Sunday, January 12, 2020

A-4E/F/G/H/K for Flight Simulator X

I finally have a "workable" Beta of the A-4 for Flight Simulator X. As per my usual procedure, here is the post meant to collect the feedback from the Beta Testing, which however will be limited to just a few testers. This post is (almost) constantly update with the "accepted" bugs and suggestions, color coded to reflect their status. "Accepted" means that I have understood what the testers reported, I could replicate it (or at least be sure this is not a misinterpretation or an error from the tester) and I have "accepted" it as a item to be addressed.

To apply for the Beta please send and email to with:
- SHORT description of your system: just CPU, GPU, RAM
- Exact version of the simulator you are running (A-4 requires at least P3D v4.4)
- If you have Tacpact installed or not
- SHORT description of real and virtual flying experience


Precedence will be given to users and testers of the P3D A4, P3D TA-4 and FSX TA-4 as they are more familiar with the plane, so let me know if you are one of them.

Color code

RED means that it the defect has been categorized as a major issue. This is typically a showstopper (operation of the aicraft is impossible or severely inhibited) and must be addressed before the product release.
YELLOW means that it is definitely an issue for the project, that should be addressed before the product release, but not as critical as a "red" issue
GREEN means that either the issue is very minor (and will not be noticed by most users), or the problem is non-existent (feature reported as bug) or that is was an red or Yellow issue that has been solved
BLUE means suggestions or ideas to improve the product

To do list:

A4FSX01 - Installer still reports TA-4J instead of A-4 - FIXED 15/01
A4FSX02 - No glass effects on canopy - FIXED 17/01

A4FSX03 - APC and LABS lights on startup? - CANNOT REPLICATE BUG

A4FSX04 - Sound dll loading error message - FIXED 15/01
A4FSX05 - Missing geometry with click area to toggle stick visibility - FIXED 17/01
A4FSX06 - AoA Indicator OFF flag Always in view - FIXED 17/01
A4FSX07 - Cannot operate cabin lights with mouse - FIXED 18/01

A4FSX08 - Tail planes not alignedA4FSX09 - Transponder controls not operational
A4FSX10 - Wrong IFF code on instrument (first digit)


Unknown said...


Where can I find an operations manual for the F-35A? (That comes with P3D)

Thank you, and great job by the way.

Unknown said...

Okay I found it in the aircraft folder itself.

So, is the F-35A that comes with Prepar3d v4 is the freeware one?

And if you purchase the package with both A, B, and C model, do you get a better A model or the same one?

Thank you.

kerkgr said...

i purchased A4E today from simmarket. (Transaction ID: 8EJ75655VK680381P) Main problem is that after a crash, engines fails & never restarts, i have to restart p3d!!! Is there a solution?

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