Saturday, August 30, 2008

Goshawk Beta over - Preparing files for release

This is how the final exterior model looks...
...and this is the final interior model.

I've just finished making the changes and improvements driven by the feedback by the beta testers. I think the overall product quality is significantly improved.

Most relevant changes were:

- External model: better overall fuselage, more accurate nose shape and windshield details. New, more accurate flap design. Improved wing shape. Gear doors relax to open position when the engine is off. Animated launch bar.

- Virtual cockpit: added functionality, improved night lighting and warning lights. Fixed miscellaneous details and improved textures.

- Flight model: more accurate approach speeds, roll rate, aerobatic capability.

I'm making the final touches and will post to and in the next few days. It will be FREEWARE. While I think it is on par with professional add-ons, and while I spent a lot of time and efforts doing this, I wish to keep the hobbies separate from the businness.

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