Monday, June 10, 2013

F-35 Version 2.20 limited introduction

Finally I am uploading the much awaited (and time consuming!) F-35 upgrade to version 2.20. For the moment it will uploaded only to Google Drive - just to check if there are no catastrophic issues before uploading to the usual repositories.


Version 2.20- June 9th 2013

  • Completely redone Multi-Function Display code, implemented full portal and subportals mode, and revised top bar. Pilot Interface is now closer to the real one.
  • MFD Pages redone/fixed: ENG; FUE; SMS; FCS; ICAWS; TSD-1 
  • MFD Pages added and functional or partially functional: MENU; CKLIST; CNI; EFI; HUD; TWD; TSD-2; TSD-3
  • MFD Pages added but INOP: ASR; DAS; DTM; FTA; FTI; PHM; SRCH; TFLIR; WPN-A; WPN-S.
  • Revised and integrated avionics code to ease future improvements and additional functionalities.
  • Implemented weight-dependent visual models for all visual models. Visual model now support AIM-9X, AIM-120, GBU-31, GBU-32, GBU-12, JSOWs, CBUs, Gun Pod and fuel tanks (proper values need to be entered by hand into the Fuel and Payload section, no configuration manager provided)
  • Redone texturing of the main landing gear on all versions
  • Redone texturing of the nose landing gear on -C version
  • Redone texturing of wingfold mechanism on -C version
  • Added spoilers to -C version
  • Redone refuel probe texturing for -B and -C version
  • Redone tailhook geometry and textures on the -C version
  • Miscellaneous fixes to all Virtual cockpits and textures
  • Miscellaneous fixes to the textures of all models
  • Revised flight dynamics due to excessive loss of energy during turns.
  • Removed MAP mode
  • Added texture set: VFA-101 “Grim Reapers”, USN, Eglin AFB
  • Added texture set: 422 Test and Evaluation Squadron, USAF, Nellis AFB
You can download the file from Google Drive by clicking HERE (NOTE: AMENDED TO VESION 2.21)


Sylvanriv said...

YESSSS! Thank you so much sir-you are a master at this and I can't tell you how much your aircraft have enhanced my FSX experience.

Unknown said...

Just to clarify, I am not looking at minor bugs or defect - the product will have many and you have to live with that... just macroscopic issues like missing textures or greatly misplaced or missing 3D objects.

So far it has been found that the variable loadouts of the F-35 internal bays have bugs due - fixed on my build.

Also the manual has a typo: correct weight for AIM-9X external station is 382lbs (and not 392!)

Carss said...

I don't think giving it the loss of speed during turns was the right thing cause apparently the F-35 has a much much more powerful engine than the F-16. And also somewhat more powerful than one of the F-22's engines.

Unknown said...


Conversely, official LM statement is that F-35 acceleration is lower than legacy aicraft in the M0.8 to M1.2 regime due to its form factor (which is of course larger due to the internal bays requirement).

I am under the impression that in version 2.20 the acceleration in that regime is too high.

pitijm said...

Hello boys,

firstly thank you to Dino, great work ;-)

It is really hard to know the aircraft flys in the true world because the final configuration is not defined, so the simulated aircraft is more difficult to build (and we don't have all the information...)
Moreover, FSX is not reallistic in all conditions and we have to deal with.

So thank you Dino.

Carss said...

Dino, I wanted to know where you live in Italy, cause maybe in the future I may wish to come to Italy and learn from you how to make detailed aircraft.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


It is no mystery that I live in Genova and I thank you for your appreciation. But once again, and hopefully for all, I will not be available for training. I have a full time job, and definitely not much time for FSX. There are very good tutorials on the net, just Google for them.

Jiri said...

Dino, for some reason I can't get those weapons loaded. Perhaps I'm missing something?

No matter what I set in payload setting, my aircraft loads only with one AIM-9 on the left wing. When I change payload again (I'm using correct numbers), weapons shows only for split second and then I'm back with that one sidewinder. I can get rid of it with "0" though.

Also, C model always has AIM-120s and GBUs in internal bay, even with all stations set to 0.

And by the way - in the manual, last QA, you probably mean Accu-Feel not Accu-Sim. J.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Version 2.20 is being replaced by version 2.21... PLEASE BE PATIENT.


The issue with the F-35 internal loads are solved in version 2.21.

As for the sidewinders, please note there is a typo in the manual and token weight is 382 lbs (not 392).
Also, unless you press "enter" after entering the numbers, FSX may discard the input... I think it is the only thing you may be missing as I have tested the model and it works fine..

Jiri said...

Well, then there must be something wrong with my FSX maybe, because I'm entering it all correctly. As I said, stores appear on the model for just a split second and then disappear. Station 1 is the only station that works for me (v2.21).

Unknown said...

Hi Jiri, that is kind of strange...
Actually, there is another user reporting the same issue...

Could you check the weights in the fuel and payload section after they disappear?

The model is (should) be constrained to conditionally display the weapons depending on the weight.

Could you list all the add-ons you have installed? Something that may interfere if the weight settings or the variables?

Jiri said...

I send you an email, but I'm gonna post it here as well.

It seems that load manager which comes with MILVIZ F-15E is causing the problems. Removal of Milviz folder from \Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules resolves all loadout problems. J.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with Jin and I solved it as he did by removing the MilViz folder from FSX/modules/