Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Projects update

A very quick update on the status of my various FSX projects:

F-35 LIGHTNING II - The product has been withdrawn from sales to be re-released as freeware. I've already made several minor improvements to the package, and I am evaluating further changes. A plausible release date is the first or second week of January.

T-45C GOSHAWK - A further update is in the works, with some minor changes. The biggest improvement will be new flight dynamics, courtesy of Tom Falley, which more realistic and will be closer to the NATOPS spec.

F-14D TOMCAT - The external modeling and pilot cockpit modeling are complete, although the pilot cockpit is not fully functional yet. The RIO cockpit is almost complete, but still needs some work. I'll probably release a public test version before Christmas (possibly without RIO cockpit).

Aside, I'm still tinkering with Eglin AFB scenery....more info soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

F-35 Lightning II - Suggestions for further updates?

As I wrote in the previous post, I have withdrawn the F-35 from sales at SimMarket. It will be re-released as freeware soon.
I'll take the chance of the freeware release to make a further (minor) update...

Specifically, at the moment I have:
- Changed the .air file to reflect the latest public reports and statements from the test team. It appears that the F-35 is not capable of proper supercruising: it requires the A/B to get through the sound barrier, but then can maintain M1.2 for a relevant distance without the use of A/B. Transonic performance will also be better.
- Solved the autothrottle bug...of course it was a trivial mistake in the aircraft.cfg.
- Removed the MFD and "wide" views of the cockpit - which were just an annoyance for most users.

Should you have any suggestion for improvement, please let me know - adding a comment on this post would be teh preferred way.

I am also thinking of a P3D specific version, although I have not tested P3D yet - but it seems a very interesting development of FSX, and this is definitely a good thing for developers.

Monday, November 12, 2012

F-35 Withdrawn from sales

Just a quick note to let you know that the F-35 has been withdrawn from sales. It will be re-released as freeware later on (still TBD), possibly with some minor enhancements (TBD, too).
Please note that, until then, the F-35 is still to be considered payware and copying/sharing is still not legitimate.
In the meantime I am still proceeding with the Tomcat project - at the moment, there is some chance that a publci Beta may be available before Chirstmas.

Monday, November 5, 2012

F-35 Sales Figures in - Will turn to freeware

I've just received sales figure for the F-35 from SimMarket - and I am happy to say that the project exceeded the even point significantly.
As you are aware of, I am not a payware developer and the reason why the F-35 is payware is that it has been a very expensive project to develop.
Let me clarify once again that I have nothing against payware products or making profit from this activity - but I cannot venture into this for several reasons.
I have a full time engineering job, which is both relatively well paid and satisfying - and by the way involves minor design activities for equipment of the real F-35. For one, I do not have the time and I cannot afford that FSX design activity have an impact on my "real life" job.
Also, if my FSX "businness" grows there come accounting laws and taxes obligations I do not have the time to follow.
For these reasons (and others I have explained elsewhere) I have decided that the F-35 will be soon withdrawn from sales and will be re-released as freeware after a period (yet TBD) in which it will not be available.
I hope you understand and still enjoy flying the F-35.