Monday, June 10, 2013

F-35 Version 2.21 Release

Following the feedback from the limited release of version 2.20 of the F-35 project, the files have been furtherly updated to version 2.21.
The latest version can be dowloaded from Google Drive following the link on the side bar, or by clicking HERE. Also, since version 2.21 appears to work as intended, it will be soon released to Avsim and Flightsim.

Change log as follows:

Version 2.21 (following feedback 2.20 limited introduction)
June 11th 2013
  • Fixed typo in the manual: correct AIM-9X total weight is 382lbs (not 392!)
  • Fixed bug in F-35C 3D model (duplicated JDAM and slammer models)
  • Minor tweaks to roll response and transonic acceleration (note:F-35C dynamics still tuned for carrier operations)
  • Fine tuning of top speed
  • Added Real world document F-35A Operations Procedures (unclassifed and unrestriced USAF document) for reference.
  • Fixed minor mistakes in the new texture sets 

Version 2.20
June 9th 2013
  • Completely redone Multi-Function Display code, implemented full portal and subportals mode, and revised top bar. Pilot Interface is now closer to the real one.
  • MFD Pages redone/fixed: ENG; FUE; SMS; FCS; ICAWS; TSD-1 
  • MFD Pages added and functional or partially functional: MENU; CKLIST; CNI; EFI; HUD; TWD; TSD-2; TSD-3
  • MFD Pages added but INOP: ASR; DAS; DTM; FTA; FTI; PHM; SRCH; TFLIR; WPN-A; WPN-S.
  • Revised and integrated avionics code to ease future improvements and additional functionalities.
  • Implemented weight-dependent visual models for all visual models. Visual model now support AIM-9X, AIM-120, GBU-31, GBU-32, GBU-12, JSOWs, CBUs, Gun Pod and fuel tanks (proper values need to be entered by hand into the Fuel and Payload section, no configuration manager provided)
  • Redone texturing of the main landing gear on all versions
  • Redone texturing of the nose landing gear on -C version
  • Redone texturing of wingfold mechanism on -C version
  • Added spoilers to -C version
  • Redone refuel probe texturing for -B and -C version
  • Redone tailhook geometry and textures on the -C version
  • Miscellaneous fixes to all Virtual cockpits and textures
  • Miscellaneous fixes to the textures of all models
  • Revised flight dynamics due to excessive loss of energy during turns.
  • Removed MAP mode
  • Added texture set: VFA-101 “Grim Reapers”, USN, Eglin AFB
  • Added texture set: 422 Test and Evaluation Squadron, USAF, Nellis AFB


Carss said...

So has the 2.21 been uploaded?? Can't wait to download it.

Jiri said...

Download link is right there in the post. ^^


Unknown said...

Hey there, is there any chance of the altitude fix? This plane is soo great, but its just un flyable without autopilot. All f35 models seem to have a problem with altitude hold, keeps going up and down dropping and gaining few thousand feet.

I read the manual saying there is a problem with it, but are you working on a fix?