Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Eurofighter Version 1.08 released

I have just released a new version of the Eurofighter Typhoon to SimMarket, FlightSimStore and PC Aviator. This is basically a "cleanup" release that restores Tacpack Multiplayer Signature and gets rid of some unnecessary avionic code... I also took the chance to add some repaints from the community.
The update will take a little to deploy - you should receive a notification from the distibutor of your choice in a couple of days in the worst case.

Product update to version 1.08
- Restored Tacpack files signature for multiplayer

- Further tweaks to the control surface animations
- Fixed bug preventing AoA bracket to show while in landing PoF
- Cleanup of avionics code (should solve or at least reduce the "freezing" issue experienced by some users)
- Added "500th Eurofighter Delivered" repaint, courtesy of Rob Skipworth
- Added "Diecimila Ore, 4 Stormo" repaint, courtesy of Tim Brennan
- Added "Tiger" repaint, courtesy of Antonio Diaz
- Added "RAF 41 Sqn Centenary" repaint, courtesy of Rob Skipworth
- A copy of this manual is now stored in the docs folder


Unknown said...

Please make an Let L-410 Turbolet! this good turboprop small airliner....!

sjhenion said...

Loving this plane! If you could put this on your list to ckeck...it doesn't appear to have antiskid brakes? I've tried binding to a key but tires still lockup when brakes are applied. Thank You

Wanderfalke said...

Hope you fixed those Canards, Dino!

Unknown said...
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Dennis Hopf said...

Dear Dino, could it be that the gun is missing in the external view?

Many greetings from Bavaria,