Monday, January 31, 2011

New Flight screenshots from Microsoft

Microsoft has just published some new screenshots of Flight, along with a much awaited clarification about the Windows Live tag of the new simulator (which generated some speculation that Flight could only be used online).

The new screenshots can be viewed here .
The general opinion is that Flight looks much like FSX - and I think it is true to some extent. Yes, it looks similar... but if you watch closely the screenshots and the video shown so far, you'll notice some significant improvements - like a much better scenery "creation" and better shadows.
I mean the "syntesized" scenery -textures, rivers, coastline, roads and autogen- look definitely better (e.g. coastlines look more realistic) and less prone to some mistakes in the current FSX system (for example the roads and rivers merge much better with the base textures).
As for the shadows, it seems that the algorythm is much more realistic and shadows are much less "abrupt".

I just hope there will be a way to import some of the work done by many designers in FSX. I think it is OK to drop FS9 code compatibility, but I hope the native .mdls can be imported -or at least Microsoft could provide an .X files converter. Should not be much of a problem, as the .X file should be a "DirectX friendly" file format...and then I see the FSX Orion Maule in the screenshots...

Anyway, what we have seen so far looks like a refined FSX. Which is a good thing IMHO. But we all know what we need most: a modern, efficient code that can benefit from current hardware.
Shoul I write a wish list... well, yes, it would be quite long...but if I could just have an improved FSX that runs at full detail at 60fps with some of the most complex add-ons, then I would be happy.
In the meantime, I am still working on the Goshawk... but no significant progress to report so far - mainly due to lack of time.


Anonymous said...

A me sembra fantastico,un desiderio sarebbe che i modelli abbiano anche un modelli di ditruzione e perchè possibilita di fare dogfight

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated; I'm especially happy to see the T-45C getting a new *facelift.* And, I hope you have time to finish the Instructor/Rear VC, as well, which would be a nice/needed upgrade to the model, IMHO. :)

Next, If I can make a small request; since you mentioned it on your last blog post; I would like to see both 2048 & 4096 Res. texture sets included with the next release? If you have time, etc., to do it; so, that we can choose which we like best. I will, of course, go with the highest res. of 4096 but that’s just me. Others may want something else, I'm sure. ;)

Next, if you get a chance, please look at SimMarket Order # 710813... my small way of saying, Grazie Mille! ;)

James F. Chams

Prova said...

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