Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flight testing and changes to the flight model

Three hours of (mostly) T-45 flight testing today, in order to nail some of the changes to the flight model I had in mind. Although I think the previous flight model did its job nicely, after some thoughts, work and time spent reading the flight manual, I've modified the T-45 file so that:

- The engine response is slightly quicker. In the previous version I wanted to give the user the "sensation" of a trainer and the fact the T-45C is not an F-16. But, the engine response was probably a little too slow, so some users have complained about excessive difficulties in formation flying.

- Drag vs Mach is now slightly lower below 0.80 Mach, resulting in a faster acceleration and more correct climb speed. Also, top speed is close to the nominal Mach 0.85 in most conditions.

- Extending the speed brakes will have a "nose up" effect. This was perceived as "not realistic" and criticized by many users, and I deleted that effect in the previous versions. But then, the flight manual is very clear on this so the effect is back to stay.

- Extending the flap has a "nose up" effect, too, while extending the gear has now a slight "nose down" effect. Again, this is to attempt to replicate what is reported on the flight manual.

- There is now a slight "nose down" tendency above Mach 0.8, again, as per the manual.

Not many changes, then - but as I said I was quite happy with the previous FM. The new one is slightly harder as the pilot will have to compensate for the configuration changes, but I think it is still an easy plane to fly and land - and should do its job in helping simmers to learn how to land on a carrier.

...and yes, as you may have noticed, not all the pictures above are about the Goshawk...


Anonymous said...

Well done, Dino!
Finally we'll have a more responsive engine, that's cool!


ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Hi, Serge - can I include the custom sound pack you made in the new Goshawk version?

Anonymous said...

Sure you can use it. Perhaps I'll need to tweak it a bit to match the new engine dynamics?

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Thanks Serge - I've applied the soundpack yesterday, and it seems to work fine to me...although my PC has very poor loudspeakers...

Christopher said...

Hey Dino, looking forward to the update. I fly in the T-45C in NAS Kingsville right now; and I'm very excited to see how the plane handles.

If I could I'd love to be in on the beta test of the your new aircraft, so I can provide you some feedback on how the the sim compares to the real thing.

George said...

Hey Dino,
i'm trying to find a link about your F-14D which by the way is a great job!
i tried to download it from rapidshare but it has been removed.


Alex said...

Hi Dino

I've been searching around but cannot find the link for your F14D. Is it still available and if so, where?

Thanks very much