Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another quick update...and a word about facebook and emails.

Just a quick update with some screenshots, including the first images of the new virtual cockpit. The external model is 95% done - it only needs some minor texturing cleanup and a couple of details. It is much better than the previous one IMHO, although it is not as lightweight as I hoped. The cockpit model, on the other hand, is lagging. What you see in the screenshot is what is ready so far - the main panel is ready and so is the canopy - everything else is void for the moment. Let's say it is roghly 30% done. Good news is that it is closer to the real one and uses less resources than the previous iteration - possibly making room for the instructor's cockpit too.
With the current pace, an Alpha build may be ready by the end of February or mid-March. But that is just an estimation and, as usual, it will depend a lot on the time I will have.
Then, a word about e-mails and facebook. Yes, I am on facebook *BUT* I use it to share stupid stuff with my real-life friends. I do not use it to post anything related to Flight Simulator. That is why, while I've received several frienship requests from simmers all around the world, I've always "ignored" them. My apologies for having ignored them, but please understand that my choice is to use facebook only to communicate with people I know in person - it is the only way in which I think facebook is useful and fun for me.
Also, I'd like to apologize for the delay in replying to your emails - unfortunately I do not have time to reply in detail to each one quickly. I'm doing my best - that is spend an hour or two per week replying to my personal email.
Last thing, please do not email me for generic enquiries about Flight Simulator (like how to install scenery, or how to design a plane etc.). I am sorry but I really do not have the time to reply with sufficient level of detail, and, for such questions, you'd better check Google - there are a lot communities which provide plenty of tutorials to do almost everything FSX can do.
Well, that is it for now. I sincerely appreciate your interest in my works and...well...I just wish I had more time!


Anonymous said...

Looks very lovely, Dino! I'm glad your planning on the Instructor VC; it would be incomplete,IMHO, without it. And, I especially like the NEW look of the mirrors and 4096 textures of the VC.

Also, like you, I wish I had more time to do everything else in FSX that I would like to, but saidly cannot.

RE Facebook: LOL - I'm glad somebody in the FSX community feels as I do; "Real-world" friends are NOT the same as "virtual friends." Personally, I prefer "real-world" ones, myself. Which is *why* I use to call you Mr. Dino Cattaneo, instead of just "Dino," which was intended as a measure of respect since we are NOT *Real-world* friends but mere acquaintances. ;)

Keep up the good work! :)

James F. Chams

FSXNavyPilot said...

Brilliant work, Dino! As usual! :-)

Just one question. Will this new version feature a usual textures set? Currently, some of the Goshawk textures are hardcoded into the model, which makes it impossible to create repaints like this one http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Navy/McDonnell-Douglas-T-45C/1816405/L/
That would be awesome ;-)

Many thanks once again and the best wishes!


ScimmiaSpaziale said...

@James F. Chams

Well, the textures of the cockpit are just 2048x2048 - and your feedback confirms that this resolution is high enough!
The exterior model has two 4096x4096 textures - which look very good,but I will try to reduce them to gain some performance. Or, possibly, include both sets.

As for "virtual" friends, well - I agree. I tend to save the word "friend" for very few individuals.

@ Serge
Sorry to disappoint, but at present the model does not support special colors, due placement/mirroring of some textures. Honestly this is not an high priority for me at the moment, but may be added at a later stage.

FSXNavyPilot said...

Dino, no big deal ;-) Fully customizable textures would be just an addition, A welcome, but still an optional addition.

Well, here's another question. Will there be working/clickable VC HOOK BYPASS switch? That would be really useful feature for FCLP fans (like me) LOL

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello dino ou peut ton avoir le T-45 Mafiou5978

Anonymous said...

A very pleasant addon I had so much good moment with in FSX.
It is even the fisrt jet I fly in virtual world.

I am waiting eagerly more news of it.

The fact you stay with FSX F-18 MFD code is not a problem as it is very well done and offer all needed features for civil flights.
Plus, we all know enough of it to be able to use it.

thank you for all your work.
I hope to see more of your T-45 redone soon,