Monday, October 21, 2013

F-14D Tomcat Version 2.10 (Limited Introduction)

Given that I will not have much time for FSX in the next few weeks, I have decided to pack the latest build as it is and release the F-14D version 2.10 right away.
This version has not been tested as long as it should have been...and I am sure it is plenty of bugs. On the other hand, I simply will not have much time for the next month or so... so here we are with version 2.10.
The big thing, as you are probably are aware of, is the Tacpack support - which is more or less on par with what I provided for the F-35 (hopefully!).
Please note, however, that the F-14D has MUCH less automation than the Superbug and the Lightning II... hence it requires you to switch to the Rio cockpit from time to time.
Also, please HAVE A LOOK AT THE MANUAL. At least the Weapon Systems Reference Guide - some switches need manual operation for some systems to work!

Change log is as follows:

-added weapon models: AIM-9, AIM-7, AIM-54, GBU-31, GBU-10, GBU-12, Mk.82, Mk.83, Mk.84 (weight dependant, see manual)
-added Lantirn Pod model
-fixed tailhook design 
-fixed taileron pivot position
-fixed miscellaneous texturing errors
-changed RIO-cockpit 3D model geometry (now correctly mimics a typical F-14D Rio Station)
-fixed wheel anti-skid function
-revised RIO displays functionalities and graphics
-addeed landing gear kneel animation when launch bar retracts
-fixed RIO station fuel indicators
-Added limited integration with Vertical Reality Simulations Tacpack package version or above (see below)
-Added Weapons Systems Reference Document for Tacpack Functionalities
-Added Weapons Configurator for Tacpack weapons
-Partial rework of sound cues
-Reworked engine performance in attept to achive a more realistic behavior
-Improved special effects (a/B, heat shimmer)
-Minor changes to roll rate and general handling for realism
-Added Miscellaneous Repaints courtesy of Jiri Soukup and Groom Lake Simulations.

For the moment, please DO NOT upload this file anywhere else. I'd like to be sure it is free from major bugs before it spreads too much over the internet...

Download link is HERE 


Anonymous said...

A very big thank you for all the efforts :)

Jiri said...

Thank you Dino! Looks like a great update and loadouts are even better. Haven't noticed any bugs yet as well. J.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this update and for the great effort made to make it possible to fly the wonderful TOMCAT.

I detected a little bug, Taxing on the deck of the aircraft carrier Nimitz, the wheels were turning to more speed than you should.

Regards from Spain.

Anonymous said...

Dino, cant download, says that too many people have either viewed it or downloaded toomany times ? could it be a problem on my end

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Google Drive has a bandwidth limit which is reset daily - the file is pretty big and thebandwidth limit has been reached... you may need to wait a little.
I will upload the file to the usual repositories once I am sure that there are no major bugs...

Jiri said...
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Unknown said...

Nice update Dino, only bug I can see is the hud at times is larger than the hud display area. but overall great work as usual.

Scott Gray said...

Took her out for a spin last night and she flies nice. I did have issues with Auto pilot not actually tracking the loaded flight plan. I noticed in that the RMFD SEQ button didn't work and I used the center MFD. Unfortunately, it still didn't follow the flight plan with AP engaged and the Flight Director on. As someone else pointed out, the size of the HUD is a bit to large for the viewing area. Thanks again Dino for your efforts with all your aircraft!!!

Scott Gray said...

Seems that I can't get a landing light to come on. Tried L key to turn on all lights and CTRL-L just for landing light, but still no joy.

Anonymous said...

The HUD is supposed to be bigger than the combiner glass area - it has 25 degrees total field of view (FOV), while the instantaneous FOV through the HUD glass at the design eye point is about 12 degrees. So you can't see the entire HUD unless you move closer to the combiner. You are seeing exactly what you would see if you were sitting in the real cockpit ;)

Scott Gray said...

In order to get the AP to follow a FP or track a VOR, you need to use the Radio Stack and click on the AP NAV button. I haven't found a way to do that via the VC or RIO panel.

Sylvanriv said...

Everything works great, thank you so much Dino!

Anonymous said...

Avicci. The country.

Anonymous said...

Pitbull and Kesha. The country.
Youre a freak.

Thomas L. said...

How About AGM 45 agains SAM RADAR ? Your F-14 not able to fight agains SAMs Battery.

a good test pilot is always in training Thomas

Jiri said...
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Jiri said...

That's because you're not supposed to fight them, Tomcat is not SEAD aircraft. I guess you need to call EA-6Bs or leave it to Wild Weasels. :) And AGM-45 were superseded by AGM-88 long time ago, but they never went operational with F-14s anyway. J.

jerry vera said...

dino,how can i use that thing on the gear to attach it to the catapult to take off in an aircarrier