Tuesday, April 14, 2020

F-35 Version 3.67 for Prepar3D V5 - New Installer

EDIT - A small glitch has been detected in the F-35A PBR models (both in payware P3Dv4 and v5, v5 stock aircraft) so that if spoilers are deployed and rudder is fully deflected to the left, the right rudder detaches from the vertical stabilizer.
You can download a fix by clicking HERE - this is an XML file that goes into the panel/FCS subfolder of the F-35A - whatever version you have - and limits the movement of the rudder. SimMarket installer will be updated to V3.67.
Prepar3D V5 is launching today and will include a (somewhat simplified) version of my F-35A/B/C models. However there are some changes in the default file names that generate an filename incompatibility with the payware version.
I have therefore created a new installer that will both change the names of the files affected and will also change their cross reference.
The new installer contains ALL the previous patches/updated.

IMPORTANT: the new installer embraces the "ADD-ON" approach of Prepar3D, that is the files of the add-on are NOT placed in the simulator folders, but rather are stored in a separate addo-on folder.
The default location of this add-on folder is \Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons - this is where you should point your installer to.
All add-ons in this folder will be discovered automatically by the simulator and can be switched on and off at will.

PREPAR3D V4 USERS: despite its label, the new installer will also work with Prepar3D v4 and some users may prefer to use it as it also installs all the patches. You can do that, but, if you have previous versions of the F-35 installer, before doing that you should MANUALLY DELETE the F-35A, F-35B and F-35C folders in your SimObjects\Airplanes folder

SimMarket customer should have received an email notification. All the other major distributors of the F-35 are now out of business: if you were one of their customers and wish to receive the new installer drop me an email at indiafoxtecho@gmail.com with proof of purchase and (if you have one) your SimMarket account references (at it may be easier for me to provide a download link through their servers).



Anonymous said...

Looks great in V5!


Jorgen said...


I am one of the Prepar3D v. 5 beta testers. On my system, the flaperons of the default F-35A in v. 5 behave strangely... they cannot be operated as flaps normally can be, instead they extend during the take-off run, but retract before lift-off, which I find strange. Also, the elevators operate when the aircraft is standing still, but not during the take-off run until very close to the end of the runway, when the flaperons are retracted.

I have reported this in the Prepar3D beta forums, but thought I would comment here also to find out if this behavior is OK.

Thanks -


Anonymous said...

Hi Dino,

I've started a discussion at the Prepar3D forums about the flaps on the F-35A:

This seems to tally with what Jorgen states above.



Anonymous said...

Hello, I recently bought your package F35 for my P3d V4 - love it
but not having done the research before buying I have two problems, I wonder if you can help me

1. When I bought my P3d from LM -not wanting to 'pretend' that I was somehow an 'academic' applicant (I am not a student or teacher) and not wanting to deprive the developer of their fair work, I purchased the P3D Professional rather than acadmic- I a really am a home user, trying to study-(I am ex-Military and now have matered to three heavy PDMG's and now want to learn your rendition of the F35....now I have just discovered that I cant use tacpac ?! is this really true, am I understanding this right? I dont have p3d academic, I have professional, is it really not going to work ? If so I am totally gutted and am being punished for my honesty.
can you explain am I correct ? If so I think it would have been fair for you to notify buyers of your aircraft the *for Tacpac to be workable with this model, you must have P3D academinc version

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