Saturday, April 18, 2020


Prepar3D V5 is out...and while it is not the revolution that many were waiting for, it is definitely a step forward thanks to its DirectX 12 implementation, better atmospheric and water rendering...and a ton of bug fixes and small improvements. However, I think many users are waiting for FS2020 and will not make the jump to this new version. Also, a lot of the "combat" user base of FSX/P3D has jumped to DCS following the slow (but steady) release of high quality aircrafts. 

Also, please bear in mind that, at least at the moment of writing this post, VRS TACPACK is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH P3Dv5 and I have no idea if and when VRS will update it. Therefore, my planes WILL NOT have full functionality in P3DV5 (radar, weapons, configurator, chaff-flares,
ECM, FLIR and other sensors will not work). 

Anyway here is the compatibility list for my commercial projects:
EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON - works fine in P3Dv5, but update to PBR is highly recommended (see payware projects) 

F-35 LIGHTNING II - REQUIRES NEW INSTALLER (v3.67) SEE PREVIOUS POST ON THIS BLOG. Older versions do not work due to a file naming conflicts with Lockheed Martin Assets 

SIAI MARCHETTI S-211 / AERMACCHI M-345 PROTOTYPE - works fine in P3Dv5, but update to PBR is highly recommended (see payware projects) 

C-2 GREYHOUND / E-2 HAWKEYE PACKAGE - both planes work fine. No PBR update available. 

TA-4J SKYHAWK - works fine in P3Dv5 

A-4E/F/G/H/K SKYHAWK - works fine in P3Dv5


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