Tuesday, October 27, 2015

IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations - Future Plans

If you follow my Facebook page, you may be aware of that IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulation is now a registered company at the Chamber of Commerce in Genoa, Italy.
This is a big (and relatively expensive) step for me, but it is the only way forward to continue producing high-quality add-ons.
This also does not mean that I will abandon or discontinue freeware project. But the thing is that flight simulation development is getting more and more detailed, time consuming and expensive... and I do not want costs to stop me from doing the planes I like to the quality level I like.
Therefore, if a specific project requires non-negligible costs... it will be payware.

I am currently developing the following two payware projects:
F-35 LIGHTNING II VERSION 3.0 for Prepar3D v2.5+
This is quite a big updgrade to the existing F-35 project, and it will Prepar3D v2.5/v3.0 specific - with many advanced functions provided through Vertical Reality Simulations TACPACK.
I have recently decided to include the F-35C too in the package. Its main features are:
- All versions featured: F-35A (CTOL) - F-35B (STOVL) and F-35C (CATOBAR)
- High detail external models, derived for professional 3D data.
- Upgraded cockpit models with remastered HD textures.
- Upgrades to MFD functionality and interface following the latest publicly available information.
- Upgrades to the flight model
- Custom Avatar model for Prepar3D
- Integration with P3Dv2 radar service
Tacpack specific functionalities are:
- A/A and A/S weapons functionalities
- RWR, ECM and ECCM functionalities
- TFLIR / DAS functionalities
- HMDS functionality including off-boresight target designation and "X-ray" vision
I *HOPE* it will be ready before the end of November.
Price has not been set but it should be in the 20-25€ range - it will be sold through the usual flight simulation online shops.
This is a small package containing a variety of military themed Avatars, with basic animations.
Main features are:
- Military pilot Avatars with HGU-33 and HGU-55 helmets, in fast-jet flight gear, and olive drab, kakhi and navy blue jumpsuits.
- Military troop Avatars (unarmed) with a variety of camouflages (mostly NATO camouflages)
- Support for walking/running/crouch/swim and fall animations (currently "jump while run" not supported
This will hopefully be ready in a week or so.
Price has not been set but it should be in the 5-7€ range - it will be sold through the usual flight simulation online shops.
Other projects I am working on (actual projects sitting unfinished on my HD):
T-45C upgrade for Prepar3D v3.0
Just a couple of small fixes to add some minor features for P3Dv2.5+ / P3Dv3 support
Aermacchi MB.339
This would be a natural evolution of the MB.326... currently the 3D mesh is 75% done... but needs a VC and texturing. I have no idea on when and if I'll find the time to complete it.
Eurofighter Typhoon
In my intentions this would been my main projects for 2016... I did some modeling work, but it is unfinished.
S-3B Viking upgrade
Still unfinished, would include a number of small fixes as well as an AI model...
Other projects being evaluated (only in my mind):
F-14D Tomcat upgrade
...I am still not happy with it. Bringing it to the next level may be expensive...we'll see.
C-2 Greyhound
...just because it would be easily doable with moderate expenditures.

So... for the moment it is only F-35 and Avatar package. Then we'll see. The key point is still, and will always be, to have fun and create cool stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dino. Thank you very much for the update! Could you please fix the reversed backup slip/skid indicator of the T-45C? Aside from that the plane is pretty much perfect for a freeware project. It would also be nice to see the new MB.339, but it would be even better to see the MB.326 "polished" to the standard of T-45C before moving onto other projects. As the developer, of course, you still have every right to do whatever you want. Thank you for everything that you do for us!

By the way, was the MB.326 ever equipped with anti-skid brakes, Dino? I'm just curios about that and any info will be greatly appreciated.

Have a nice day,

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


As for the backup slip indicator I thought I went through that issue in the past...I do not recall what was the outcome of my investigation. I'll have a look at it.

As for the MB326 I'd like to know what are the areas in which I should improve it...I have not received much feedback from the users.
Aside, AFAIK, the 326 was never equipeed with anti-skid brakes... but I am not 100% sure (given the large number of variants)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, both Goshawk and MB.326 seem to suffer from the "inverted" turn coordinator issue, Dino. Tested them in FSX, P3D v2.5 and P3D v3 and all have the same issue with these two aircraft. The F-14, interestingly, doesn't seem to have the same problem.

For Goshawk, it is the standby turn coordinator that's broken. For MB.326, no standby turn coordinator from what I can see, but its primary turn coordinator (integrated with the attitude indicator as usual) already suffers from this inverted motion issue (it was also mentioned previously in the beta test post, but I guess it slipped out of your attention somehow).

Thanks for the info on MB.326 anti-skid! I knew the MB.339 definitely had anti-skid brakes installed at some point, but such info about MB.326 is very hard to find. I guess I will keep flying the MB.326 without the anti-skid for the sake of realism :)

As for what could be improved about MB.326, here is what I think:
- Some VC panel textures - they are NOT bad actually, but honestly I find those of the T-45 MORE realistic. I went back in your old posts and saw you already had a discussion with another bloke about this. Apparently you forgot to take pictures of the aircraft out of your excitement - so no photoreal textures. Not something that significantly detracts from the experience, so I won't complain.
- Adding a gear horn warning silencer to the model (optional, but would be nice ).
- Adding a canopy open wind sound by using XML sound gauge may be nice (again, VERY optional).
- The attitude indicator seems to be a little bit "coarse" compared to your other models and its texturing/model could be improved with some "fine lines" IMHO (optional again, the current one still gets the job done very well).
- Fix the inverted turn coordinator movement (this really is crucial I think).
- If possible, fix a problem which you can see below:


If you look carefully in the red box in the picture (you will probably need to look at the full-size raw image), you can see some abnormal situation. At certain viewpoints/zoom ratios, there is a flashing blue-red texture in this area. I'm no addon developer, so I don't know the reason for that, but it probably is a problem related to the interior model itself, Dino.

BTW both the T-45 and MB.326 are addons that I enjoy flying immensely. That monster called Goshawk is a REAL challenge to land slowly without crashing, and MB.326 has a flight model that I really find pleasant in general. I just think they would be even better if these issues were fixed (but I understand you sadly don't have too much time for them at the moment).

Thanks for your reply and your efforts once again, Dino!

Good evening,

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Thanks for your feedback.

Actually, I remember testing the sideslip / ball indicator for this issue and found that the ball behaved correctly, while the paddle may report wrong values as it was coded on the wrong variable (basically it is the same animation as the ball, but with reverse motion...which is not true to the physics). I do not recall why I have not taken any action on this, but I'll have a look once again when time allows.

Thanks also for the feedback on the MB.326 - they are all minor things, IMHO, except the turn coordinator.
There is no plan, at the moment, to update the 326...but I do a lot of unplanned things, so you never know.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

For my own record - the side slip indicator seems to be a recurrent issue in many gauges design, as the paddle is often "fake" (and tied to the ball)... solution seems to be to use the INCIDENCE_BETA variable...



Anonymous said...

Well, the ball definitely moves in the WRONG direction on MY computer, Dino. For our relief, I will test the aforementioned "buggy" aircaft in a few more different computers so that I can confirm whether it is something specific to my setup or is something general. As for "incidence beta", I have little knowledge about that, but I will check anyway to see if there is anything I can "fix" on my own.

Thanks for your prompt answers, Dino!

ScimmiaSpaziale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ScimmiaSpaziale said...


in terms of the aicraft there is nothing you can fix - the animation is hardcoded in the virtual cockpit model file.
I'll appreciate your help in solving this issue - I believe it is quite an imporant one - and I apologize for the inconvience and frustration this may have caused.

Do not be afraid to educate me, in case it is necessary, in case I am misreading the instrument. The way I test it is just full rudder left / right and I get, as expected: on full right pedal, ball slips to the left.

Please have a look at the picture at this link


This is comparison between the stock Baron and the T-45. Behaviour seems correct to me, but, again, I may be wrong. Also, reading on the MFD are in accordance to the backup instrument. Again, I may be misreading the instrument due to sheer ignorance (yeah I had a PPL but I was a lousy pilot) :-)
Thanks a lot for your help.


NOTE - previous comment deleted as it had a wrong link.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dino,
I read your last comment & checked the picture, then simulated the situation on my own system and it appears that you're indeed right. Funnily enough, I'm right, too. Although what I say may seem controversial, I think we're getting somewhere now, so please keep reading :-)

Up to now, all the time I said the turn coordinator works "inversely", I meant turn coordinator behaviour during turns, not when flying "level & straight" (or at least when flying "straight"). After your last comments, I checked the turn coordinator behaviour of your planes on my system and it appears you are right when the plane is flying STRAIGHT. Apply left rudder - the ball moves right & the pedal symbol moves left, just as one would expect. Things get funny when you TURN the plane: Turn left and the ball moves right while the pedal symbol moves left - exactly opposite the way it should be!

In order to support my statement, here are two pictures so that you can assess the situation yourself:



These two pictures show the MB.326 & T-45 Goshawk in a snap turn. In order not to affect the movement of the ball (which can lead to wrong impressions), NO rudder & elevator was used during these turns. As you can see, turn coordinator of the MB.326 & backup turn coordinator of the Goshawk moves in the wrong direction. Oddly enough, the digital turn coordinator on the MFD of the Goshawk appears to move correctly most of the time (yeah yeah, I know FSX-P3D ball movement can be "quirky" at times, but that can happen with all the aircraft out there - we're not talking about such situations now). This is what I was trying to tell all the time - I think you'll understand what I mean now, Dino :-)

Now if you don't mind, I'd like to comment about your other aircraft, too.

F-35: No turn coordinator as far as I can see, but stick & rudder movement indicators on the FCS page seems to be correct.

S-3 Viking: No turn coordinator from what I can see. Only a T-shaped indicator in the attitude indicator, which moves left and right as you turn the aircraft. If we are meant to push the rudder pedals in a way that brings this T-shaped piece back to the centre during a turn, then the system probably works correctly. Otherwise I can't make any comment.

F-14D: The issue encountered in the MB.326 & Goshawk is present in this aircraft, too, but it is MUCH LESS prominent. You REALLY have to push the plane HARD to see the erratic movement of the ball - could it be the Fly-By-Wire system in action to constanly keep the plane in a coordinated turn, therefore effectively limiting the movement of the rudder (and "the ball") and masking the problem, Dino?

I know this comment was a little bit too long. Sorry for taking your time, Dino. I hope the issue is more apparent to you now.

BTW, being a "lousy" private pilot one day is a lovely idea IMHO. If you can afford to take controls of an aircraft for a few hours once in a while, consider yourself a really lucky fellow and don't care about others calling you a "lousy" pilot, not even yourself! ;-)

Have a nice evening,

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


I understand your comment, but the problem is that the ball position is currently governed by a simulation driven parameter:

(A:Turn Coordinator Ball,position) -> this controls the ball position animation, and there is not added processing.

The paddle, in my cockpits, was also governed by the ball variable (as it is in many outher gauges) although it should be governed by the A:Incidence_Beta

Therefore, problem is that I thinking I am reading the correct variable and the animation is correct... so I cannot really think of a corrective action.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dino,
First of all, sorry for the late reply - I was a little bit too busy & couldn't respond to you in time.

If you think there is nothing to be fixed in the animation/gauge, then I won't insist on this as you most probably know better about this than we do. However, I still have one mysterious question remaining in my head and would like to hear your opinion about it: Why do you think the backup turn coordinator/paddle animation is the opposite of the primary turn coordinator/paddle animation during turns although they both act the same way when in straight flight?

I know I might be bothering you with questions, but I never could understand the reason behind this. Hope you can shed some light on it, Dino...

BTW congratulations on your avatar package! Though it may be (very) basic ATM, I'M sure you'll improve it in the future.

Thank you very much for your answer :-)

Have a nice day,

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Well, I am not saying there is nothing to be fixed... I am just saying that, for what concerns the ball, the animation variable is the correct, and the animation sequence is correct. The thing I am wondering is to replace the INCIDENCE_BETA variable could produce better results...
The paddle is another story and may well be inaccurate.

Please send an email to indiafoxtecho@gmail.com so that we can continue the conversation offline.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dino,

You guys should look into making a Saab 340/2000

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