Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Projects update

A very quick update on the status of my various FSX projects:

F-35 LIGHTNING II - The product has been withdrawn from sales to be re-released as freeware. I've already made several minor improvements to the package, and I am evaluating further changes. A plausible release date is the first or second week of January.

T-45C GOSHAWK - A further update is in the works, with some minor changes. The biggest improvement will be new flight dynamics, courtesy of Tom Falley, which more realistic and will be closer to the NATOPS spec.

F-14D TOMCAT - The external modeling and pilot cockpit modeling are complete, although the pilot cockpit is not fully functional yet. The RIO cockpit is almost complete, but still needs some work. I'll probably release a public test version before Christmas (possibly without RIO cockpit).

Aside, I'm still tinkering with Eglin AFB scenery....more info soon.


Rob M said...

Great news Dino! Cant wait for the Tomcat... and I very much cant wait for the Eglin scenery! I want to see if I can find my house in it!

Jiri said...

Good to hear T-45 is getting some treatment again!
And with regard to the Tomcat model, have you been able to resolve that tail thing I wrote you about? I just wondering, if it's not too much additional work, maybe there will be way around it during painting. J.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dino! great work, i didnt know until recently that you did a F-35! I tried to look for a place to buy it but no luck. I just read on your blog that it will be released as freeware. Is there a time frame of when that would be?

FYI! i love the T-45!

André K. said...

Eager to test the F-14D new version !

And thank you for the time you involved into the creation of that amazing add-on.