Monday, December 30, 2013

F-14D version 2.20 Beta for FSX and P3Dv2

Since I will not be at home for few days, I thought it was a good idea to release a "Beta" version of the F-14D upgrade to version 2.20. Please do not share it on other websites as it is only a Beta. As such it is not listed in the "Download" side bar.
Take you time to test it: that is, if you find an issue please try to replicate it and find what are the exact condition in which it does show - and please provide feedback ONLY as comment to this post in this blog or in the equivalent post on facebook.
I know there are bugs, and some of the features you have requested are still not there... anyway I will surely appreciate your feedback, as usual!

December 30th, 2013
- Completely new MFD system, much closer to NATOPS interface and graphics: realism and functions of the individual pages may vary (some pages are fully compliant to NATOPS, others are gimmick or guess work)
- Integrated Autopilot functions into the HSD page for gameplay purposes.
- SMS page now reflects Tacpack weapons, while ECM page provides Tacpack RWR functionalities
- Slight improvement pilot downward visibility
- Redone glass effects for P3Dv2 compatibility
- Replaced HSI gauge with modeled one: thin needle should now point to VOR location, thick needle should point to NDB station or VRS Tacan.
- Redone afterburner special effects (now modeled) for P3Dv2 compatibility
- Redone transonic special effects (now modeled) for P3Dv2 compatibility
- Replaced pilot figures with professional-level models
- Fixed bug preventing the Fuel indicator to display the correct fuel quantity (both Rio and Pilot cockpits) - note numbers and "column" position may differ a little: the numbers display the actual value
- Fixed minor bug in ADI indications.
- Increased drag at transonic speeds
- Lowered tolerance on airframe stress - it is now much easier to overstress the aircraft
- Minor tweaks to flight dynamics
- Miscellaneous improvements in cockpit graphics

You can download the Beta version BY CLICKING HERE.
Please note that documentation is ABSENT from the Beta release.

Have fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome work as always, and a happy new year to you Dino!

SandPro said...

New Aircraft.cfg appears to be causing a conflit with TacPack. Using old cfg works fine. Again.. good work.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Well, files of the Beta may be not signed (although they should)... I'd appreciate if you could be more specific - files should work fine in any case in single player.

Unknown said...

I Flew your f-14 and its better how ever I see no difference in the afterburners , they look the same , is there anyway to make the flames lighter and a bit more clear? There pretty thick flames. Second is the roll rate , now when a plane fighter flys slower , the roll rate gets more slower "dull" , its the same for higher speeds aswell but I think the f-14 needs a higher roll rate between 240 - 430 mph because the roll rate seems the same at ALL air speeds.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Well, as for the a/b effect, everything is now modeled... and does not depend anymore on .fx files. A side by side comparison will show the difference. Given the way it is done now, I do not plan changes.

As for the roll rate, you are absolutely correct and this needs to change, although the flight manual does not provide exact values.

Unknown said...

Hello dino , Im understandable of the flight manual not providing the values but can the roll rate be fixed? , after watching top gun and the tomcat air ddemonstrations , the roll rate is a bit more faster than on the current beta.

If you made this fix to the roll rate it would be the best meanest and the most accurate freeware f-14 in the simulator world ,Thats the only problem I really been noticing. Other than that great work dino :)

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Actually, it is already in the to do list... but I had no time to implement that before my vacation: the purpose of the build was mainly to test the new MFD system.
It can surely be done - I'll get back to work when I'll go back home.

Anonymous said...

i dont know if you are aware dino, but there are multiple softkeys around the ddi on the right in the main cockpit, and on the ddi in the RIO that dont work. this issue has been present since V2.10 (when i first used your tomcat and fell in love with it). my superbug buddies are quickly learning to respect the power of the tomcat :)

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Yes... unfortunately there is nothing I can do for the "non-working" soft keys - beacause they are working! The problem is a bug in the mouse-clicking code of FSX / P3D so that it does not detect the mouse areas as it considers those keys "hidden". If you change the POV so that you have the MFD right in front of you, you should see them working.
Anyway,thanks for reporting!

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Beta version has been withdrawn from download.

Anonymous said...

im having problems with the sms. weapons still do not show

Anonymous said...

Hello, just wondering if you have any f14s for fsx without acceleration?