Monday, October 28, 2013

F-14D Tomcat version 2.11

As discussed on my facebook page, here is a minor update to the F-14D which fixes some minor inaccuracies that were both annoying and easy to fix - also, I've been working with VRS to solve the Tacpack carrier navaids issue. There are still some annoying bugs here and there, but this release should be good for a more widespread distribution. Release notes are as follows:

October 27th, 2013

- fixed the AIM-7 mounting position for STA1B and 8B
- fixed the taileron animation
- improved the Lantirn pod material rendering
- fix the main landing gear animation speed
- added HUD indications for Tacpack-generated Tacans (the boat and the refueling tanker)
- added HUD indications for Tacpack-generated Carrier ILS (note ILS fequency is automatically tuned once the Tacan is tuned with NAV1 Radio)

Just to clarify the note on the carrier navaids, carriers in Tacpack are spawned with specifc, Tacpack driven Navaids (although they may have their own "embedded" in their mdl files). In the Tacpack "generic" implementation works as follows: the NAV1 active frequency should be tuned to the Tacpack Carriers TACAN equivalent frequency (MHz), while NAV2 should be tuned to the ILS frequency of the boat.
To make things a little easier in my implementation, you should tune NAV1 to the Tacpack Carrier TACAN, and then, if you are within 20 miles for the boat, NAV2 is automatically adjusted to the ILS frequency of the boat. Tacpack specific navaids will ONLY show in the HUD.

Download link to version 2.11 is HERE.


Anonymous said...

Nicely. Nicely. But the arm hanging only for visual effect.
I could use a machine with classic solid suspensions for those who do not want to buy add-tacpack

Anonymous said...

thank you very much dino! :)it works so great with tacpack and without it..the best f-14d on the marked!! greetings from germany, yours heinz

Jim Floyd said...

I notice when hitting the 'I' key the gun & smoke are seen from outside view. While in the cockpit (VC) hitting the 'I' key the re-fuel probe extends but no gun or smoke effect seen. Is this expected behavior?

Unknown said...


the "I" has a custom key assignment to refuel probe extension which only work in the virtual cockpit (like all the assignment I added in the F-14D).

If you press it in an outside view it will activate the smoke system (which is used for gun effects in the F-14D) it is "OK" (meaning, it is the expected behavior)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino, Thanks sou much for release this update, It is very difficult to realize a project like this, and It takes many hours of work.

The Tomcat in this release, having a two small bugs in the animations,
The fan blade of engines, are static and no turn,
the texture of ring whells of main landing gear, rotate eccentrically.
And the nose landing gear seems to rise slowly.

About the Trackpack, I have this addon, but I have uninstalled By slowing FSX on my PC.

It would be interesting to change the weapons load of Tomcat, without having the TACKPACK.

Kind Regards from Spain.

spreilly said...

Dino, this is a bit unrelated to this, but you said that you're an avid video gamer. Just out of curiosity, what sort of games do you play? BF4 per chance?

Anonymous said...

Hi gents, I"m a newby here, is the F35 an on going project as regards to increased cockpit functionality updates over time, i noticed some switches are not modelled/functional yet??
Let me take this oppertunity to say how impressive the model is, AND FREEWARE !!

Anonymous said...

The Tomcat is one of the best Planes ever flown on FSX, Big Thanks for that Dino. But one thing what is still bugging me is the fact that i cannot control the Wing Sweep. It seems to be just by Speed. I can remember that the F14 from Iris get it solved by 2 steps. 1st mode was the Wingsweep automatic by speed (Boring). And the second mode was the manual wing sweep (which makes sense). They solved it by relating the Wingsweep to the Propeller Axis. Is it possible to do this also on your F-14? So far with some of the Joysticks it would make sense as i got the Saitek X52 with multiple available Axis.

Thanks a lot in advance

Unknown said...

@Anonymous #1
The fact that I am not a professional means I will keep on updating my projects when I have the time.
F-35 is being worked on for:
- Prepar3d 2.0 full compatibility
- Proper HMD under Tacpack
- Pre-planned targets under Tacpack
- Carrier Navaids under Tacpack

@Anonymous #2
From version 2.00 onward, you have the option to manually control the wingsweep by pressing the relevant button (in the VC) on the Throttle. The Wing Sweep control flag will switch from AUTO to MAN, and you can control the wing sweep with the flaps controls.

I believed the manual and the documenation was clear on this point - sorry if it was not the case.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the "bug" reports - although all of these are known defects. I believe the landing gear speed was exact to the real deal - it is quite slow in reality too. This is the main reason why the F-14B and F-14D (i.e. the models with new engines) do not takeoff with A/B: the plane can accelerate above the maximum speed with landing gear out before it can actually retract the gear.

Not much time for gaming lately - I am playing GTAV in these days.