Monday, August 20, 2018

F-35 Lightning II update to version 3.52


Here is yet another update to the payware F-35, which will bring the release version to 3.52.
I am taking the chance to clarify a couple of things:

- Customers of "older" versions of the F-35 (meaning V1.X and V2.X, now freeware) are not entitled to the free upgrade to version 3.50. Only customers who have purchased version 3.X will get the update. So please do not ask distributors for the download links.

- AFAIK all the distributors have updated their links to version 3.50. If you still have difficulties in downloading the new installers from them, please let me know by dropping an email to

- Version 3.50 is the new "FULL INSTALL" baseline. Further updates, like this one, will be deployed through this blog and will require manual installation. So, please do not ask to distributors for version 3.51 or 3.52.

That being said, here is what is new in this release:

Version 3.52 - 20/08/2018
- Minor refinements to flight model
- Added MAP modes also in extended and full-screen portal modes for TSD1, TSD2 and TSD3 (courtesy of Roberto Leonardo)

- Added missing code for automatic anti-skid engagement
- Fixed graphic glitch in A-A target symbology
- Added possibility to enter negative values for VV in AP mode
- Miscellaneous code fix
- Better alignment of TSD symbology (but still far off in some cases)
- Added optional "Simplified" MFD:
  This is a simpler MFD that will occupy less memory and may generate a (minimal) increase in performance.
  To install this, open the file and drag and drop the F-35_MFD folder in your F-35A\Panel folder.
  You may want to backup the F-35_MFD folder first.
  This will eliminate some pages (WPNA, WPNS, CHCKLST, TSD2, TSD3 and PHM) and restrict the functionality of Others.

You can download the update by clicking HERE or from the side bar.

PS - I also noticed that, for a mistake, version 1.13 of the Eurofighter did not include the intended code for the antiskid...the mistake was rectified, so you may want to download the update again.


Ricnunes said...

First of all, thanks for the updates for the F-35.
The Flight Model is now much better indeed specially when flying at supersonic speeds.

However, I do have a couple of suggestions regarding the F-35 flight model:

1- The landing approach on the F-35A (so far I only tested the -A variant of the F-35) seems to be too high. In order to achieve a steep approach I need to be flying at 170 knots indicated (KIAS) minimum. The landing approach speed in real life of the F-35A seems to be around 155-160 KIAS.
But if I approach at that speed (155-160 KIAS) I noticed that I need to keep my aircraft at a nose angle of 20 degrees or more which seems to much/to high.
At first glance, it seems to me that the aircraft (F-35A) when flying at speeds of around 155-160 KIAS that it doesn't generate the amount of lift that it should hence why it sinks/loses altitude fast even when flying with a high nose angle of 20 degrees or more.

2- This second suggestion/finding is also related to landings (in the F-35A) but this one related to wheel brakes. They seems to be very "weak" in terms of stopping power. I noticed that together with the issue that I mentioned in 1- that it takes a runway with more than 2km in order to successfully land and stop the F-35A which again seems to be too much compared with real life.

I hope this feedback makes sense to you and once again, thanks for the updates.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the feeback - As usual, we'll try our best to improve!

Unknown said...

As usual, awesome package, Dino! I'm loving this aircraft, and spend quite a bit of time flying it these days.
Gonna echo Ricnunes comment #1 above. The speed seems a tad high, and I sometimes have trouble seeing the FPM during landing. This is for the F-35A.

Another thing that is a bit of an issue for me (and maybe just for me), is that when I fly through whispy clouds (using Skyforce 3D and Active Sky for v4, as well as ENVTEX), the HMDS will start flashing inconsistently, and more often than not lock up pointing in one direction. No amount of disabling/enabling the HMDS and turning the knobs will get it back on track. I basically have to reload the scenario or restart P3Dv4.3. Have you ever encountered that issue before? I'm using TrackIR btw.

Another "issue" is the brightness of the DAS HMDS image. For me it seems very bright, and it is very hard to make out any details. Might be a feature for all I know, but...
The IR image on the panel is much darker (WHOT mode) and has finer details. The DAS picture looks more like the BHOT image of the IR. Is there any way to change that?

Apart from those two issues, I'm loving this aircraft, and I spending more and more time flying it these days, especially after watching our second batch of reallife F-35As landing at ├śrland MAS :)
Thanks so much for updating this wonderful aircraft!

Unknown said...'s just awesome what you've created. I'm living my F35 dream. If this was in DCS I wouldn't leave my house......
Agree with the issues others experience. The flight model does feel sluggish. Landing speeds seem high. And graphical issues prevail with the HMD. Especially in poor weather (Thunder, rain etc) t
The HMD flashes in and out of existence.

Ricnunes said...

You're welcome Dino.

I also hope that mine and others feedback can improve this already great F-35 package.

Unknown said...

After a bit of testing, the HMDS flashing and disappearing, or locking up in one direction somewhere, does not appear to be an F-35 HMDS issue. The same thing happens during the same circumstances with the VRS Superbug. This points to a TacPack issue. Gonna check with VRS about that.

Unknown said...


Just a couple of notes on the HMD. The "flashing" is, unfortunately, intrinsic to the way collimated HUDs are made in FSX/P3D - they are projected on a plane far away from the A/C but, in some conditions, other 3D objects and/or effect may be in the way... so there are some weather situations in which flickering may happen.

As for the locking, as you have guessed, it is due to a Tacpack bug.

As for the DAS image, problem is that the excessive brightness is due to the new rendering technique used to make the HMD more readable...not sure if there is anything I can do.


Looks like there may be an issue in your installation so that the automatic flaps are not working. The F-35A should land OK at 165-170 kts below 47500lbs gross weight.

@SHD 46

I wish I could port this to DCS...but the amount of work needed is huge!

Twinkle Garg said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the info, Dino!
Roger on the DAS, I'll guess I have to live with it :)

Ricnunes said...

Hi Dino,

The point with my first post is not if I can land at around 165-170 kts with the F-35A. I actually mentioned on my first post that I can land (well) the F-35A at a speed of 170 kts. Even now (just before posting this) I managed to land the F-35A at a speed of 166 kts (with a gross weight of 42800 lb) but the problem still remains:
-> The landing speed for the F-35A should be lower, it should (again) be around 155-160 kts as per real life. That's 10 knots less than currently possible which is very considerable specially in such low speeds and considering that the F-35 is an aircraft that generates lots of lift.

If you try to land your F-35A at speeds of 155-160 kts (as in real life) you'll have to point too high and even thou the most likely thing to happen is that the descent rate will be too high and you'll end up crashing on the ground or on the runway.

This is even more considerable since it seems to affect low altitude performance (due to lower than expected lift at low speeds) and of course it affects the space needed on the runway for a complete stop which by its turn seems to end up affecting the other issue that I previously noticed and posted, the wheel brake "stopping power" (which IMO is too weak).

Finally, how can I be certain if the automatic flaps are working or not?
Even thou I don't thing that's the issue since I can land at the speeds that you mention (it just that again they are too high compared to real life).

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