Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yet another Goshawk update...

The external model now features an improved blending between the air intakes and the fuselage. I've also included some additional repaints by Russell R. Smith.

Several changes in the cockpit: I've improved the colors, fixed some bugs and changed the geometry. Now it should be even closer to the real one.

I know...I know... I should be working on the Tomcat. Still, there were a couple of details in the Goshawk that were annoying... and I had to fix them. First, I've improved the fuselage geometry. The blending of the air intakes into the fuselage was not satisfactory...now it is better. I've also integrated some USN and USMC repaints by Russell R. Smith into the main installation. More severe changes were made to the cockpit: the front panel geometry is slightly modified and should be more accurate; the right side panel, which was a bit "stretched" has now more accurate proportions and part of the photoreal texture distortion was recovered by hand; the KHz knob of NAV1 now works correctly; all the internal textures have been desaturated and sharpened slightly for a more realistic look. The only thing that is missing, now, is a working A/P heading knob... I still cannot make it work properly....Anyway, I will release this update soon. For all the "Tomcatters" out there: do not worry - the Tomcat project is proceeding. I will post some pics of the cockpit soon.

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Vigilius said...

Very, very, very well, now it will better than better!