Thursday, March 26, 2015

Prepar3D v2 special features....

Ok... I am starting to really love P3Dv2 improvements over FSX: here is a picture of a draft DAS system on the first portal, the ground radar on the second and Tacpack-controlled TFLIR on the fourth one.... P3D allows you to implement render-to-texture images in XML panels in a very easy way... and there is A LOT one can do with this, especially for MFDs like the one on the F-35. Now... hold your horses... there are some bad news:
 - To fully exploit this system, you probably need to be a full-time programmer...and I am not. So I'll stick to some basic functionality.
 - You cannot actually drive the view orientation of render-to-texture cameras straight from your XML code ( could have had EOTS to track aerial targets around your plane...)
 - There is an impact on the frame rate (albeit not as great as I feared)
 - There are rendering issues in the 2D panel (you see in the pictures that some graphic overlays are missing)... 3D works fine.
 - Apparently there are some bugs (ground radar sometimes failes to initialize)
 - Memory consumption is higher...and P3Dv2 may be more prone to CTD.

I am considering Pros and Cons of this technology...but in the end it is a definite improvement over FSX.


Jenson said...

It looks like the future is bright is Prepar3d.

Anonymous said...

It's still a 32bit program and the features you've hit on are likely to only contribute to more memory related issues down the road. I still believe P3D is not much of an improvement over FSX (Steam Edition).

Anonymous said...

Please keep at it.

I believe in time Lockheed Martin Prepar3D will further support your model with programmers adding to code better support for 3rd party add-ons.

So do what you can whilst Prepar3D improves functionality on their side, thats what I would suggest in my view.

To encourage you further many of your fans and myself love what you have done with the F-35A/B/C and if you continue your work at your own pace and most comfortable with and providing update info for followers we would all appreciate your hard efforts on the F-35.

I dont know if you know or have seen this.......

Nice ha!

Please don't give up on the F-35.

Thanks to your hard work we fly the F-35's!