Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Projects Update and Roadmap for Fall/Winter

As I have received a lot of  emails of the "what will be your next plane"/"can you please do [insert favourite aircraft here]" type recently, I think it is time for a quick update on the projects I have been working on, and my roadmap for the next six months or so.

SIAI S-211This is the main project I am working on a the moment - the external model is almost done and I am working on the VC. The flight model is being worked on by Roy Holmes - so I am sure it will be a high quality job. If time and resources will allow, the package *may* include a Aermacchi M-311/M-345 rendition.
This is a payware project - price has not been set yet, but it may be 17.50€ + taxes (if only the S-211 included) up to 25€+taxes (if it turns out to be a full package).
Release date - hopefully - is late November 2017.

Eurofighter and F-35 Lightning II updates
I am still working, from time to time, on updates to both the Eurofighter and F-35 projects. Both will receive a P3Dv4 update sometime in the future - but until VRS releases Tacpack for P3Dv4, their natural habitat is still P3Dv3+Tacpack
As of today this is the status:

EUROFIGHTER - a number of small improvements/bug fixes have been already implemented in my internal build. There a about a dozen points that need to be addressed, some of them coming from real Eurofighter crew, but there are no major issues... expect a product update by the end of September. This *may* be preceded by a test version (in form of a patch) to be released on this blog.

F-35 LIGHTNING II - The loss of source files was a major blow to this project. But I am slowly rebuilding them (at least for the VC). Future updates may include cockpit improvements, new repaints and a better flight model.

Now, these are the potential future projects (meaning I may have already done some work on these, but they are mostly in my mind/dreams)...

T-45C Goshawk PRO version - A programmer from MilViz has kindly offered me a much better, more complete T-45C avionic suite he has made as test bench for their new development process. It is awesome, but I am struggling to find the time to work on it... and then it would be a great chance to make a V3 Goshawk that could include a T-45A too... We'll see.

Aermacchi MB-339
- Other developers are working on a MB-339... it looks good so far, so I *may* decide to quit the development of my version... we'll see.

F-14D Super Tomcat update/remake - I'd love to do this... but the loss of the source files would make me lean towards a full remake - for which I do not have the time.

E-2 / C-2 Package - Another project I'd love to do... we'll see.

T-50A  - This is another trainer I'd love to do... I started planning for this, but then it looked like other developers were doing one, and I put the project on hold. Now it seems that the situation is different and I may want to resume it.

....that is all for now. Feedback is welcome as usual!


Anonymous said...

Dino...you have not forgotten the LOCKHEED S-3B VIKING have you???

please only needs the refueling version..


Unknown said...

No, I have not - that, along with the MB-326 for Aerofly 2, is a "side dish"... It is basically done. I just need a weekend to complete it...but as long as the weather is sunny...

Unknown said...


I sure what ever you do it'll have just what us simmers want

Unknown said...

hey Dino added to your list the Pilatus PC-6, Air Tractor AT-802, Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante and the Embraer EMB 121 Xingu!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino,
I think you are aware of the x64 Version of the sound gauge by Doug Dawson?
I mailed him and he said he will also do his fuel gauge, but it will take time.
So I'm looking forward to a great eurofigher in P3Dv4.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Dino,

There is already a T-50A being develop by Team Red Owls (see here: https://www.facebook.com/TRWL2015/). With this in mind, would you consider waiting for the final decision on the T-X program and then do the winner model? Or else, there are a few interesting military aircraft that demand a presence in our sims like the Textron Scorpion, Gripen C/D or E/F, Javelin T-X (if that thing goes into testing), Rafale C/M (I can't find a proper one for P3Dv4), L-39 NG, CV-22/MV-22 (please!) and so on...
If you really like challenges, you can try to do the J-20, the J-10C, the Su-35 or even the Su-57! :)
Well, the list is enormous, these are just some sugestions!

Cheers! Keep up the (really) great work!

PS: As a portuguese, I wish developers could spend some time working on a few models operated by us and other countries, such as the C-295M or the KC-390 that will replace our Hercules.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dino!

I look forward to the version of F35 B for P3D V4, because mine is not running VTOL, I have already updated FSUIPC 5 and it still does not work VTOL. But I only have the freeware, so I had a model that works on P3Dv4 I buy it on time. That's right? Will VTOL only work on P3D V4 after you upgrade the template or the payware that is already available has this functional?

Unknown said...

Hello Dino. I am a fsx user. Can you add a flir in the fsx version f-35 and ef2000 if you can do?

Luciano TR Lima said...

Hi ! What about to do a GRIPEN NG ? Did you see the Brazilian Version ? It is amazing !

Mário Cera said...

Hi Dino

Like Rafael, I also vote one C-295 or KC-390.
If you are more fan of fighters or trainers, you can also vote in alfa-jet used at several air forces and french acrobatic team.

Best regards and continue with the excelente work.
Mário Cera

Unknown said...

An E-2/C-2 package would be great since the FS community lacks a decent one

Steffie-Cel said...

Amazon Echo

Anonymous said...

Heyas Dino. Been watching your D-Model Tomcat in BelGeodes' 'Tomcattery across the USA' series. Awesome work. When I do get a new pc to run some of the flight sims out (used to play JFA many, many, many years ago) I'll be sure to dl your Tomcat. My question is, could you model a plane that wasn't officially built? Or was at least had a full-size mockup made? If so then I'd like to see your take on the Super Tomcat-21 as envisioned by Grumman to be the new-build replacement for the -14D that got cancelled by either Congress or Dirty Don Rumsfield or Tricky Dick Cheney.

Unknown said...

Waiting for EMB-121 Xingu!!!!

Unknown said...

Request: PILATUS PC-6

Unknown said...

I really hope the T-50 pans out for you. Your work is the only I know to do that amazing aircraft or the Boeing T-X justice. Thank you, and Keep up the great work!!

celik2222 said...

kindly give the meteor (ef2000 v 1.8) hits the besaglio under 20 nm instead of 60. what can I do?

Anonymous said...

Dino, just wanted to say how amazing your work is. Also, your USS America is a fantastic piece. Please say you'll build a HMS Queen Elizabeth. Many thanks, P.