Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rethinking my plans for the future

I am seriously rethinking my plans for the future, and I would like to start sharing my thoughts.
It is unfortunately evident that I do not have the time to develop a completely new product in 2015. Let me say that most of you have no idea of the amount of work needed to create a new aicraft, especially if you are looking to achieve a good quality level.

On the other hand, while FSX:SE brought new life to FSX, it is also clear to me that Prepar3D v2.5 development kit offers a much advanced platform for me to develop in, especially if in conjuction with Tacpack for P3Dv2.

Also, I am not completely satisfied with the quality of my previous projects - I would like to do higher quality stuff.

The scope of IndiaFoxtEcho project is, and has always been from the beginning, to create interesting military-oriented and possibly freeware add-ons for Flight Simulator X to fill some of the gaps in the scene...I had a lot of fun and learned A LOT about each and every aicraft I have designed - and I am really grateful to all the people that contributed to my designs.

So, what's next? Well, first thing I will release some minor updates to the existing projects (another small one for the T-45, the S-3B AI tanker, etc.).
Then... well... I am seriously considering to close the IndiaFoxtEcho project, at least in its current form, and support only Prepar3Dv2 + Tacpack on smaller, more focused projects.
The MB.339 and Eurofighter Typhoon projects are hereby "ON HOLD".
The new project being evaluated is a Prepar3Dv2 only, high-detail, F-35B project.


Unknown said...

Thats what I was hoping for. Your F-35 is just one amazing freeware aircraft possibly the best freeware military plane for FlightSim. But I really hoped you would consider making it even better and if its in payware form than I'll be one of the first to get it! Best of luck with the development. I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going!

Unknown said...


I will continue to support you in whatever direction you take. Your products are high quality and better than some payware aircraft out there.

If I have to transition to Prepar3Dv2 to keep flying your airplanes, then so be it.

My PayPal account will be a regular contributor to your endeavors.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


GregJ said...

I too will support your move to P3D 2+ since that is my sole platform as well. Freeware is welcome - Payware with the quality and experience that we know you can deliver opens my credit card everytime. Dino your work has been impressive from day one, your dedication to quality (repairing glitches) that most of us are unaware of) is very professional. Keep working away at it with P3D.

Anonymous said...

I've loved flying every one of your creations.
I don't plan on switching to Prepar3D until they do a 64bit release, but when I do I know I'll have more of your amazing creations to look forward to. Thanks Dino.

Anonymous said...

Well I wish you the best of luck with any future projects you may create, I probably won't personally be moving to Prepar3d because of its hefty price tag and the fact its not really aimed at consumers.

I'll regret not being able to eventually fly a Tacpack capable Typhoon which would have been awesome, Though I consider your rendition of the F-35 for FSX almost complete anyway.

The only things I personally think it would need to complete it would be working ground attack radar and FLIR displays, but I remember you said a while back that you had a few issues trying to get them to work.

A bonus would also be a few munitions that you would expect to find on European F-35s like the Meteor, ASRAAM, Storm Shadow and Paveway IV (though not as necessary as there's already the Paveway II), but I also remember you saying that more munitions would add the the model complexity.

Anyway, thanks for the brilliant work that you have done for FSX and I look forward to seeing what you do produce for P3D, even if I never get to fly them.

Anonymous said...


I will support whatever work you do obviously as I always have. With that said I am not looking to switch to SE or P3D anytime soon so it will be an unfortunate loss to my inventory for FSX. I do however look forward to the great things to come from you in future projects and the day I make the switch I know I will have some pretty awesome addons ready for download from your site. Until then, lite the burners and lets fly :)

Jorge Roldan said...

Dino, thank you for all the past AC you produced , fantastic, now to the future and I think your decision is correct P3D will be the Sim of tomorrow and the possibilities will be great, I've been with P3D since v1 and can see a tremendous future there , might as well share it!!!

regards Jorge

Anonymous said...

I migliori auguri per il nuovo progetto. SarĂ² felice di contribuire alla tua di nuovi sviluppi. Basta che mi chiami.

Hope this translation is correct )))

Dumonceau said...


I for one appreciate your move to the P3D v2.x platform. It is IMHO the way forward for the FS community as MS have dropped us altogether.

FSX-SE maybe an improvement, but it will never be what P3D is now already.

Looking forward to your projects!


Anonymous said...

Can you at least fix the autopilot for the FSX version of the F-35 before developing one for P3D?

Karl Meindl said...

If anyone can pull a Jumpjet off that uses a Gauge for VTOL it is: Dino and the SSW Team. I have the Harrier from SSW and I know Dino has Connections to them. My expectations for his JSF are high.
Most People have still Problems with the MFD that simulates so much of the real one (even if it is hard to get informations about it) that it is understandable how much CPU power is neccessary for simulating that Thing. I would recommend puting 2 Versions out: One with a very simple MFD and one with a highly functional.

Take your time Dino and focus on that One allone for a while!

If anyone can pull that stunt = Dino!

Best Regards,

Alex E said...

Just wanted to extend a big thank you for all of the amazing work you have done in FSX. I am looking forward to your future P3D creations!

Anonymous said...

Thank's for your contribution.
Going on Prepar 3d is an obvious direction.
Not because of the behind developer but for the future transition on 64 bit.
Fsx Steam edition don't have any clear path, and once Dovetail will released their flight platform it will become a closed platform open for their business.
I think develop also an old bird like Siai Marchetti SM 55A or a more fun Macchi M.C.202. for DCS platform could be another option.
You have created an incredible production and you can develop more detail like baking texture and more accurate instrument.
Thank you again for your contribution

Anonymous said...

"The new project being evaluated is a Prepar3Dv2 only, high-detail, F-35B project."

Wow, that's awesome, can't wait to see what a very talented person like you can produce when focused on a continuously developing platform like P3D:)


Sundog said...

Thanks Dino for all of the great planes you delivered to us FSX users. One day I'll end up on P3D 2+ and when I do, I would love to be able to enjoy your work there. Also, whether it is freeware, payware, or donationware, I'll support you just the same. As an engineer and someone who has aslo been a developer I'm truly impressed by what you have been able to accomplish. As you stated so well, "Mission Accomplished!"