Monday, October 28, 2013

F-14D Tomcat version 2.11

As discussed on my facebook page, here is a minor update to the F-14D which fixes some minor inaccuracies that were both annoying and easy to fix - also, I've been working with VRS to solve the Tacpack carrier navaids issue. There are still some annoying bugs here and there, but this release should be good for a more widespread distribution. Release notes are as follows:

October 27th, 2013

- fixed the AIM-7 mounting position for STA1B and 8B
- fixed the taileron animation
- improved the Lantirn pod material rendering
- fix the main landing gear animation speed
- added HUD indications for Tacpack-generated Tacans (the boat and the refueling tanker)
- added HUD indications for Tacpack-generated Carrier ILS (note ILS fequency is automatically tuned once the Tacan is tuned with NAV1 Radio)

Just to clarify the note on the carrier navaids, carriers in Tacpack are spawned with specifc, Tacpack driven Navaids (although they may have their own "embedded" in their mdl files). In the Tacpack "generic" implementation works as follows: the NAV1 active frequency should be tuned to the Tacpack Carriers TACAN equivalent frequency (MHz), while NAV2 should be tuned to the ILS frequency of the boat.
To make things a little easier in my implementation, you should tune NAV1 to the Tacpack Carrier TACAN, and then, if you are within 20 miles for the boat, NAV2 is automatically adjusted to the ILS frequency of the boat. Tacpack specific navaids will ONLY show in the HUD.

Download link to version 2.11 is HERE.

Monday, October 21, 2013

F-14D Tomcat Version 2.10 (Limited Introduction)

Given that I will not have much time for FSX in the next few weeks, I have decided to pack the latest build as it is and release the F-14D version 2.10 right away.
This version has not been tested as long as it should have been...and I am sure it is plenty of bugs. On the other hand, I simply will not have much time for the next month or so... so here we are with version 2.10.
The big thing, as you are probably are aware of, is the Tacpack support - which is more or less on par with what I provided for the F-35 (hopefully!).
Please note, however, that the F-14D has MUCH less automation than the Superbug and the Lightning II... hence it requires you to switch to the Rio cockpit from time to time.
Also, please HAVE A LOOK AT THE MANUAL. At least the Weapon Systems Reference Guide - some switches need manual operation for some systems to work!

Change log is as follows:

-added weapon models: AIM-9, AIM-7, AIM-54, GBU-31, GBU-10, GBU-12, Mk.82, Mk.83, Mk.84 (weight dependant, see manual)
-added Lantirn Pod model
-fixed tailhook design 
-fixed taileron pivot position
-fixed miscellaneous texturing errors
-changed RIO-cockpit 3D model geometry (now correctly mimics a typical F-14D Rio Station)
-fixed wheel anti-skid function
-revised RIO displays functionalities and graphics
-addeed landing gear kneel animation when launch bar retracts
-fixed RIO station fuel indicators
-Added limited integration with Vertical Reality Simulations Tacpack package version or above (see below)
-Added Weapons Systems Reference Document for Tacpack Functionalities
-Added Weapons Configurator for Tacpack weapons
-Partial rework of sound cues
-Reworked engine performance in attept to achive a more realistic behavior
-Improved special effects (a/B, heat shimmer)
-Minor changes to roll rate and general handling for realism
-Added Miscellaneous Repaints courtesy of Jiri Soukup and Groom Lake Simulations.

For the moment, please DO NOT upload this file anywhere else. I'd like to be sure it is free from major bugs before it spreads too much over the internet...

Download link is HERE 

Friday, October 4, 2013

F-35 Lightning II Version 2.30 (Limited Introduction)

Here is the much awaited F-35 update for FSX:Acceleration which also supports the Tacpack (version or later required).
For the moment, it will only be available on this blog - in order to check it works correctly. Most likely there will be bandwith issues with Google Drive... anyway, as soon as it is confirmed that it works as it should, it will be uploaded at the usual repositories too.

Download from Google Drive by clicking HERE

Version 2.30
October 4th 2013
Added basic Tacpack Support (requires Vertical Reality Simulation's Tacpack module)
Added Tacpack compatible weapons (Cannon, AIM-9X, AIM-120C, GBU-31, GBU-10, GBU-12, JSOW, MK-84, Mk-83, MK82)
Added Tacpack A/A functions: Az/El search and L&S designation, Gun (Gun Director and Funnel modes), Sidewinders launch (Visual Boresight and Radar Slaved), Slammer launch (Visual Boresight and Radar Slaved).
Added Tacpack A/G functions: TOO mode, AUTO release, MANual release, CCIP mode.
Added Miscellaneous Tacpack functions: NVGs, Working RWR, Chaffs, Flares, In-flight Refuel.
Added Weapons Configurator
Added miscellaneous custom keystrokes
Added sonic-boom effects
Added anti-skid for wheels
Minor tweaks to very low speeds
Minor tweaks to roll rate
Added AF-01 and BF-01 textures
Minor improvements to -B and -C versions texture sets
Added Warlords tail art
Fixed weapon loads token weights mistakes
Added test flight nose probe (triggered by pilot weight – set it to 201 lbs and it will show)
Improved afterburner effects
Added heat shimmer effects