Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goshawk (Beta) ready for takeoff!

Ready to takeoff!

Virtual cockpit - visually complete (working to get more functionality)

Yesterday night (well, properly it was today early morning) I've released a (sort of) beta version to volunteer test sim-pilots. Above it is how it looks...the outside model is almost unchanged, while the virtual cockpit is finally (visually) complete.

I think the cockpit is reasonably close to the original. As I could not make a working AoA needle, I 've replaced it with a G-meter. Also, many warning lights are inop and I've also moved some of them...but apart from these details, I think it is Ok. Well, most switches are inop right now...but I am trying to see what I can do to add functionality to the cockpit.

I am also trying to work out a checklist that is both as close as possible to the original but also manageable by the average sim (and the simmer).

The instructor virtual cockpit was dropped. It is doable, but would have made the 3D model even bigger (and it is already very heavy...) and would have been difficult to manage.

The only major thing that is undecided is the big question: payware or freeware? It started as a freeware project. I do not want my hobbies to become work as: 1) I already have a job 2) if you do these kind of things for profit you end up doing what the market ask, rather than what you would like to do.

On the other hand, the work on this project has been very time consuming. And time is money. And I may need some financial reasons to keep doing such big things for FSX. To be or not to be....

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