Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Here is an "interim" patch to solve the compatibility issues of the payware F-35 with P3Dv4.
In the long term, I'd like to release an upgrade version of the F-35 which will include a number of improvements and minor bug fixes... but at the moment I do not have the time for that.

The payware F-35 can be installed in P3Dv4 simply pointing at P3Dv4 main folder during the installation process. However, the F-35 uses some special x86 dlls which will not work in P3Dv4.
This patch will fix the outstanding incompatibility issues of the payware F-35 with P3Dv4, namely:
- STOVL functions not working
- Miscellaneous sound effects missing
- ICAWS audio alerts missing
- Miscellaneous issues with the fuel system


1) If you have not done it already, install the F-35 into P3Dv4 (just point to P3Dv4 instead of P3Dv4 when prompted to indicate the installation folder)

2) Take the "panel" folder contained in this .zip file and paste it in the F-35A folder. Allow files to be overwritten if asked (NOTE - to do this you must be an Administrator).
The operation most ONLY be done on the F-35A folder. The -B and -C version read the code from there.

3) ...that is it. To verify the installation is OK, just cause any event that triggers the ICAWS and hear the alert, or try the STOVL mode.
 Note that the STOVL green copyright notice will not appear anymore.

X64 Sound module and x64 Fuel Dump module are copyright of Doug Dawson
Maryadi, for the X64 STOVL module (see rcb-gauges subfolder for full readme on this module)

The patch can be loaded from Google Drive by either clicking HERE or from the side bar (payware section).


Toby said...

Thank you, Dino! We appreciate your work on this, great to have full function in v4 now.

Unknown said...

Hello Dino. I am a fsx user. Can you add a flir in the fsx version f-35 and ef2000 if you can do?

Anonymous said...

Your work on the F35 is superb. Could you please update the fuel flow rate and the sticky N1 guage, which doesn't always respond to throttle position. This Jet is just super and deserves to sell in P3dv4, where we never On! Thank you Dino.
Best regards, David.

Unknown said...

I purchased P3D 4.1, is the F-35A the latest with all the updates or would I have to download updates from your site?

Unknown said...

still working on the S3. is there a document on this a/c? so many buttons look like they should work, but ??? What about the "radar" panel? what dose it do?? Still on TACAN to CV CH/FREQ.

CVW-8 wants to use the a/c as an AWACS with the ATC radar installed. POP

Unknown said...

Hi Dino!

I used the patch but I can not get the fuel dumping, so VTOL does not work.

Help me! Please...


Unknown said...

Complementing my message the simulator already starts the plane with a yellow square in "Dump" and does not leave it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino!

Awesome aircraft, as with all of your products. I've been flying them since my FSX-period, and have brought them all with me to P3Dv4.

I do have one issue though, that popped up a few days ago, and I'm a bit stumped as to what has happened. Despite functioning flawlessly on previous flights in v4.2, suddenly my HMDS has started to act up. When I load a flight with the F-35, the HMDS is there, but doesn't move (I use TrackIR), it just stays locked down to one side or another, and I can't get it to follow my point of view at all. Then, after switching views in the aircraft (for ex by going to an outside view) it disappears completely, and I can't get it back.

Any ideas about what has happened, and how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance!