Wednesday, March 29, 2017


During the development of my new project, the Eurofighter Typhoon, some issues with the F-35 have been identified. Most notably, an issue with V3.20 and V3.21 caused the A-A missile seekers not to work as intended if slaved to a radar track.
This patch should solve the issue as a temporary fix, and bring some other minor improvements.
I have a middle-term plan to release an official update to the installer, which will bring also new features - but in the meantime you may want to install this patch.

Version 3.23
- Fixed a bug that prevented A-A missiles to work correctly in radar-slaved mode
- Fixed a bug in reporting FAB fuel quantities
- Increased in-flight refuel rate
- Changed visibiliy condition of landing light (light turns off when gear is retracted)
- Fixed a bug which prevented IFF Mode 4 automatic activation

As usual the update can be downloaded from the side bar, or by clicking HERE