Sunday, August 5, 2018

F-35 Lightning II - update from v3.50 to v3.51

Following the release of F-35 version 3.50, a couple of minor bugs have been detected, so here is a small patch that should fix them. Also, lower resolution textures for canopy reflection and scratches textures are provide, for user that may want to trade some minor details for a lower video memory consumption.
The plan was to establish version 3.50 as baseline, and the build upon it with patches like this one.
Here is the list of changes.

from version 3.50 to version 3.51
Released on 05/08/2018

Version 3.51 - 05/08/2018
- Fixed major bug in CNI page which caused the keypad to be inoperative
- Fixed bug in CNI causing NAV frequency to stick to the TACAN channel once a Tacan channel was set
- Fixed wrong terrain color entry (for to to 1000ft altitude - light grey intead of green)
- Fixed bug in the control of the TSD3 page while in full screen
- Added optional low res textures to reduce video memory usage

FSX (unsupported)
- Fixed bug in CNI causing NAV frequency to stick to the TACAN channel once a Tacan channel was set
- Fixed wrong coordinates ADF mouse area in the CNI page

See the installation instruction in the README.txt file in the zip.
The update can be downloaded HERE or from the side bar.


Unknown said...

Hi Dino

I bought F-35 at FlightSim Store and can only download 3.11. Where I can get the 3.50 version?

Thank you for your help

sjhenion said...

Hi Dino
Nice update but PLEASE! add anti skid brake functionality. Tires lock and skid down runway when landing from day one on F35. I'm tired of changing tires ). Im also trying to figure out how to code anti skid brakes function in panel cfg but no luck so far.

Unknown said...

@Christian - I will check with FlightSim Store. Thruth to be told they are the slowest and it may well take another week before they have it updated.

@Steve - my bad, I thought it was in there. It is not a difficult change... will add it to the to-do list.

sjhenion said...

Great thanks Dino!

Odd Bergfald said...

A beatiful aircraft, Dino! But where can I find a user manual for the updated payware F-35? There is so much more to learn compared to the fixed model in P3D v4.3.

bero said...

Found it in F-35A folder as docs1 You are a remarkable maker, Dino!!

udidwht said...

"Improves the freeware version".....

This a patch for the freeware variant as well?

Where can one download the patch previous to 3.50 for the non freeware variant?