Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tomcat cockpit WIP pictures

Here are few pictures of the current cockpit model... still work in progress. But, as you can see, the front panel, stick, pedals, and the side consoles are done. The only things that need to be done so far are the canopy details and the side panels. Then, I will complete the functionality (what you see is only partially working). A rough estimate is 20 work hours - which means one or two week, depending on the weather and my mood :-)

And - sorry if it disappoints you - do NOT expect a RIO panel. I know it would be great, but: 1) I definitely have no time to do it. 2) It would make the cockpit model huge (and it is already pretty heavy) 3) Most of the functionalities would be gimped or lacking due to FSX limitations.

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