Monday, September 23, 2019

TA-4J Post Release Change Request Log

Thank you all for you great feedback and for the support to the TA-4J. I have received many suggestions for improvements so here is a a post that serves as collector of the post-release changes requests….

Last updated on 03/10/2019


GREEN - Fixed and released
BLUE - Fixed but not released
RED - Open, high priority
YELLOW - Open, low priority

PR001 - Bug causing the canopy glass and the copilot compass screws not to move when canopy opens: Fixed, implemented in v1.02
PR002 - Gunsight not occluded by glass geometry: Fixed, implemented in v1.02
PR003 - Bug causing the Radalt "OFF" flag to be always on: Fixed, implemented in v1.02

PR004 - Incorrect copilot suit color for Blue Angels scheme: Fixed, implemented in v1.02
PR005 - Fixed bug allowing non-tacpack users to load fuel on external tanks even if tanks were not fitted: Fixedm implemented in v1.02
PR006 - Fixed visual collision between Bullpup missile and front landing gear stem: Fixed, implemented in v1.02
PR007 - Fixed missing "518" number in flap suface for N512TA livery: Fixed, implemented in v1.02

PR008 - Minor modification to default viewpoint: Fixed, implemented in v1.02

PR009 - Incorrect indication of pitch during inverted flight: Fixed, implemented in v1.05
PR010 - Incorrect behavior of RADALT flag: Fixed, implemented in v1.05

PR011 - In reality MK-82 and MK-82SE bombs were not be carried in the innermost stations of PYL 2 and 4 as the gear door could not open fully, implemented in v1.05
PR012 - Request to add Aero adapters to sidwinder launchers: STATUS - Fixed. Modeled adapters and modfied code. Implemented in v1.05
PR013 - Incorrect loadout assignment to STA1 and STA5: STATUS - Fixed: restriced loadouts on STA1 and 5. Implemented in v1.05
PR014 - MK-82 bomb hung at centerline pylon in certain conditions while operating the configurator in non-Tacpack mode. FIXED, completely rewrote code, implemented in v1.05
PR015 - 300 gal tank fins too narrow. STATUS - FIXED. Redone fin geometry. Textures are a bit stretched...but at this point this is the best I can do. Implemented in v1.05
PR016 - Improper Aero adaper for AGM-12 and AGM-45 - Fixed. Implemented in v1.05
PR017 - Gunsight day and night colors are swapped - FIXED: swapped bmp file names. Implemented in v1.05
PR018 - Gunsight can be powered on even if there is no electrical power. FIXED - Implemented in v1.05

PR019 - Air and electrical doors receptacle doors do not work as intended. FIXED - Implemented in v1.05
PR020 - ADI still does not work as intended, also backup ADI now locked in pitch. Fixed. Implemented in v1.07
PR021 - Electrical power cart blinks and disappears if selected by menu. Fixed: implemented in v1.07

PR022 - Some missing screws in the rear seat model. Fixed: implemented in V1.07
PR023 - Try and improve mirror reflection. STATUS: open. Effect is now slightly better but resolution is poor.

PR024 - VF-43 fixture has missing roundel. Fixed, but not released in full installer: updated texture can be downloaded here.
PR025 - Revise button shortcuts for "ready to start" condition
PR026 - Create new radar controls for future implementation of proper A/S radar

PR027 - IFF Tacpack controls INOP

Sunday, September 15, 2019

TA-4 Skyhawk P3D v4 Release and Paintkit

With thanks to all the people involved in the development, and in particular to Roy Holmes for another great flight model, I glad to announce that the TA-4 Skyhawk/Scooter package is now available for purchase at SimMarket.

As normal for this kind of projects, a couple of minor glitches popped-up after release… no major issues at the moment. I am working to solve this, but I will wait another week before releasing an update - just in case more bugs are identified in the short term.

Also, the paint kit is now available for download here. The TA-4 had some of the best and flashiest liveries ever seen in a miltary jet… and picking the ones to include in the package was not an easy job. Can't wait to see what the community will create!

Aside, an FSX version and a single seater are both in the works...more news soon.

Monday, September 2, 2019

TA-4 Skyhawk for Prepared V4.4+ Flight Manual

Should you be interested in seeing what the TA-4 for Prepar3D v4.4 does (and does not) simulate, HERE is the (tentatively final) flight manual…

Most of the text was taken from an old TA-4F/J manual scanned into a .pdf file… I used an OCR software to extract the text, but there were a number of characters and words misinterpreted by the software (and then English is not my first language) - I got rid of a number of those errors but still there are dozens of them. Corrections and proof-reading are welcome.

Major deviations from real world flight manual are highlighted as "SIMULATION NOTE(s)" - meaning that what follows is valid in the simulation only and may not apply to real life.

Manual can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Last, the Release Canditate 1 Build is complete - it will be distributed ASAP (unfortunately I am a little busy in these days) - on the good side (basic) implementations of NWS and APC systems were added. The latter is not super-precise, but kinda works - up to you to tell if it actually helps you in Landing on the boat or not