Tuesday, March 9, 2021

T-45C Goshawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator - version 1.00


The T-45C Goshawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for purchase! The package is available here:

MilViz Store: IndiaFoxtEcho - MilViz T45C Goshawk for MSFS2020

Orbx (through Orbx Direct): T-45 Goshawk - Orbx (orbxdirect.com)

SimMarket: simMarket: INDIAFOXTECHO - T-45C GOSHAWK - MSFS

...and should be available soon on the Microsoft in-game marketplace.


- none at the moment -


T45CPR001 - one flood light pokes through the fuselage at night on the starboard side of the aicraft. Already fixed in version 1.01 for Microsoft.
T45CPR002 - check functionality of ILS CDI/GS bars in the ADI page
T45CPR003 - nav light bug introduced by SimUpdate III - effects switch off while switching external/internal build (already solved in v1.01 for Microsoft)
T45CPR004 -  if not retracted manually, launch bar may protrude out of the fusalage.
T45CPR005 - weather occlusion does not seem to work... may be was disabled in the final build?
T45CPR006 - formation light switch INOP
T45CPR007 - several users complained about the in-game external sounds
T45CPR008 - poor performance on some systems, idea is to provide a "lite" version


Micheal said...

Any word on when it will be ready on the Microsoft in-game marketplace? I have saved Steam wallet money I saved just for purchasing this plane.

OrLoK said...

this aircraft rendition is stunning.

it's the first time in VR (in msfs) that I've felt truly *there*. your other aircraft for msfs are good but this is several steps above. possibly a bit of an fps hog (stilltesting) but well worth it.

I'm excited for tweaks to come!

Nick.T said...

Just bought this, and I LOVE it. 2 Quick Questions:
- is there a way to map the MFD buttons to a Thrustmaster MFD?
- how did you create the screenshot on Orbx Direct with the T-45 on the ramp F-5's etc??
Thanks for the module!

DrastaSeptim said...

Hi, I don't know if the "T45CPR005 - weather occlusion does not seem to work" is the same thing, but I noticed that the cockpit window deicing does not seem to work at the Moment, and that if the front window is iced over, the HUD becomes completely unreadable.

Unknown said...

The elevators from externals seem to almost do nothing, same as the ailerons.... am i doing something wrong?

Janne Kärki said...
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Janne Kärki said...

Thanks for a great plane, have enjoyed it a lot so far.

Can confirm HUD freeze mentioned by DrastaSeptim, peeking over the HUD glass, it is clear on the other side but has freeze effect on the side facing the pilot.

Christian O. said...

Got the plane yesterday on the MSFS Store.

I noticed an important issue in VR where the right side panel (with all the switches) has a very incorrect cursor effect. When hovering above it, the cursor appear few centimeters in front of the eyes, making it almost impossible to activate switches.

This does not happen on the left side or front panels.

Also, please note the following comments:

- The G-force breathing exercise, by the co-pilot I guess, are slightly annoying. I wonder if there's a way to stop them aside from ejecting the wingman.

- The "pull-up" warning is surprisingly not clear. Is this the real one from this plane?

- Altough I read that the sound is from the real plane, I wonder why it is that lower than on the MB-339. Especially outside the plane.

Thanks again, it is a joy to fly - although I find the MB-339 a lot more forgiving.

Janne Kärki said...

Another thing that might need more testing?

Ran out of fuel from greenland to canada about 40nm before airfield. Tacview shows I had Mach 0.41 when flameout, got right into about 30 degree dive to dirt without any pitch control. Was flying low (3800ft) from a long slow dive to save last drops, so didn't take long to go down.

Quite surprising to go down like a rock at that speed. Not going to argue I know how Goshawk should behave at flameout though, just unexpected result for me.

Anyway, from Finland to Canada so far. Really nice plane to fly at least when you have some fuel left.

GaryX1001 said...

Plane looks great, behaves ok, feels abit heavy on the stick but ok. Problem after landing, as soon i brake i get very bad stuttering on ground. IntoTheBlue Simulations had the same issue. My System: Ryzen 5950x, rx6900xt, 64gb ram, hp reverb g2 for vr. Please fix that and maybe you can make the "higg..higg." sound smooth, means, it stops while the audio is played when stick is released instandly.

AldoUSMC said...

Hi Dino and Team,

I'm greatly enjoying the T-45C flying in MSFS. Problem. With no ECS implemented yet, when having to decent into or fly out of icing conditions the Canopy Ices over and there's no ability to clear it up and see out again.

Secondly, when the Canopy Ices up.. the HUD Glass ices/blurs and remains that way. I discovered this as I started Ferrying my T-45C from Italy to the USA when I had to descend into weather when landing at Tavaux and when departing from Tavaux heading for Paris. If you check YouTube for AldoUSMC you can see what I experienced on both occasions.

One other item is level flight and trim. I seem to have to add a high degree of Stabilator trim to obtain level flight...and then it "feels" like that setting is creating a lot of drag on the flight profile. I take off fine at your manual's recommended 2-3 degrees up Stabilator (nose up).. it's setting and maintaining trim to obtain level flight that seems hard. Is there an intended optimal trim setting for cruise flight at "X" speed for the way you've built the aircraft flight design for this model ? I understand that trim is something that may need to be constantly tweaked based upon changing flight conditions.

Thanks !

Dj said...

If I bought the aircraft via a site alternative to the MSFS 2020 Store, is there a way to get the store version redeemed so I can get updates to the aircraft via in game instead of having to receive emails I presume is the method if you bought it outside of the sim? Just curious, I assume this isnt a thing, but wanted to be sure. Thank you, the aircraft is fantastic.

CH4Pz said...

Hi guys, i absolutely looove flying this plane!! Youve done a great job, i am getting a couple issues with the latest build though(1.1.5). So the first thing has been an issue for me since purchase, and that is the Defog does not work at all, get same icing effects on defog or max defog, this also stops the hud being readable, thus useless. i would think max would at least clear the hud area. Also the icing effect on the front portion of canopy, when in external view flickers on and off. Im also getting weird lighting issue in the cockpit with latest build, the buttons, screens and footwells are flashing, and the whole cockpit looks like a christmas tree! ive seen it in other planes, but thought asobo patched it out, not sure if they can provide assistance there?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great work. This is the plane I got Winged in, in the Navy. I wanted to second the problem with ice and the HUD. The ice effect makes the Hud unreadable, but it should not effect it at all.

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WindstormSCR said...

Loving the plane so far, only real big comment/request is a way to enter waypoint information in flight. I've looked through the manual and so far haven't found a working way to do this. Not sure if I'm missing something or not.

BigDawg said...

This is payware and no autopilot to speak of??? No altitude hold? The heading bug has to be tapped ONE AT A TIME??? No Vertical speed? Come on man!!! No tutorials for autopilot and programming? Other than that a great build! I will update this upon return response and a fix.

CH4Pz said...

BigDawg It does have a autopilot, u need to bind autopilot master somewhere, u get it the direction you want to go (if u make a flight plan an box waypoint on hsi page it will give you correct heading on mfd an hud) an turn it on an holds that heading, you need to trim the vertical though based on your throttle/speed.

ozzieblr said...

Great model, and lots of fun to fly - thank you! One or two comments regarding repainting - I have found a set of wireframe UV files on flightsim.to, but have been unable to find a proper layered paint kit.

Can someone please advise if there has been an official paint kit released yet?

If so, please advise the URL. Of not, are there any layered paint kits fit for purpose for this model?

Many thanks.

Brendan W said...

Does anyone know if this will be available on Xbox Series X or S come the 27th?

LOSOROSO said...

Will this be available for xbox purchase soon???

Jonathan said...

Hi Guys, I've just purchased this and had a fly on the Xbox. It was a lot of fun though I have a couple of questions. First, The HUD was quite difficult to see against the sky, is there a way to increase the brightness? Second, I found it lacked elevator authority. In the MB-339 I can fly a nice loop from ground level at 300 knots without getting too slow over the top and without risking ground impact at the bottom. In the T-45, even with the controls pulled fully back, it is quite slow to pitch which means and runs out of speed at the top and then is very close to impacting the ground at the bottom. I haven't played with the elevator authority settings yet, but wouldn't have thought I should have to?

Unknown said...

Bug report probably after the SU6 :
When flying the T45C, if I turned my head back for several times in the cockpit, the texture of the pilot "EXPLODED" in front of me and blocked my eyesight. Please fix it as I really like to fly this beautiful plane.

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Unknown said...

Bad news.... MSFT SU7 just ruined all jet fighter's HUDs except her own F/A18

JMFly said...

Can confirm.
HUD is not working anymore with SU7.

When pushing the left rudder, the plane starts rolling clockwise (so wrong direction).
Opposite when pushing the right rudder.
Is the expected behavior?

The MFD with artificial horizion flickers.

frogsareflat said...

Can confirm the broken HUD with SU7

Unknown said...

Hud doesn't work.

Is it possible to get a fix ?


JMFly said...

Thanks for the update.
HUD is functional again.

What about fixing the rudder?
Giving rudder results in airplane rolling to the wrong side.

E_Partridge said...

Is HUD fixed for XBox, as mine still shows blank. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Any chance the flickering shadows can be addressed? They're very prominent on the UFC and highly distracting and don't seem to be affected by graphics options like the shadow resolution or ambient occlusion.

Anonymous said...


I have the problem that my Engine (GENERATOR) does not connect with the battery. The two batteries are on, the GEN is on and the engine is running but it discharges all the time...
Any help?

Anonymous said...

I am experiencing a high rate pitch oscillation at airspeeds greater than 250 knots TAS when in autopilot altitude hold mode in MSFS.

Anonymous said...

I am experiencing a rapid pitch oscillation when using autopilot Altitude Hold at airspeeds greater than 250 knots TAS.

Unknown said...

In the manual it says that you should be able to change HUD color with the AUTO/DAY knob in combination with the BRT knob.
i would like this since HUD brightness is not sufficient in sunny skies,
However I would like to know how because I cannot seem to get it to work.

Love the jet by the way!


Unknown said...

I am not the developer, but any aircraft only has trim settings published for takeoff depending on weight, center of gravity (and thrust setting). In flight you just trim as required and this is ever variable with speed. Since speed variation of (fighter) jet is large and abrupt and thus … so are the trim changes. If you come in for approach at 350kts and slow down to 150kts, that takes a large pitch change and therefor also a large trim change. The tip here … when accelerating or decelerating… hit that trim every few seconds until steady.

Unknown said...

I second your remark on programming (the nav system) … but … it’s a young release … It’ll come.
For the Heading Bug; You can type it in on the DEP below the HUD!
By the the time the Autopilot arrives, you will be an ace low flying manual motha and can sit back as an airline pilot. 👍🏻

Unknown said...

Does that mean you found out how to program waypoints CH4Pz? Please tell us how. 🙏🏻

Unknown said...

Rudder an Aileron Trim work correctly aerodynamically, but the graphics seem to bee reversed. That means both the indicators and outside view control surfaces move the opposite way.

Unknown said...

I regret to bombard you with my findings, but I really love this little jet and have been testing it thoroughly. I would like to see it evolve. Anyway …. During approach with gear down I noticed that the ‘Velocity (or Flight Path) Vector is shown too high. There is a rate of descent while the path shows above the horizon. The aircraft ends up way short of the runway when aiming the path on it because the aoa is higher than shown. The aircraft seems to know this as it gives the ‘Power, Power’ warning while everything looks to be fine!

Unknown said...

The MFD HUD does display the correct Velocity Vector 👍🏻

aerosmith said...

TACAN is not working for the TACAN only stations at military airfields. (for example NQI)