Tuesday, December 3, 2013

T-45C Goshawk project release 2.55

...and yet another update...

- Fixed FLAP Advisory light bug (lights were showing only when landing gear was down)
- Fixed MFDs Power bug (displays kept on working even if battery was switched off)
- Added (minimal and always caged) HUD page to all MFDs. Page has the CAGE command for main HUD
- Added higher brightness variants of the HUD. BRT knob now actually controls the brightness of the HUD (2 settings for each color)
- CAGE/UNCAGE control is (as in reality) available in the MFD->HUD page
- Minimal graphic improvement to a couple of VC textures
- Solved geometry issue with instructor VC
- Minor adjustments to bounding box


Getting rid of the dependency on the F/A-18 code was a little bit trickier than I thought... it turns out that it was driving also some of the advisory lights trigger I was using... so here we go with a further, and hopefully last for a while, update to the T-45C.

- Fixed AoA indexer logic (now compliant to the real deal)
- Fixed bug preventing FLAPS advisory light to show

Download links have been amended, and file is being sent to avsim and flightsim as I write.

If you have downloaded version 2.50 you should download again the file - sorry for the inconvenience!

- Fixed bug preventing AoA indexer to work properly (note: AoA indexer is currently reporting the Angle of Incidence rather than the real AoA... therefore its optimal values are different from the AoA dials, but are now consistent with the HUD indications).
- Added Hook Bypass functionality (clicking the Bypass switch turns on the AoA indexer even if the tailhook is not deployed)
- Fixed minor bug in panel.cfg showing debug data rather than GPS


I took the chance of the release of Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v2 to create and release a (much needed) update to the T-45C Goshawk project. The major feature of this update is that there is a fresh new MFD system, written for scratch to both get rid of the dependence from fa-18.dll library AND have MFDs which are MUCH closer to the real deal (actually some pages are 100% compliant to the NATOPS).

A couple of important notes:
- I have slightly modified the HSI page so that some soft keys are assigned to basic AUTOPILOT functions (rather than Waypoint management)
- Some pages are non-functional - sorry you have to live with that. Some will show "INOP", while some others like the DATA page will show authentic, but inoperative, layout (this is just to show what would be the pilot interface in reality).
- You can make MK76 training bombs appear by clicking the STRS -> A/G -> BOMB buttons. These bombs are cosmetic only and are non-droppable
- The files are signed for Tacpack multiplayer... but there are no weapons whatsoever. The only working Tacpack functions is support for Tacpack Carrier Navaids: you have to enter the Tacpack "VOR equivalent" frequency into NAV1: if Tacan is detected, NAV2 will be automatically scanned for Tacpack Carrier ILS frequency. Tacpack navaids will show ONLY in the HUD (will not show in the MFDs HSI or anywhere else)
- To install the aicraft in P3D you should follow the same procedure as for FSX (with the obvious changes... unzip in the Prepar3d main folder rather than the FSX main folder... I hope this goes without saying, but you never know!)

Detail of the changes are as follows:

- Full compatibility with Prepar3d v1.X and v2.0!
- Completely redone MFD system, now features an (almost) complete and (partially) true to NATOPS bespoke MFD system.
  Acceleration F/A-18 files are not require anymore.
- Changed pilot figures with professionally made models
- Minor tweaks to glass representation, both in exterior models and interior models
- Aircraft has now 3 Master Modes (NAV, A-A, A-G) selectable from the STRS page
- User can make (non functional) MK76 training bombs to appear by selecting BOMB in the STRS page 
- Added proper A/G DEPression controls, will show in the HUD A/G mode
- Autopilot now routed through the HSI page
- Minor tweaks to the VC geometry
- Support for TacPack Carrier NAVAIDS (only through HUD - Tune NAV1 to Carrier TACAN, ILS will be tuned automatically on NAV2)
- Files are now signed for TacPack multiplayer (although the plane is completely disarmed)
- Minor tweaks to AoA inidcations (still not 100% correct, but should be better)
- Removed voice alerts
- Fixed minor bug in instructor MFDs

Well... I believe that is all. The file, for the moment, will be hosted only on this blog to limit its diffusion in case of major bugs. It will be uploaded to the usual repositories as soon as it is verified it works as intended.

You can download the file by clicking HERE , or by clicking on the side bar.
Have fun!


Orion said...

I noticed a small issue: the panel.cfg is still set up to display the variable debug gauge instead of the GPS.

Simply a matter of commenting/uncommenting the proper lines, but it would be handy to fix for the download.

Unknown said...

Thanks - fixed.
Also, fixed issue with AoA indexer... files are being suspended from download while updating to v2.51

Jorge Roldan said...

I noticed that the Flaps lights (Half,Full) dont light up ...

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Thanks Jorge, I'll have a look at that tonight.

Seems that getting rid of the fa-18.dll dependency is harder than what I thought.
In general, seems that there are some minor issues here and there... I'll leave the files as they are for the whole day - please report any malfunctions.

Anonymous said...

I noticed on texture #201 it shows Marines on one side and Navy on the other.

Unknown said...


That is correct for that specific bird.

uploading version 2.52 now!

Unknown said...

Hey Dino, let me know if you want me to upload it to flightsim.com. I am always happy to help.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Hi David, thanks as usual... file transfer seems OK this time (but has not finished yet!) - I'll let you know.

Thomas L. said...

This explain exactly what an AOA is http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/aero_12/attack_whatisaoa.html

FS very curius about AOA ? You only match the pitch angel to the AOA gauges.

I think the source of the AOA is in FSX wrong. I think Virtavia found a good solution about AOA.

AOA is not Pitch Angel

a good test pilot is always in training

Thomas L. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Good day Thomas,

Thanks for your contibution, although I believe that most of the followers of this blog are probably aware of the difference. Anyway, repetita juvant.

The current data source of the T-45C avionics is theoretically correct and is:

(A:INCIDENCE ALPHA, degrees) - which in spite of the name is the Angle of Attack.

The problem I was stating is that the values displayed are different from the values of the T-45C flight manual. In addition to that the AoA indexer logic was driven by the fa-18.dll (to which is not linked anymore), hence was not working.
Latest implementation (in 2.52) should be correct in operation and reported values - which, again, differ slightly from the real deal.

Thomas L. said...

Why is not possible to make an arrangement with TACKPACK to make the weapons of the T-45C usable ?

a good test pilot is always in training


Thomas L. said...

Just an idia, why is not possible to adjust ore move the scale of the AOA gauges to have the right unit indicated.

a good test pilot is always in training

Thomas L. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomas L. said...

I forgot to write, the ghost vector in the HUD don't work any more. The switsch don't let me chance it from cage to uncage.

a good test pilot is always in training

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


As for changing the scale, that is what was done on the previous build...but I preferred to leave it as is now - so you read the actual simulated values.

As for the weapons, it is a long story...but at the time I spoke with VRS, Tacpack did not support multiple releases from a single station - and the Mk.76 should have been modeled and added on purpose.

As for the ghost and cage/uncage switch I will check.

Jorge said...

Dino I can't remember but did the Master Warning had a Switch?? I get a Master Warning due to Bingo and there is no clickspot on it , it goes OFF when the ingo disappears...
by the way I am testing it in P3DV2 brilliant!!!

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Master Warning is not clickable (actually...it was on my TO-DO list but I just forgot that!)

Anonymous said...

Dino - Just downloaded again to confirm I had the latest version, but I'm still having trouble with the FLAP light indicators. They work when the gear is down, but not when it's up.

Love the new panels! Brian

Jorge said...

Yes I can confirm that , only with WonW...


Jorge said...

Sorry my mistake , it not with WonW it is with gear down , even in the air with gear down it works OK as soon as gear is up turns off...

Unknown said...

Ok, as for the flap light... there is a minor flaw in the advisory light control code, which is not worth a full release but still...

Here is a fix, download the file at the link below:


and replace the exiting one in the panel/T45C_MFD subfolder.

I will update the installation files (for this blog only) during the weekend. Let me know if it works.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to download this Dino - Google say's I need owners request permission or sign in as a user with permission. :-(

Unknown said...

I was making another change: disregard the link above and try this. This should solve the CAGE/UNCAGE issue.


Anonymous said...

That seems to have taken care of the FLAPS indicator light. Not sure what the caged/uncaged issue is so I can't report. Thanks for the prompt attention and congrats on this aircraft - B

Anonymous said...


In my case I have noticed the only approach light that displays is the center one. I get no display from the other two or combination that matches the AOA indexer.

For my curiosity what factor did you use to convert AOA units to degrees?


ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Version 2.55 is on the way. It should solve some of the (minor) issues left. There is a provisional link on the indiafoxtecho page on facebook.


I cannot replicate your approach light issue... On my computer everything seems to work as intended both in P3Dv2 and FSX.

As for the degrees-to-unit conversion formula... well, I had a very hard time finding a reliable one, and in the end I decided not to use any. All the avionics is now referred and reporting the AoA in degrees as reported by the Incidence Alpha FSX variable.

Anonymous said...

Since you're planning another increment, I've noticed a couple of other minor items. Both are related to night flying, something I've been doing more of recently:
1) When sitting on the tarmac at night with landing lights on, there's an odd rectangular shadow in in the centre of the area illuminated by the light, but it is not visible in the HUD. I checked back to the 2.40 release and it was there also. It is not present in external views.
2) Something I have not had time to investigate at length, but I noticed I can barley see AI aircraft lights from the VC that are perfectly visible from outside views or other aircraft.

Certainly not show-stoppers... B.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Thanks for reporting... anyway, v2.55 is already uploaded - unless there are serious functional issues I'd like to move to other projects...