Friday, June 26, 2009

Currently on the drawing board....

As many of you are asking, here is a quick resume of what I have on the drawing board right now (will add some pictures later on):

F-14 Tomcat
There are a lot of things that could be improved on the Tomcat, but I have to confess that I'm quite happy with it as is.
I've already made some more changes to the geometry (for example the missiles have been redone completely) but, as we are talking about minor enhancements, I will pack several changes before making an update.

I have two major enhancements in mind right now:
  • RIO cockpit - It would be difficult, and definitely too time consuming, to make a RIO virtual cockpit as detailed as the pilot one... still, it would be great. I've started working on it a couple of times, but dropped it for the excessive complexity (and limited functionality)... Still, I have not completely ruled it out for now.
  • F-14B UPGRADE - This is much more doable. The external model would not need much work (cockpit, seats and ECM fairings, a new texture set -Jolly Rogers for sure- and may be a new weapon set). The virtual cockpit would not be that easy, but many parts can be carried over...

I will never have the time to do both (also because the F-14B UPGRADE RIO cockpit is different from the F-14D) so I think I will do the F-14B. But improving the F-14D is the first thing.

By the way, I know that Paolo Oriani - who provided an oustanding contribution so far - is working to improve the realism and accuracy of the animations.

F-35 Lighting II
This will probably be my first payware project. I know that the FSX community is generally inclined towards older birds... still, there are a lot of things I like about the F-35 and I think it is a very interesting plane. The reasons why it is likely to be payware are several... maybe I'll do a post about them (and about the whole payware versus freeware debate) one day or another.

The AA1 (CTOL development) bird is the one I am modeling. Production F-35A will differ, and some of the differences are known, so I'll probably do a production model too. I'd like to do the STOVL version, too...but we all know the limitations of FSX in this field. Carrier version is very doable, but, at present, the public information about this version is not enough for proper modeling (please do not send info about the X-35C...X-35 and F-35 are very different).

T-45C Goshawk makeover
This is one project I've been toying with for a while. I'm not happy with the T-45C as is now (while I know most of you are). I'd like to optimize it,make it more accurate and add the instructor cockpit.

Aermacchi MB339
Last, long ago Massimo Taccoli kindly sent me the source geometry of his excellent freeware rendition of this plane. The MB-339 is probably the Italians' favourite and most loved bird, as it it the one flown by the Frecce Tricolori. Massimo's model is really good and I've started working on it several months ago. While the results are encouraging it is highly unlikely I will be ever find the time to do this, too.

As you can see, there is a lot of things I am working on. Well, actually there are too many things... I will have to drop at least half of these projects.Believe it or not, apart from my FSX activities, I do have a full-time job and a social life...


ShaneG said...

All of you work is outstanding! Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into these gifts to the flight simulator community.

I eagerly await your first payware project, as it no doubt will also be a work of art.

Garth said...

The only thing that you would need to improve on to be payware is your flight modelling Dino. There are people out there who would do it for you...such as hired for that one project. The Flight Model get's the most scrutiny aswell, afterall the only reason an airplane is different from a car is because it runs on another axis. get the flight dynamics right and you'll have a lot of happy customers. Your skills in the other areas are brilliant to say the least. I'm trying to make an aircraft at the moment and so far I've only got the animations done....just have to map it (I say that as if it's no big deal :S).

Anyway, I hope it goes well for you, and life comes before Flight Simulator as always...

Unknown said...

Magari il 339 fatto bene bene

Vigilius said...

Vogliamo il 339!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, sono di parte ;-)

Unknown said...

Mr. Cattaneo,

I want to say so many thanks to you for your hard work with the T-45C (and other aircraft as well).

You mentioned adding an instructor cockpit to the T-45C as a follow-up project. I encourage you to continue with that idea...

By the way, I have featured your wonderful T-45C in several of my videos visible on Youtube.

Again many thanks! Your talents and hard work are very much appreciated by the flightsim community!



David said...

I'm looking forward to your F-35! Can't wait! :D

blakiston6 said...

MB339 Should be your main project from now! It has to be the best jet trainer ever!

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Not long ago, Louisville has surfaced as a major center for the health care and healthcare sciences establishments. Louisville has been fundamental to breakthroughs in heart and hand surgical procedure as well as cancer cure. A number of of the first artificial coronary heart transplants were performed in Louisville. Louisville's thriving downtown medical research campus includes a new $Eighty-eight thousand rehabilitation facility, and a health and fitness sciences study and commercialization recreation area which, in alliance with the University of Louisville, has lured nearly 70 main people and scientists. Louisville is usually also house to Humana, one particular of the nation's greatest health insurance coverage businesses.

Louisville is residence to various major organizations and firms.

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Lately, Louisville has came about as a major heart for the health care and medical sciences industries. Louisville has been main to enhancements in heart and hand operation as well as cancer therapy. Some of the first artificial heart transplants were made in Louisville. Louisville's flourishing downtown medical research campus comprises of the innovative $Eighty-eight thousand rehabilitation middle, and a wellness sciences study and commercialization recreation area that, in conjunction with the University of Louisville, has lured nearly 70 top rated scientists and researchers. Louisville is actually also house to Humana, 1 of the nation's largest health insurance policy corporations.

Louisville is home to a number of major businesses and establishments.

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Not long ago, Louisville has came forth as a major heart for the health care and professional medical sciences market sectors. Louisville has been key to developments in heart and hand medical procedures as well as cancer treatment. Quite a few of the earliest fake coronary heart transplants were made in Louisville. Louisville's blooming downtown medical research university comprises of the brand-new $88 million rehabilitation gathering place, and a health and fitness sciences research and commercialization park that, in collaboration with the University of Louisville, has lured nearly 80 leading people and investigators. Louisville is usually also house to Humana, 1 of the nation's premier health insurance corporations.

Louisville is home to a number of major firms and agencies.

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Not long ago, Louisville has came about as a major gathering place for the health care and health-related sciences industries. Louisville has been main to developments in heart and hand surgical treatment as well as cancer treatment. Quite a few of the earliest fake coronary heart transplants were carried out in Louisville. Louisville's blooming downtown medical research university contains a brand-new $Eighty-eight million rehabilitation middle, and a health and wellbeing sciences exploration and commercialization recreation area that, in alliance with the University of Louisville, has lured nearly 70 top rated experts and research workers. Louisville might be also home to Humana, one of the nation's biggest health insurance coverage companies.

Louisville is home to a lot of major organizations and organizations.

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Lately, Louisville has came about as a major gathering place for the health care and professional medical sciences market sectors. Louisville has been central to advancements in heart and hand surgical treatment as well as cancer therapy. Some of the earliest man-made cardiovascular system transplants were carried out in Louisville. Louisville's booming downtown medical research university contains the brand new $88 million rehab town, and a wellness sciences exploration and commercialization park that, in partnership with the University of Louisville, has lured nearly Seventy main experts and researchers. Louisville is actually also residence to Humana, 1 of the nation's greatest health insurance plan companies.

Louisville is residence to numerous major businesses and corporations.

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Not long ago, Louisville has came forth as a major heart for the health care and professional medical sciences market sectors. Louisville has been central to developments in heart and hand operation as well as cancer remedy. A few of the first synthetic cardiovascular system transplants were carried out in Louisville. Louisville's flourishing downtown medical research university comprises of a fresh $88 million rehab heart, and a well being sciences investigation and commercialization recreation area which, in relationship with the University of Louisville, has lured nearly 75 prime experts and investigators. Louisville will be also home to Humana, one particular of the nation's largest health insurance businesses.

Louisville is residence to many major firms and corporations.

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Not long ago, Louisville has emerged as a major gathering place for the health care and medical sciences industrial sectors. Louisville has been fundamental to developments in heart and hand medical procedures as well as cancer medication. Some of the first man made cardiovascular transplants were practiced in Louisville. Louisville's blooming downtown medical research university involves a completely new $Eighty-eight million rehab gathering place, and a well being sciences exploration and commercialization recreation area which, in joint venture with the University of Louisville, has lured nearly 75 major experts and analysts. Louisville is also house to Humana, 1 of the nation's premier health insurance policies businesses.

Louisville is residence to a lot of major businesses and establishments.