Wednesday, July 25, 2012

F-35 is available for download at SimMarket

I've been noticed that the installer has an issue and misplaces the files in the FSX folders (it places the model files into the SimObject folder, but they should go into the SimObject/Airplanes subfolder). If you know how to install FSX files manually, you are probably able to fix this.... but I've fixed the bug and an updated installer is being uploaded right now... sorry for the inconvenience!!!!
It looks like the F-35 is already available at SimMarket...and I was the last one to know! Anyway, I had not given to SimMarket formal authorization to proceed - as I wanted to make a couple of changes to the webpage.

For one, calling the project "The Real F-35" is not an idea of mine, and I will ask SimMarket to change it. I believe it is a reasonable simulation - but it is far from being as "real" as other addons.

The product has still some bugs - sorry for that - but I hope that the quality level is acceptable for most users as the price - if my calculations are right, this will be just enough to cover the development costs. Again, this is not a job for me, nor I do not want it to be - still, I hope the F-35 is "professional" enough for most users to enjoy flying it. Have fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

F-35 Cleared to taxi and hold short...

Just a quick note to announce that the F-35 is *almost* ready. That is, I have a build that should be good enough for distribution. There are still some bugs here and there, and I was not able to fix all the issues that were highlighted during the Beta tests. Still, I believe the build is good enough, considering the complexity of the project and the fact that, well, I could continue trying to fix minor issues a certain point it is better to stop, provided that the quality level is acceptable.

After a thoughtful consideration the project will be payware - but I believe the price will be definitely acceptable for most users. Final price has not been decided but it will be close to the previous F-35, possibly with discounts for previous customers (if technically feasible).

I am, and will be and I still consider myself, a freeware developer - this is just a hobby for me and I do not want greed to be part of my hobbies... nor I envision this activity will ever replace my real life job, nor I'd like to become a regular businness. But the F-35 project has been extemely expensive by my standards, and, frankly, I'd like to limit my loss (which is in the area of few thousands euros...mostly spent on acquiring the high-definition meshes I've used as starting point in the modeling).

Anyway, it is almost ready. Almost. I still need to complete the manual, pack the files etc. etc.... I believe that will require another week or two. I hope you will have fun with the Lightning II.