Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Long-EZ for Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta Testing

BETA 1 of the Long-EZ Project for Microsoft Flight Simulator is here! 




This is a very simple aircraft package intended for VFR operations only. The planes is easy to fly an accessible to simmers of any experience level.


Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator are distributed as packages. Packages shall be placed in the "Community" folder. You will need to restart MSFS if the simulator was running when you have moved the files.


The preferred way to report bugs is to add a comment to this post, specifying what is the experienced malfunction and when it happens. Pics are welcome.
Alternatively, an email is good to. Comments are preferred so that other users can see them.
It is not a race, so take your time. The simulation is quite complex, so it may take some time to get acquainted with the plane… I'd suggest you log at least a couple of hours before submitting any feedback.
Also, PLEASE, before posting a bug make sure it is not already in the list below.


Red - Higher priority: a severe bug that may hamper the usage of the aircraft
Yellow - Lower priority: definitely a defect, but not a high priority to solve it
Green - Problem solved, o mitigated to the level that it is acceptable.Dark Green - Problem solved or mitigated before the Beta 1 release.
Blue - Comment, nice-to-have features or suggestions

Last changed by Dino on 07/09/2020


LEZEXT001- Add wing-flex animation
LEZEXT002 - Crew not visibile - FIXED in Beta 2 build
LEZEXT003 - Nose gear steer animation direction is reversed - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZEXT004 - Aileron movement reversed - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEXEXT005 - Rudders only move outwards - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEXEXT006 - White/Blue texture still has the AO for the tanks - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEXEXT007 - Registration numbers floating above/below wings - FIXED (at least partially) in RC1 build


LEZVC001 - Incorrect caption on magnetos/starter key... - FIXED in Beta 3
LEZVC002 - Incorrect animation of directional gyro (moves the other way around) - FIXED in Beta 2 build
LEZVC003 - Temperature and Pressure needles missing from Beta build - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC004 - No colour-coding arc on ASI - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC005 - "Steer Angle" caption displayed when mouse is over T&P gauge - remove caption from model behavior - Fixed in Beta 2 build
LEZVC006 - Request to animate COMM box knob animaton 
LEZVC007 - Compass indications incorrect - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC008 - Gear lever should be a crank - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC009 - Rudder pedals not visible - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC010 - Request to add fuel selecto - NOTE, this would require reworking the fuel gauge too. - FIXED in Beta 3 build
LEZVC011 - Scratches and marks compelely gone from Beta 3 - FIXED in RC1, transparency was way too high
LEZVC012 - Legs of the passenger peek though the seat - REMOVED passenger figure in RC1 (it was cool...but model is too large).
LEZVC013 - Poor visibility during landing - CHANGED viewpoint in RC1 (raised by 0.5cm)
LEZVC014 - Difficult to actuate Mixture levers... probably due to MSFS engine.
LEZVC015 - Canopy OPEN/CLOSE tip (remove...old parameter, not used in MSFS)
LEZVC016 - Flickering ICE animation in VC - probably due to visual inteference with outer glass - Fixed by removing outer glass geometry
LEZVC017 - Fuel knob not switching in the right order: NOTE, this is due to legacy animations.


LEZFM001 - (was LEZMISC003) Engine RPM Indications are way off in several conditions. Vastly improved in Beta 3.
LEZFM002 - Too easy to spin the aicraft
LEZFM003 - Aircraft should steer through toe brakes only - NOTE, NWS was added intentionally for gameplay purposes.
LEZFM004 - Climb performance is a somewhat optimistic.
LEZFM005 - Increase speedbrake effectiveness - INCREASED in Beta 3 build.
LEZFM006 - Increase landing gear drag - significantly increased in RC1 build


LEZMISC001 - Add interactive checklist
LEZMISC002 - Add sound package compiled to the new MSFS (currently using a default FSX package)
LEZMISC003 - Engine RPM Indications are way off in several conditions - wrong category, re-logged as LEZFM001
LEZMISC004 - COG limits incorrect
LEZMISC005 - Fire effect misplaced. It should not have been implemented btw.
LEZMISC007 - Strobe lights do not react to strobe light switch (but react to light master)


Mirlo said...

the throttle lever is not according to the rpm, the propeller pitch is not functional, the transponder does not work the shift and ignition key, the engine sounds somewhat accelerated, and I have an error in the center of gravity.I will continue to test!

Kevin Rangel said...

Initial observation, at full throttle at two separate airports with elevations at 7,500ft MSL and 640ft MSL, the engine would not go past 1,590 RPM and felt slightly under powered. A level flight the engine RPM's went somewhat normal.

On decent to land, the engine RPM would not go below 1,590 RPM until touchdown. This was with throttle pulled all the way back.

Anonymous said...

@Mirlo - the Long-EZ is equipped with a fixed pitch prop. The levers are throttle, carb heat and mixture...there is no pitch lever.
As for the COG error...likely to be a mistake on my side for the COG limits set

@Kevin - RPM issue already logged, engine model will be redone from scratch as the current one is really not good enough IMHO.


Mirlo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mirlo said...

ok, it's true it doesn't have a variable propeller, it was my error, the ailerons are not correct in their movement are inverted the strobes are with very low power and there is no contact sound in the landing

DavidW said...

Issues so far:

Rudder pedals are missing.

Rudder animations incorrect. The rudders on the LongEZ only rotate outboard. If a rudder rotated inboard the higher pressure on the inside of the winglet generates enough drag to cause yawing in the opposite direction. When you press on the left pedal the left rudder rotates outboard (the right rudder does not move). When you step on the right pedal the right rudder rotates outboard (the left rudder does not move). If you push on both pedals at the same time both rudders rotate outboard acting as airbrakes.

The LongEZ turns using differential braking.

The landing gear handle is a crank that must be rotated 10.8 times for full travel. It takes 5-7 seconds to fully extend or retract the nose gear (LongEZ plans chapter 13-1).

I was able to stall and spin the aircraft. The canard should stall before the wing making spins/stalls difficult to enter.

I have the plans if needed.

Kevin Rangel said...

Unless I'm doing something incorrect. The compass reads the wrong heading. I turned off the avionics to see if that did anything and it did not. Sometimes its 180 degrees off and another time while heading 280, the compass indicated South @ 180.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for confirming. The strobes are the only effect available at the moment in MSFS. The sound contact on landing is not present as the sound package is currently complied to FSX standard, hence they do not play in MSFS. Will check the ailerons.


- Will fix the rudder animations
- The fact that a nose wheel steering is available is intentional and made for gameplay puroses
- Will try and change the animation of the gear
- As for the spin... not sure I can fix it


- Will check the compass

Thanks for your feedback!


DavidW said...

The fuel tank selector is missing. There should be a fuel tank selector with positions OFF-LEFT-RIGHT on the floor in front of the pilot's seat. There is no crossfeed between tanks.

The aileron trim is missing on the side of the right console (may not be installed on the aircraft modeled due to electronic trim being used).

The aircraft climbs better than the manual numbers. at 10,000' I was climbing at 1500fpm weighing 1000lbs. At that weight and altitude the climb rate should be 1000fpm for the Lycoming O-235 or 700fpm for the Continental O-200 (manual pg. 54).

ClearSkies said...

-Loaded into KTMB No issues Noted taxi sensitivity was very high, causing the aircraft to spin on a dime very losely.
Aircraft floating above ground maybe 3-6 inches in cinematic intro.


- CTD after Loading into Waters Over Gulf for Hurricane Laura, flew for about 1 minute.

- KORS Started on ramp, maybe not a big issue as this happens with all aircraft Default / Custom, IF MY GEAR LEVER is UP, when the sim starts and I hit fly, I will end up gear UP on the ramp, in this case nose down.
Switching the gear lever DOWN did not cause my gear to go down. (not sure if this would be implemented, but it would be a nice feature as when you get out you do lower the nose since the LEZ is tail heavy.
A few minutes after this another CTD.

- Completed a 30+ minute multiplayer flight with Belgeode, I could see his LEZ, livery, control surfaces working well.
AUDIO did not appear to work

- KNQX - When Enabling Fire under the FAILURES menue the smoke and fire appear to come out of thin air as they are not near the engine. The origin is about 2-2.5 ft under the front pilot near the ground.

- Weight and Balance Graph IMAGE appears incorrect, I will do more test to see but I dont think it throws the plane balance per say.

- MY OPINION - Slowing down the aircraft felt quite difficult even with the speedbrake deployed. It could have been my cowboy flying, but I will make attempts to take it up slower and in the pattern later today and see if I can control her better but she is a joy to fly. I do enjoy the weathered look of the aircraft and I actually do like that the canopy is not scratched! Now I dont know if that is just a technical limit, but having that slight wear is nice as long as it does not create too much of a distraction or issue. EVEN in POOR MANS VR, I dont like having the glass all hazy or super scratched as VR already takes a hit on image quality, losing more of that to a dirty window isnt that great. Anyways just an idea, but I do love how clear the glass is.


ScimmiaSpaziale said...


The fuel selector was omitted for a design decision to keep the aircraft as simple as possible... but I will consider adding it.

Aileron trim was indeed meant to be electric.

Climb performance is indeed a little too high, reason being the plane seemed slow in other flight conditions... probably this will be worse in Beta 3...


- Not sure what happens in the cinematic intro...the will check the COG position assuming the sim ignores gear dynamics

- Steering is indeed too sensitive

- CTD...at least on KORS, I believe this is not dependent on the aircraft. I believe ORBX KORS may have a problem...

- Fire and Smoke...actually it should not work :-S

- Glass transparency: not sure what the request is... should I make it more transparent?




Paul said...

BETA 3 BUILD on 3rd Sept update to MSFS2020

Tried to load it twice @ Sedona (via suggested airport dropdown on world map) for a test flight and it CTD both times

Paul said...

Scratch previous report, this appears to be an MSFS issue now as it also CTD's with C172 @ Sedona now. Was fine previously.

Paul said...

Scratch that again! It may be related to your package after all.

I tried a couple more times with other aircraft and it was CTD just before fully loading to fly.

I removed your package from community folder and now it's working ok again.

The only thing I can think is I have developer mode enabled and perhaps something has changed in the latest update, and dev mode may scan the aircraft configs in dev mode before loading (as you can pull up the A/C window to switch, so it must populate that somehow).

For now I'll take a break and await confirmation.

Anonymous said...


The Long-EZ should work fine with or without the Dev mode enabled.



Paul said...

Final Update:
I just retested and it now appears to be working.

This time I deleted all community packages and just installed this one.
I had two small scenery packages in the community folder, and it may have been one of them that was causing it to crash.
Iceland water height and tree coverage fix.zip
Or not, the sim is still a bit twitchy imo, so hard to know wtf is causing issues sometimes.

Fun plane!

TomMaverick said...

Just completed my first flight. I was flying around for about 1 h.
Here are some things I noticed:

- The feet of the co pilot are sticking through the front seat

- If you are looking at the wings through the cockpit window the registration number (I left it at default) is hovering over the right wing and under the left wing. In the external view it looked ok.

- No gear up/down sound.

- When the panel light is turned on the light is lighting up parts of the right canard and there is a weird reddish glow on the backseat.

- If you switch between left and right fuel tank the knob turns to the "OFF" position first

- There is no real speed change between gear up/down in level flight. Is this realistic?

- I had no visible icing on the window while in icing conditions (I know its a VFR plane, but IMO it should be implemented)

DavidW said...

I'm not sure this is a bug but I have very poor visibility over the nose on landing. My approach speed is 65KTS as per the owners manual. Can anyone verify if this is accurate or am I using the wrong landing technique? If so what is the correct way to land the aircraft?

Floh said...

Did my first flight with the Beta 3 Build and didn't find anything bad or wrong so far with the exception of the Nosewheel Steering.
It behaves a little strange on my setup. It is not really speed depended(I can't figure out on what it's behavior is changes) but on very low speed the reaction is extreme, even on very small inputs and then some moments later it's only reacting marginal. This is the only thing, I found so far.

Best regards

pbear said...

Just did my first with Beta 3. Landing brake drag much improved over the first Beta. Still find it has too much thrust on landing. Floats too much and will not stop on the runway without using the brakes.

If I cut the engine off with mixture I get behavior much more like my real Long EZ did. Definitely would come to a stop on a reasonable runway with using brakes. It required power to make it taxi.

I'll fly more later as this is just a quick impression on this build. Takeoff power and cruise speed seem better now.


Mike said...

I Have clocked more then 14 hours testing with Beta 3 build.

-Found some problems with the ice animations/textures (flickering)
This happens intermittently.(see video)
Sometimes it stops when switching the camera mode but starts again after a while.
Had this happen on multiple sessions when icing conditions are met.

-Not sure if it's an oversight on my side but is it possible to bind the speedbrake to
controller or keyboard?

-Nose wheel retraction/extension does not work when landed.it's used for parking mode or for people who forget to extend them before landing to taxi normally instead of on the back wheels only)

-Registration numbers are floating above/under the surface of the wings.

-feet of copilot are sticking through te pilot seat.

-Fuel switch not switching in the right order (goes to off when switching)

-Idle engine seems to be generating a bit too much power for taxiing even for rolling out after a slow approach landing you need very heavy braking to stop.

-Found no way to set the plane up for both rudders outboard using them as airbreaks (is probably not implemented)

first impression: EZ Smooth flying and takeoff,slowdown after landing is a bit difficult, climbs to max 32500 ft like it should. In short pretty fun to fly.
I like the weathered looks (hope there will be a paintkit when released)

I will report back when I find something after some more testing.

Regards, Mike

Anonymous said...

Addendum to last post:

I found out after more testing with the landings that when pushing the stick way more in a forward position after landing the plane slows down much better.


Paul said...

@Mike -Not sure if it's an oversight on my side but is it possible to bind the speedbrake to
controller or keyboard?

Yes, it's spoilers. I have it bound to a key on my T16000M.

Paul said...

• Canopy open still says Canopy (closed). Tooltip might be nice if possible (ie: Click to open/close)
• Is the Strobe the white light next to Green nav light on wingtip? Seems fixed on On as switch has no effect.
• Strobe does turn off if you use L for master light switch, which also turns on/off panel lights + strobe + nav lights. Shouldn't L just turn on the cockpit lights?

Kevin Rangel said...

First observation of Beta 3. Definitely more power. However, upon landing I could not get the RPM below 1500 with the throttle at 0. This resulted in a landing speed of 110kts and well above the proper landing speed. I still survived though :). The aircraft handles nicely.

Paul said...

When these are together (throttle 100%, Mixture 100%) hovering the mouse shows you can control it but trying to click drag has no effect on either. If I move the throttle with my controller bound throttle so it's visually separate I can then move the mixture handle.

Seems the bounding boxes are overlayed when they are close together maybe?

Paul said...

I landed at TAPH in the rain, and didn't hear any rain sounds on the canopy, or environmental sounds. Environmental might have been an airport issue, but maybe the rain sounds on canopy are aircraft?

Brent Springer said...

Hello. Thanks for letting me participate in the Beta. I have flown the Long-EZ in Microsoft Flight Simulator for about 4 hours. I am really enjoying my time with it so far. The only thing i would suggest changing is even when zero throttle on approach i just can seem to get my speed down. The air brake helps a lot but i am still coming in around 110 knots when approaching with zero throttle. So maybe make backing of the throttle affect airspeed more. I have never flown or been in this aircraft so i do not know how it is supposed to respond.

Thanks again and i look forward to flying your creation more and also a future iteration. Great work!! I think you'll get quite a few sales at the price point you are targeting... around $15. Fun Stuff!!!

Paul said...

Anyone interested in testing out some Long-Ez formation flying?
Found a supplement here https://ffi.aero/files/LongEZ-Varieze%20FFI%20Formation%20Supplement%20V2%20AUG%2015%202018.pdf via https://ffi.aero/documents.html

Might be fun, and educational too.

Paul said...

re: Long-Ez Formation Flight Testing

If anyone wants to try this I set up a Discord (Groove Pilot) here: https://discord.gg/RT3NQHf
Post under formation-flying text channel and let's organize a time.

Mike said...

I have the same problem as Paul described before with the Throttle/Mixture levers not being selectable when they are close together.


ScimmiaSpaziale said...


ACCEPTED BUGS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE LOG, other miscellaneous answers below:

Throttle/Mixture levers difficult to activate -> unfortunately this seems to be a problem in the MSFS engine...I'll see if there is a workaround.

No enviromental sounds in the canopy -> at the moment Long-EZ has sound implemented in FSX-legacy mode...hence some sounds will not play.

Nose wheel cannot be retracted on the ground (apparently MSFS limitations)

L is master light switch...should turn on/off everything.

pbear said...

Hi Dino,

Still find the nosewheel steering too sensitive but it's probably on your list.

Strange pitch behavior. Even stopped on the ground, full back pitch and power will rotate the plane and hold that position with the nose wheel off the ground. On landing it seems also to act as a brake. That is, if speed bleeds to the point it won't fly off, full back on the stick decelerates the plane more effectively than the brakes will. Don't know if this is fixable but it's strange. Certainly in my real Long, the stick movement fore and aft had almost no effect on it until speed on the ground reached 65 to 70 knots and then it flew right off. No prop wash so it seems it should not be nearly as sensitive.

Having said that, as a fun VFR flyer it is really fun to fly and other than ground behavior and stalls, it feels like a Long.


Paul said...

Nosewheel steering is also very sensitive for me.

I still get CTD's with this package if I add any other packages to the community folder.
If I remove them, but keep the Long-Ez, it doesn't crash.
I just had 3 packages I removed: A pitts livery pack, XCub livery pack, and a reno air race pack. Removed them and all good now.

I think you need to investigate this as many people are now loading up on liveries etc, so are likely to have other packages installed. Releasing it, especially paid, with the possibility of an incompatibility that triggers a CTD would not be advised due to the adverse brand blowback. My 2 yen anyway!

Looking at the developer console there are a lot of errors and warnings, so might be some info there perhaps?

Mike said...

@Paul I have 100+ packages in my community folder.
Including the ones you mention.

Never had one CTD even flying with 100's of random people/planes close together.
I clocked more then 25 flying hours on the Long EZ Beta 3 now. not a single CTD.

Do you fly together with other Long EZ users?

Because there seem to be a bug in MSFS 2020 with some planes (mostly converted from fsx) that are using the same livery folder and plane, one or more of the clients using them getting a CTD when getting close to each other. (that's probably something that needs to be tested for this project too)


DavidW said...

The rudder pedals do not match those used on the real aircraft.

Here is a link to a description and some images for reference:


Paul said...


Great to hear you've had a nice run, but that's not the experience of a lot of other users.

MSFS2020 is still very twitchy.

The CTD's I've experiences are single player, always crashes right when it's about to load the scene after clicking Fly. Always related to community packages. My development background and experience tell me the import system is still flaky. I don't use any FSX conversions as that is also still flaky, and most people are poking in the dark trying to get their favourite planes into MSFS with no idea what they are doing.

I've done some MP testing with default planes with no issues.

re: Long_ez MP testing I mentioned that previously


Paul said...

I have had a handful of random CTD's while flying at different times as well though too. Have not noticed the pattern that triggers that. Definitely a twitchy beast still atm.

My system is stable, and has more than enough CPU/GPU/RAM headroom to run ~60fps on high (with ultra clouds).

Mike said...

Clocked 35+ flight hours on the beta 3 build now.

Some minor issues I encountered (using TrackIR in the video):
Canopy light reflections at night (a dimmer on the gps screen would be welcome)

and found some small things about icao declaration in the cfg files.

icao_type_designator ="Long Ez" should be icao_type_designator ="LGEZ"

icao_model ="Long-EZ" should be icao_model ="61 Long-EZ" to reflect that this is the factory build model.

source: https://www.icao.int/publications/DOC8643/Pages/Search.aspx

After this long testing period it's EZ to say this is one of my favourite aircraft in the sim right now already.


Rodrigo B. said...

Hi Dino!

After 10 hours testing the BETA 3, I'm in love with this plane... It's a lot of fun. Aesthetically also it is beautiful.

TBH it was very difficult to me to find any kind of "bug" that has not been previously reported.

I had no one CTD.

The only strange situation, which happened only twice, is that when I change from the exterior view to the cockpit view, I can not interact with the panel using the mouse pointer. IDK if it is related to the plane or is it an MSFS bug, it only happened twice in more than 10 hours over the course of several days.

The plane is awesome. I hope to see it on the MSFS Marketplace soon!

Thanks for including me in the beta.



OrLoK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
OrLoK said...

Trilled for this unexpected aircraft!

Rodrigo B. said...

Ciao Dino! Come va?

Today, again, it happened to me that when I was changing from the exterior camera to the cockpit camera, the panel does not respond (even the GPS is off) but after five minutes, during which I made several movements, camera changes and even going down and up the landing gear, the cockpit was active and working again...

Un grande abbraccio!

Rodrigo B.

pbear said...

Hi Dino,

Beta 3 and MSFS

Just a short couple of flights but the patch has made the plane much more realistic on approach and landing. Doesn't exhibit the excess power at idle that it had before and now actually seems to need a bit of power on approach. Doesn't float on landing now.

Still shows the behavior of being able to lift the nose on the ground as soon as power is applied and being able to hold the nose off until stopped on landing.

Haven't looked at cruise or climb since the patch but the behavior on approach is just so much better.


pbear said...

Just a follow up on the previous post.

Speeds seem just fine to me. Runs about 160 knots full throttle, about what it should.

I'm finding the low speed pitch issue better with loading pilot and passenger weight in the front position. Seems like a CG issue? Beyond my pay grade.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your feedback and inputs.

The biggest thing from the discussion seem to be the CTD, but this does not seem to be related to the Long-EZ itself.
I know that there are CTDs related to some add-on sceneries but I could not replicate them.

Aside, the disregard the errors in the console - they are just warnings: the Long-EZ is using test code which I hope it will be valid for every plane I make in future...the console just warns you that there are pieces of it not used by the plane (well..many pieces indeed).



Frank said...

Hi Dino,

it's so hard to wait for this little beauty.
It would be nice if you could shorten the waiting time with a video.
Thanks for your work.


Invictus said...

This is great - thanks for pulling it together. I have the latest FlightSim, but have never uploaded a non-MS airplane model into it. Do you have a tutorial? Also, what's the chance I could put the colors of my Long-EZ on the model?

Frank said...

Hi Dino,

Since the release was postponed, I wanted to ask if there is a possibility to test the beta version.

Richard Armstrong said...

I've tried EVERYTHING to get the brakes to work... no luck yet. Other than that, i'm pretty happy with the model, for sure. I'd give it a 5 star of it otherwise.

BUT... i really need some brakes to stop it. Help... lol

Anonymous said...

I've tried EVERYTHING to get the brakes to work... no luck yet. Other than that, i'm pretty happy with the model, for sure. I'd give it a 5 star of it otherwise.

BUT... i really need some brakes to stop it. Help... lol

Unknown said...

Anyone else getting pilots misplaced and sticking out of the front of the Long EZ since MSFS The back seater is misplaced too, feet sticking through the front seat. I did buy it in game, which I regret. So may be a Steam related thing too?


Unknown said...

After about one hour of flying in version 1.1.0 I have the following recommendations:
- Aircraft is much too sensitive in pitch and also not really stable, e.g speed keeps building up without the nose coming up
- autopilot and AI copilot can be engaged but mess things up pretty badly
- rudder also too sensitive on ground
- stall and spin characteristic still way off
- transponder can only be switched on and off, not possible to switch to ALT or STBY

Thank You!

Unknown said...

Hi, same problem with the pilot and copilot, seating outside the plane. Versio 1.11 I haven't the steam version.

Cheers Karl

Unknown said...

If anyone sees 1.11 in the Marketplace, shout out! This page is easier to check than starting MSFS and going into the Content Manager. And I'm getting tired of doing that twice a day for the last week. WHY didn't I buy this out of the sim! Never going to buy from the marketplace ever again. I just don't understand how it could take Microsoft/Asobo this long to simply update to a newer version of the same add on??!

Unknown said...

Hey Karl, you may want to confirm you do have 1.11 properly installed. Because my understanding is 1.11 doesn't use the MSFS pilots/copilots, it uses one that comes built in with the plane. So, I don't understand why you could still be getting this issue? Or maybe there's some other strange bug going on here.

Unknown said...

OK, I got 1.1.1 from the content manager today and IT'S WORSE than 1.02.

Now I get the LongEZ included pilots AND the MSFS pilots and they stick WAY out and the trick of switching pilots in the settings and switching back no longer puts then into the cockpit, it puts then closer, but still much worse than before.


Unknown said...

I did try a tip the dev suggested to me. I selected one of the default aircraft before quitting, if I restart, then select the Long EZ I get only the built in pilots. Which are ok and this is a somewhat workable, if annoying solution. Previously this did work with 1.02, but you have to do it every time you leave MSFS, select a default aircraft, not leave it set to the Long EZ when quitting.

Unknown said...

I've restarted a few times and now, no matter which aircraft is selected when I quit, I'm only getting the built in pilots. So I think that is a good fix if you get the extra/misplaced pilots.

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AldoUSMC said...

Hi Team,

Enjoying the LongEZ in MSFS 2020. I've searched MSFS controls and the internet ... so far I cannot determine what control you assigned Carb Heat lever (is mapped to) in MSFS 2020 ?
I know is the outboard(left) most lever on the front set of 3 levers in the left front cockpit ?

Functions with the mouse but I'm trying to map/assign it to an external controller (not using FSUIPC) .. natively in MSFS 2020.

Thanks !

simfront said...

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Gil Milbratz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gil Milbratz said...

Pitch control dont work well. very few control actuation. How to fix it?