if 1 the boat will not roll, otherwise it will):
always_use_avg_surface=1 //always use the average surface elevation
Anyway, back to the T-45C, here are the release notes. Download from Google Drive from the side bar, as usual.

- New NACES seat 3D model courtesy of Vertical Reality Simulations (same as their Superbug)
- New Control stick model for Virtual Cockpit
- Minor improvements to Virtual Cockpit details
- Added “Remove Before Flight” ribbons (will show/hide with SHIFT+E then 3 control)
- Added HUD, engine intakes and exhaust covers (will show/hide with SHIFT+E then 4)
- Standardized pilot figures to have the same look as the Military Avatars Package
- Added skinned meshes animations to pilot figures (head movement, throttle, stick left/right,
pedals left/right)
- Fixed bug that caused HUD to flicker in P3Dv2 and v3
- Added clickable areas to external model for P3Dv3 (to use in external views or Avatar mode)*:
– canopy opening lever
– crew access steps
– engine/HUD covers (click nearby the engine intake)
– remove before flight ribbons (click on certain parts of the landing gear and tailhook)
- Fixed miscellaneous incompatibility issues and typos in configuration files
- Rationalization of files and duplicates for “WORKING MIRROR” all the models
are in the main MODEL folder, while you need to install the relevant aicraft.cfg and model.cfg
to activate or deactivate the feature
- Fixed minor animation bugs
- Pilot figures now have automatic or user controllable visibility conditions**
- Improved configurator, now has also crew figure control buttons, as well as ribbons and covers
visibility control and refuel options**


* covers and ribbons are not “individually” controllable... clicking on a cover or a ribbon
will remove all of them. This was basically a test to check how practical it was to have a
virtual walkaround

** By default pilot visibility is set in AUTO mode. In this mode pilot will always show unless:
– The relevant weight station il loaded with 89 pounds or less
– The RPMs are below 5% and the speed of the aicraft is below 5 kts and the aicraft is on the ground and the parking brake is set.
The configurator allows the user to MANUALLY select to HIDE the crew, or show both the student
and the instructor or only the student. MANUAL selection will always force the selected
condition unless CREW AUTO button is pressed (and automatic visibility is restored)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Projects updates... and season greetings!

First, thanks a lot your your continued support to my projects - as you may know this has been a very special year for my flight simulation efforts, as I finally established my own registered "company". This is still just a hobby for me, but having proper fiscal organization allows me to invest more money and embark in more ambitious projects - the new F-35 is the first result of the new organization, and, for example, the new visual model is a direct outcome of my decisions. Making it a freeware project was simply not an option - development costs being way too high for freeware.

So, what is next? Here is the list of the projects currently on my drawing board:

NEW PROJECT - Eurofighter Typhoon:If you follow my Facebook page, you know that I have been doing some work on an Eurofighter model. The vast majority of the documentation on this aicraft is still classfied, but I believe I have enough information to create a decent simulation. I did some work on the external model (which is shown in the picture above) and the VC - and it looks good so far. I'll continue working on this to check if there are unforeseen showstoppers... but so far so good.
This is meant to be a payware project - and hopefully should land on the same quality level and price range of the F-35 (and possibly a little more accurate in terms of avionics). The main development platform will be P3Dv2.5 (for the moment...may be I'll move to V3) but it should be backward compatible to FSX (possibly with the exception of PIRATE/TFLIR imaging).

NEW PROJECT - Aermacchi MB.339 (ON HOLD)
An obvious extension of the MB.326 project, the MB.339 is one aicraft I still intend to do. I did some work on a preliminary external model - which needs texturing and a decent VC. One of the targets of this project is to achieve a very high visual efficiency in terms of frames-per-second. At present I have no time to work on this...and the project is on hold. In my intentions this would be a freeware project.

NEW PROJECT - Grumman E-2/C-2 (Feasibility stage - ON HOLD)
I also made a feasibility study on the E-2 and C-2 aicrafts - they are probably the only carrier aicrafts for which we do not have decent models... A payware project would be doable, although I do not have time for this right now.

PROJECT UPDATE - F-35 Lightning IINeedless to say, I am continuing to keep track of the bug reports and suggestions... as of today, we have not yet reached the critical mass to release another update...but if I'll find some time in the next few weeks I will update the project anway.


T-45C Goshawk - Although this project is officially closed, I have been using it as testbed for various my private build is actually a little bit better than what you guys have... In particular there are a number of small visual improvements that some of you may like.

F-14D Tomcat - Still not happy with it. And as much as I appreciate Aerosoft's F-14X, I believe that a new, and better, Tomcat is possible.

S-3B Viking - Yes...I know. I promised an update for it a long time ago. It is still unfinished, and IMHO is the worst of the bunch in terms of quality. But still...may be one day or another I will find the will to complete it. Or at least release the AI tanker model...

MB.326 - Very few bugs reported... I am not completely happy with it, but I am not sure I will have much time for it.

So, looks like the 2016 will be quite busy... we'll see.
In the meantime thanks once again for your support, feedback and help...and BEST WISHES for a Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Although the F-35 went though a relatively long and very detailed Beta testing, some bugs slipped into the final release.
We will do our best to fix them, but releasing a product upate takes some time.
So, in the meantime, HOTFIX files will provide updates to solve the most urgent bugs.

You can download the hotfix from Google drive by clicking HERE.

Version 3.01 - HOTFIX
Release 12/05/2015
- Fixed bug that prevented GPS coordinates to be loaded into guided weapons seekers.
  This bug prevented GPS guided weapons to hit assigned targets.
- Completely rewrote target assignment, GPS and laser coordinates update code...hopefully more reliable
- Fixed bug that showed GROUND TARGET designation triangle in subportals 1 and 5 when DAS mode and proper weapons were selected
- WPNA and WPNS page, instead of being INOP, will report target and Tacpack weapons variables...
  this is mostly for debugging purposes, but given that those pages were INOP, it is for the better.
- Changed "X-Ray" vision activation: if invoked through CTRL+SHIFT+X it will stay on even if the pilot is looking forward. X-ray vision will still leave room to boresight VHUD symbology if invoked by pressing the "brake" key
- Fixed bug that prevented DAS imagery to be shown when TFLIR imaging was masked (NOTE: DAS has full 720° is never masked)
- Fixed bug that prevented "X-Ray" vision to work when TFLIR imaging was masked
- Increased fuel transfer rate during in-flight refuel

Drag and drop the "panel" folder included in this zip into the F-35A folder.
The F-35A folder is located in:


Typical P3Dv2 location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-35A

Typical P3Dv3 location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-35A

Although FSX "limited compatibility" mode is not officially supported, actually a non-negligible number of users is apparently using FSX.
So we will try to provide some sort of very basic support for them, if time allows.
USE THE FSX PATCH INSTEAD: This will only fix the target assigment bugs and increase the refuel rate. No improvements to MFDs.