Saturday, August 16, 2008

FSX T-45C Goshawk - update

Below are a couple of screenshots of the work-in-progress T-45C Goshawk.
A couple of refinements were added to the the exterior model (some missing detail on the landing gear and tweaks to the fuselage and the cockpit) but it is 99.9% done and working. Except for the launch bar that it is not animated (can't tell why it is not working).
The model is fully SP2/Acceleration DX10 preview compliant, but while blooming is definitedly better in DX10 than in FX9c, some polygons appear to be uncorrectly shadowed. Well it is a "DX10 preview" so I guess it is OK that something is not working perfectly...

T-45C Goshawk approaching to a carrier (DX10)

Another Goshawk carrier landing in FSX:Acceleration!

As for the interior model...well, I did some progress. Now the main panel is done (except for the AoA indicators, clock and ADI which are not working as expected). All the instruments are dynamic 3d models (no 2D xml gauges, except for the displays which are aliased from the FSX:Acceleration Hornet). Do not expect a 100% working cockpit. It will be OK for carrier operations. This is a screenshot of the cockpit as it is now (a lot of switches missing, pedals yet to be done, more work needed on the canopy and seats).

T-45C Goshawk dynamic virtual cockpit

Flight model is ok, not great. Needs some tweaking. The plane behaviour is generally fine, and handiling is nice (but ailerons are not as effective as they should be). Carrier landing is relatively easy (and easier than the F/A-18 I think) but you need to fly 10-15 Kts faster than the real thing. I'm working on this too.

Ah, I may need the help of Beta test pilots. Not sure if I will do a proper Beta test, but if I do I may be looking for virtual pilots with some experience. Knowledge of carrier operations and ability to install add-ons manually is a must. If you are willing to help, drop me a line at (and specify T-45 in the subject).

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