Monday, September 23, 2019

TA-4J Post Release Change Request Log

Thank you all for you great feedback and for the support to the TA-4J. I have received many suggestions for improvements so here is a a post that serves as collector of the post-release changes requests….

Last updated on 03/10/2019


GREEN - Fixed and released
BLUE - Fixed but not released
RED - Open, high priority
YELLOW - Open, low priority

PR001 - Bug causing the canopy glass and the copilot compass screws not to move when canopy opens: Fixed, implemented in v1.02
PR002 - Gunsight not occluded by glass geometry: Fixed, implemented in v1.02
PR003 - Bug causing the Radalt "OFF" flag to be always on: Fixed, implemented in v1.02

PR004 - Incorrect copilot suit color for Blue Angels scheme: Fixed, implemented in v1.02
PR005 - Fixed bug allowing non-tacpack users to load fuel on external tanks even if tanks were not fitted: Fixedm implemented in v1.02
PR006 - Fixed visual collision between Bullpup missile and front landing gear stem: Fixed, implemented in v1.02
PR007 - Fixed missing "518" number in flap suface for N512TA livery: Fixed, implemented in v1.02

PR008 - Minor modification to default viewpoint: Fixed, implemented in v1.02

PR009 - Incorrect indication of pitch during inverted flight: Fixed, implemented in v1.05
PR010 - Incorrect behavior of RADALT flag: Fixed, implemented in v1.05

PR011 - In reality MK-82 and MK-82SE bombs were not be carried in the innermost stations of PYL 2 and 4 as the gear door could not open fully, implemented in v1.05
PR012 - Request to add Aero adapters to sidwinder launchers: STATUS - Fixed. Modeled adapters and modfied code. Implemented in v1.05
PR013 - Incorrect loadout assignment to STA1 and STA5: STATUS - Fixed: restriced loadouts on STA1 and 5. Implemented in v1.05
PR014 - MK-82 bomb hung at centerline pylon in certain conditions while operating the configurator in non-Tacpack mode. FIXED, completely rewrote code, implemented in v1.05
PR015 - 300 gal tank fins too narrow. STATUS - FIXED. Redone fin geometry. Textures are a bit stretched...but at this point this is the best I can do. Implemented in v1.05
PR016 - Improper Aero adaper for AGM-12 and AGM-45 - Fixed. Implemented in v1.05
PR017 - Gunsight day and night colors are swapped - FIXED: swapped bmp file names. Implemented in v1.05
PR018 - Gunsight can be powered on even if there is no electrical power. FIXED - Implemented in v1.05

PR019 - Air and electrical doors receptacle doors do not work as intended. FIXED - Implemented in v1.05
PR020 - ADI still does not work as intended, also backup ADI now locked in pitch. Fixed. Implemented in v1.07
PR021 - Electrical power cart blinks and disappears if selected by menu. Fixed: implemented in v1.07

PR022 - Some missing screws in the rear seat model. Fixed: implemented in V1.07
PR023 - Try and improve mirror reflection. STATUS: open. Effect is now slightly better but resolution is poor.

PR024 - VF-43 fixture has missing roundel. Fixed, but not released in full installer: updated texture can be downloaded here.
PR025 - Revise button shortcuts for "ready to start" condition
PR026 - Create new radar controls for future implementation of proper A/S radar

PR027 - IFF Tacpack controls INOP


FSafranek said...

Regarding PR011, the inner wing pylons are actually angled outwards slightly as this was also necessary to clear the fuel tanks and other large stores.

FSafranek said...

Working with the "Stores Configurator". I added a single Mk-82 to each outer station and then an MER with six Mk-82 on the centerline. When I toggled the centerline MER to remove it a single Mk-82 remains floating in the right rear position.

The Bullpup version used for the outer station is too heavy. It looks to be the larger AGM-12C with a 1,000-pound warhead. The narrower AGM-12B with a 250-pound warhead is the one you see in A-4 photos. The "C" Bullpup missile is okay to put it on the inner wing weapons station. That one could take the weight.

Should the fuselage bands on the H&MS-11 USMC aircraft by off center and asymmetrical? It may be correct for this particular aircraft but it looks strange. Also, it may be correct for this particular aircraft, but the rib painting on the rudder looks strange being painted so they extend to cover the trim tab at the base of the rudder. This was usually left painted the color of the rudder -- in this case white. And the H&MS-11 color bands on the rudder were usually four red sections within five yellow sections, not five and five.

FSafranek said...

The fins on the 300-gallon wing tanks are too narrow. I've emailed a schematic drawing showing their width compared to the tank. But look at any photo and you'll see what I mean.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Version 1.05 uploaded to SimMarket on 29/09.
Recipients of complimentary copies who wish to upgrade the installer, please email me.

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