Monday, June 22, 2009

F-14D clear to launch

I've just finished compiling a build that I consider "good for release". I think the visual model is Ok, the flight model does its job and the cockpit is working. I am not completely satisfied with the cockpit quality level as it is full of bugs: some buttons are still inoperative, or mapped incorrectly and some gauges do not work as they should. BUT, as it is unlikely I will have enough time to fix those bugs in the next couple of weeks I have decided to release it as is.

As it very late in the night here in Italy, and the files are not properly packed yet, I am not releasing it now...and will catch some sleep instead.
I will release it asap, probably tomorrow ater work - and after one last test flight that I am sure will reveal some last minute it always does..


SpazSinbad said...

Dino, You OBVIOUSLY have a lot of good will on the internet from all your hard work with not only this TOMCAT but the Goshawk - excellent both. Many thanks, any slight imperfections will be overlooked (or commented on discretely). Looking forward to the download here. :-)

blackbird said...

Good news !!! I'm happy. Looking for the download, of course.

Shane said...

Im looking forward to taking the Tomcat up for a spin. I was at the retirement ceremony at NAS Oceana when they retired the old bird. Thank you for bringing her back to life for us in the sim it is much appreciated!